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jubileebanker: Trish and Pete and Joe and pegging
Trish blinks. "Okay," she says mildly, "weird." She smacks Pete's arm again. "Although hey, way to freak Joe out. That's gonna require all kinds of apologies. Possibly blowjobs."

"I'll blow Joe," Pete says. "Sounds like fun," but he raises his eyebrows and Trish just rolls her eyes. Pete thinks about it that night, the worshipful look in Joe's eyes when he drops to his knees in front of her on stage, and Pete wants to blow Joe. He wants Trish to watch.

Which is exactly how he phrases it when he mentions it to her, half-expecting Trish to be talked into it. But Trish just thinks about it for a second and says, "Cool, but we should probably ask Joe."
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july 2009 by singoutachorus
ficjournal: FOB: Where Your Mouth Is
It’s been scientifically proven that Joe will do absolutely anything if the price is right. This is assuming that “scientifically proven” constitutes ten ridiculous actions (or "experiments") for as much as fifty dollars and as little as a Whopper.

So when Pete tells Joe he’ll give him $25 if he’ll hook up with Patrick, Joe considers this easy money.

When Andy promises to double the offer if he’ll get Pete involved too, Joe thinks he may have won the lottery.
pairing-pete/patrick/joe  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-threesome 
july 2009 by singoutachorus
And The Last Thing She Said - Bandslash: Joe/Patrick/Pete
Patrick said, “No, it’s not even that. You like guys? I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know?” Joe laughed, a little hysterically. “Oh my god, you didn’t know. Patrick. Patrick. I gave you my number. You called and I asked you out.”

Patrick was blushing a whole lot more, now. “Shut up, I have shitty gaydar.”
pairing-pete/patrick/joe  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-threesome  pairing-pete/joe  pairing-patrick/joe 
march 2009 by singoutachorus

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