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audrarose: One Night at the Paramour
REC: Mikey can't sleep in his room anymore. This story is both funny and sweet but with an edge of seriousness that makes it more interesting. (2008-01-06)
QUOTE: Gerard covers his face. The thing is, Gee would die for Mikey. Literally die. Fight his battles, win his wars, give him a *kidney* if he needed it - but he absolutely will not give up one of Frank's blowjobs when he hasn't gotten laid in a week. Gerard turns on the light again. "How about this," he says. He tries to sound reasonable over the shoving match going on next to him. "I'm going to go check out your room. I'll look under the bed, in the closet, everywhere, okay? And if there's nothing there, then you can go back to bed." "It's not the boogey-man, Gee, it's a *ghost*." (3,300 words)
author:audrarose  fandom:Bandom  beings:ghosts  relationship:brothers  relationship:established  location:Paramour.Mansion  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Mikey(secondary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  pov:Ray  pov:Bob  posted:2007-10  recced:2008-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash 
may 2010 by turlough
coreopsis: Mise en Place
REC: The one where Frank watch to much Food Network, knits a lot, and is weird about Gerard. This was such a nice story. The moment when Frank realised how he still felt about Gerard was awesome and the ending was so warm and sweet. And I loved the band dynamic, how well they all knew each other and how much love and friendship there were between them. (2010-02-21)
QUOTE: The curtain had fallen shut and a shadow had fallen across Gerard's face, but Frank was close enough to see Gerard's eyes widen and his lips part on an indrawn breath but he was silent. "I..." Frank started, but shook his head. "The show's back on." When Gerard followed Frank back over to the couch, he sat down all the way at the other end instead of practically pressed up against Frank as he usually did. They watched the wrap up in silence and the applause and cheering on the television almost drowned out the pounding in Frank's chest. (6,260 words)
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author:coreopsis  fandom:Bandom  activity:knitting  things:memories  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  setting:on.break  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Mikey(secondary)  pov:Frank  posted:2010-02  recced:2010-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
february 2010 by turlough
quarterturn: The Silver Sky is Turning Us to Stone
REC: AU in which Gerard is bitten by a werewolf and maybe stalks Ray a bit. I like the ordinary, everyday atmosphere of it, how Gerard is still the same awkward guy afterwards, the way it doesn't really change his friendship with the guys or his pining after Ray, only rearranges things a bit. And the scent bit is very well handled, given exactly the right amount of importance. (2009-09-13) I really like the ordinary, everyday atmosphere of this story. Gerard is still the same awkward guy after he's been changed. His friendship with the other guys and his pining after Ray are still the same as before. Just rearranged a bit. The way the friendship between all five of them is written is one of the best thing about the story. It's so warm and strong. The other strong point is the excellent way Gerard's heightened awareness of scent and smell is handled. All in all a very satisfying little story. (2014-07-16)
QUOTE: Gerard finds little things to keep him busy until Frank comes over. If he smokes enough, he can almost blot out the smell Ray left behind, and if he watches enough mindless TV, he can almost think past the urge to find Ray.
It doesn't occur to Gerard until Frank gets there that he might be carrying some weird scent, too. He barely avoids plugging his nose before he finds out, but it turns out he doesn't have to worry. Frank smells like Frank, like cigarettes and laundry detergent and a little like Jamia's perfume. But he also smells like 'friend', which is something Gerard doesn't think there's supposed to be a scent for. He smells like he belongs.
Gerard shrugs off the prickly feeling at the back of his neck, trying to ignore everything the weirder it gets.
Frank sets a bag of groceries on the table as he comes in. "I figured you guys needed some shit. Ray said you got attacked by a big dog or something last night?"
"Or something," Gerard mumbles, glancing through the groceries.
"What the hell, why didn't you call me?"
Gerard picks up a gallon of orange juice and takes a drink from the bottle. It tastes weird, and he runs his tongue over the front of his teeth. It tastes like preservatives. He doesn't even know what preservatives taste like, but he's sure that's what the orange juice tastes like. He sets it aside. "It wasn't that big a deal."
Frank crowds up near him and looks him over. "Well, let me see it."
The table behind him doesn't allow for an easy escape, but Gerard manages to slip sideways and avoid Frank's prodding. "It'll take forever to get bandaged again, I'll show you when it doesn't hurt as much to redo them."
