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Last Night I Dreamt I Was in the Labyrinth by valtyr
Ultimates, Steve/Tony. Steve's not certain how aggreeing to a single blowjob led to all this. // 1.4k, PWP, with wobbie, angsty, uptight Steve on the bottom.
fanfic  Ultimates  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:Ultimates  ref:PWP  ref:angst  ref:woobie  au:Valtyr  fandom:Ultimates 
april 2016 by zhena
Crash Love by Saral_Hylor
Ultimates, Steve/Tony. Steve (POV) finally breaks down and asks Tony to have sex with him. Tony's happy to free up his evening. // 22K PWP. The "have sex to cure obsession" trope (with typical success). Steve: gruff, emotionally constipated, woobie angst-muffin. Tony: carefully navigating the curves.
fanfic  Ultimates  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:Ultimates  ref:PWP  ref:angst  ref:h/c  ref:woobie  au:Saral_Hylor  fandom:Ultimates 
february 2016 by zhena
President CapWolf by tsukinofaerii
Ultimates, Steve/Tony. "Steve thinks Tony smells amazing. Tony resigns himself to being kept trapped for a week or so." // Or why does Steve keep making the rounds of the restrooms? V.v. short smoosh-up of the 616 Cap-wolf thing and Ultimates President Steve, with lulzy results.
fanfiction  Ultimates  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:Ultimates  ref:werewolves  ref:humor  ref:vignettes  via:sineala  au:tsukinofaerii  fandom:Ultimates 
october 2015 by zhena
Love Across the Multiverse by Sineala
Avengers 616/Ultimates. Tony and Steve get kidnapped again by Mojo's crew to star in interstellar reality TV -- but, oops, technical difficulties: they raided the wrong dimension. Still, the show must go on.
Mojo presents: Love Across the Multiverse! In tonight's episode, a battle-hardened supersoldier finds himself drawn to his handsome, genius teammate! It's an agonizing duel between his long-held beliefs and the secret passions of his heart! Will true love conquer all? There's only one way to find out! Don't miss the highlight of the season!

(Viewer discretion is advised. Mojoworld residents who do not vote for their favorite participants of the season will be summarily sent to the arena. All hail Mojo.)
//Incredibly porny (and mildly funny at points). Ult!Steve (POV) is paranoid, phobic, messed up, and woobie, and utterly unequipped to deal with alien-wtf. But Tony is a smooth operator as well as a fairly compassionate one. Grah, I think I'll forever resent that they didn't pair these two up in these comics -- blatant opportunity.
She's wearing some kind of khaki jumpsuit with a large number of belt pouches.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:Ultimates  ref:616  ref:xover  ref:first-time  ref:dubcon  ref:noncon  ref:confinement  ref:denial  ref:woobie  ref:alien-wtf  ref:aliens-make-them-do-it  ref:voyeurism  via:sophia_sol  au:sineala  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Ultimates 
june 2015 by zhena
First Impressions by marinarusalka
Marvel Adventures, Steve/Tony. Meet the Future Father-in-Law: When Howard flies through NYC, Tony tries to make sure Steve's out of town -- unsuccessfully. Cue excruciating dinner with dad. // MA brand of Howard Awful and Tony Insecurity. Cute. Bonus clever supervillian takedown.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:MA  ref:humor  ref:fluff  au:marinarusalka  fandom:Avengers  fandom:MiscMarvel 
may 2015 by zhena
Got You Under My Skin by SakuraTsukikage
Ultimates, Steve/Tony. "Steve Rogers goes to Tony Stark's birthday party. Things progress from there, with a lot of flirtiness leading to propositions, and propositions leading to, well, what comes next, and Steve isn't even sure what he wants after that." // 26K pooorn. Most of the fic is a very, very drawn out sex scene with Steve (POV) insisting on bottoming though he's never been with a man before and is secretly convinced Stark is pitying him. I tend to lose interest with blow-by-blow sex scenes, but Ult!Steve = lonely, blunt, awkward woobie, and I am a sucker for that sort of thing.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:first-time  ref:woobie  ref:bareback  au:SakuraTsukikage  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Ultimates 
september 2014 by zhena
The Official Avengers Movie Night Movie Selection Bylaws by phenominable_snowman
Avengers (616), Steve/Tony. Movie night is interrupted by a dubious gift of unknown provenance for Tony, which escalates, infecting Extremis and trapping everyone in the Tower. // So it starts out as a typical team/family type fic, then takes an abrupt left turn into horror. Fun.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  gen  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:616  ref:horror  ref:casefic  ref:alien-wtf  ref:established  au:phenominable_snowman  fandom:Avengers 
august 2014 by zhena
Dimension Home by Pookaseraph
Avengers/Captain America (616 only), Steve + Ian, Steve/Tony. In the (thoroughly bizarre) Dimension Z story arc, Steve's abducted by Zola to another dimension, injected with a virus to turn him into Zola, and then Steve escapes and steals a baby he finds floating around in the lab. The baby is Zola's genetically engineered offspring; Steve and Ian, the kid Steve raises as his son, spend the next decade evading Zola and living among tribes in a postapocalyptic dimension.
