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Wolves and Sheep
It was exhausting having to constantly fake mediocrity when everything about him flew in the face of mundane. Alec fic.
pov:alec  character:max  guevara/452  character:alec  mcdowell/494  pairing:alec/rachel  pairing:max/alec  tag:post!series  tag:season  2  author:missannthropic  wordcount:1k-5k  series:dark  angel  oneshot 
september 2011 by frannie_pants

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2  agenda  angel  author:human28  author:missannthropic  berrisford  character:alec  character:joshua  character:max  character:rachel  character:robert  character:sandoval  episode-au  episode:2x11  guevara/452  mcdowell/494  oneshot  pairing:max/alec  pov:alec  series:dark  tag:post!series  tag:season  the  wordcount:1k-5k 

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