Frank immediately looks contrite. "Fuck, I'm sorry. Here you are all ripped to pieces and I'm busy trying to see the carnage." Gerard feels a little guilty for manipulating Frank like that, but he still doesn't know what's going on and he feels better keeping things quiet for now. If he starts talking about how he can hear exactly how many beats per minute Frank's heart is pumping out, they're definitely going to think he's drinking again. At this point, he's almost hoping he managed to fall off the wagon without noticing. It beats the alternative, which is that he is hallucinating that he's got superpowers. (8,500 words)
author:quarterturn  fandom:Bandom  activity:transformation.animate  beings:werewolves  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:supernatural  condition:illness  condition:injury  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:frottage  smut:handjob  smut:biting  location:Way.basement  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  challenge:2009.Summer.Swap  posted:2009-09  recced:2009-09  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  concept:scent  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Gerard/Ray(primary)  pairing:Bob/Mikey(secondary) 
september 2009 by turlough
bellheim: Up Till Now
REC: Fascinating, bittersweet story about a Gerard that never started a band and is still at Cartoon Network and the drawings he makes on his time off. I was never quite sure if Frank & Ray & Bob were created through the drawings, or if they (and the band) had existed in another reality and Gerard's drawings pulled them into this one, but the uncertainty made the story feel even more magical. I loved this Gerard, and the way he interacted with Mikey and the rest of the guys were just so right. (2008-09-07)
QUOTE: He comes back inside, noticing the papers by his toaster are shuffled and moved. Making a face, Gerard shuts the door carefully behind him, but doesn't lock it in case he needs out in a hurry.
He hopes he didn't get broken into again, but figures it'll be his luck to find someone in his bathtub waiting to rape him or shit like that.
There's no one there, though, and all of Gerard's stretched canvases are still waiting for him in the tub, neatly lined up according to size.
Frowning at them, Gerard returns to the kitchen, and really, the only thing in his entire apartment that's changed is that pile of papers.
He locks the door when he's satisfied he's still alone, shrugging at the pile of papers as he passes. Maybe he left a window open or it was from the hum of the refrigerator or something, and goes to open the fridge to grab a travel-sized can of pears to eat.
When he opens the door to look inside he stops, letting go of the handle and the door falls shut. He tugs the magnetic clip over the side of the fridge again, because there's another sketch on the fridge now, between the guitarist and the drummer.
It's the second guitarist, the one with hair that Gerard draws a little differently every time; he separates the two on the fridge. They all look normal, the same as when he first drew their faces, maybe as big as his thumb, smiling and posing and wearing identical uniform jackets.
It's almost like, he doesn't want to think about it, doesn't want to know, and that's enough for Gerard to leave the fridge door closed this time and go into his bedroom and shut the door.
He doesn't come out until the next morning, and the papers are exactly the same as he'd left. Even after he leaves for work, he doesn't know if he's relieved or not. (21,430 words)
author:bellheim  fandom:Bandom  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:band.with.a.twist  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:brothers  location:Cartoon.Network  setting:bar/club  geography:US:New.York  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  posted:2008-08  recced:2008-09  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Mikey(secondary)  fic:genre:magical.realism 
september 2008 by turlough
clumsygyrl: Java Over Type O
REC: A different kind of vampire. This story made me giggle a lot. Wonderful, fluffy fun. (2008-03-17)
QUOTE: When Frank finally figured it out and Gerard stopped wiping his memory (for fear that he'd really end up wiping too much and then they'd have to reteach him the songs - again.), he was surprising cool about everything. "Brendon Urie?" Gerard shook his head, knocking his fingers against the side of the couch leg. They'd sprawled out on the floor, Frank in the square of sunlight from the window and Gerard in the shadow of the couch. "Nope." (752 words)
author:clumsygyrl  fandom:Bandom  beings:vampires  beings:werewolves  concept:supernatural  relationship:friendship  relationship:established  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Brian/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Mikey(secondary)  pov:Gerard  posted:2008-03  recced:2008-03  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.-1k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
august 2008 by turlough

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!meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  +length:medium.5k-10k  +length:short.-1k  +length:short.1k-5k  activity:knitting  activity:transformation.animate  author:audrarose  author:bellheim  author:clumsygyrl  author:coreopsis  author:quarterturn  band:my.chemical.romance  beings:ghosts  beings:vampires  beings:werewolves  challenge:2009.summer.swap  concept:art  concept:band.with.a.twist  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:scent  concept:supernatural  condition:illness  condition:injury  fandom:bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:au  fic:genre:fluff  fic:genre:magical.realism  geography:us:los.angeles  geography:us:new.jersey  geography:us:new.york  location:paramour.mansion  location:way.basement  occupation:artist/designer  pairing:brian/gerard(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard(primary)  pairing:gerard/ray(primary)  posted:2007-10  posted:2008-03  posted:2008-08  posted:2009-09  posted:2010-02  pov:bob  pov:frank  pov:gerard  pov:ray  recced:2008-01  recced:2008-03  recced:2008-09  recced:2009-09  recced:2010-02  relationship:brothers  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:ust  setting:bar/club  setting:on.break  smut:biting  smut:frottage  smut:handjob  things:memories 

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