So this is a fork AU fix-it fanfic (in the comics, Ian dies, naturally) to make a silk purse from the sow's ear of Dimension Z: Steve and Ian escape from Dimension Z back to Steve's home, only to find that about two weeks of subjective time have passed. There are many odd SPAG errors (some even reverse the meaning of sentences), but otherwise it's actually very sweet, feel-good, curtain-ficcy, and readable. (Does make me wonder about fanfic in general, in which the cure to all ills -- from genderswap to time displacement -- seems to be shopping.) Comics Steve and Tony really, really need to hook up, and this gets them there ... eventually. Note that it doesn't really tackle the civil war arc fallout other than a few passing mentions, but it does address the sketchiness of Steve kidnapping a kid. 87K total.
* "Family Old and New,", gen. "When Ian Rogers finally comes to Earth from Dimension Z, his father is in no state to help him adjust, which leaves him relying on the Avengers, unable to forget the violence of his home, and hiding the secret he's sure they will hate him for." Tony steps up to the plate and takes over trying to sort out who Ian is and how to acclimate him to a world he's only heard stories about.
* "Where I Found Home,", Steve/Tony. Steve and Ian begin to make a new life for themselves, and Ian becomes concerned about proving he's an adult by providing food. Ian also worries that Steve's missing out on his old life because of him, so he decides to help Steve find a proper mate.
* "Rites of My Homeland," Ian wants Jet to prove she is an adult by providing food to her current clan's chief, Reed Richards. Time for a family fishing expedition.
* "Weight of Memory," Ian and Jet meet Bucky.
* "Indivisible: Even at Splash Mountain" by Amuly, Side fic by other author: Steve and Tony take Ian to Disneyworld.
fanfic  Avengers  CaptainAmerica  slash  gen  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  pair:SteveRogers|IanRogers  ref:616  ref:fixit  ref:fork  ref:timetravel  ref:dimensionalswap  ref:angst  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:kidfic  au:pookaseraph  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2014 by zhena
The Mountain by Jay Tryfanstone (tryfanstone)
Avengers, Steve/Tony, AU. "Summer 1968: Tony Stark vs. The Mountain." Millionaire Tony Stark assembles a climbing expedition to take on K2. But on the mountain, an already complicated situation takes a turn toward the fantastic. // 36K. No clue why I didn't pin this one the first time I read it. Really engrossing, tense, well-researched historical mountaineering AU. It's so grounded in realism that the sudden fantasy/magic elements do feel out of left field, but it's worth buying into them. MCU Avengers lineup.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:historical  ref:1960s  ref:mountaneering  ref:fantasy  au:tryfanstone  fandom:Avengers 
may 2014 by zhena
The Pillars of Hercules by valtyr
Avengers (comics), Steve/Tony, AU. "In 1584, Don Antonio Stark de Cerrara sets sail from Cadiz. But as they approach the Straits of Gibraltar, they're intercepted by the English privateer Sir Stephen Rogers, who has his sights set not on their cargo - but on Don Antonio himself." // Privateers, LOL. So Don Tony gets screwed over by the mysterious Contessa Romanova; Captain Steve wins a mad scientist for England thereby. Much manners, much innuendo, so porn. :D
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:616  ref:banter  ref:humor  ref:pirates  ref:spies  ref:historical  ref:ageofsail  au:valtyr  fandom:Avengers 
april 2014 by zhena
The Tony Stark Relationship Primer by uraneia
Avengers, Steve/Tony (AU). In two parts (so far).
* "Steve and Tony Make a Porno," Bucky has persuaded inexperienced art-student Steve (POV) that he can get quick cash for his mom's medical bills via porn. Steve's first scene partner is both talkative and enthusiastic.
* "Kiss and Tell," Tony (POV) graciously allows Steve to take him on a date, but he has elaborate deflowering plans for the finale.
// PWP. Umm, so I have these dissonance issues with movie versions relationshipping like they're 616, but the smut is sufficiently distracting. Modern au, no powers. Background Tony/Bruce, Tony/Pepper, Tony/Everyone?, etc.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:sexworker  ref:pornstar  ref:virginity  ref:mistakenID  ref:PWP  au:uraneia  fandom:Avengers 
march 2014 by zhena
Adamant by whizzy
Avengers (MCU)/Iron Man, Steve/Tony. "Anthony Stark, Lord of the city of Mainhett, undertakes an expedition to recover the lost shield of a legendary paladin." Meanwhile, the evil plans of Stane, lord of an opposing city-state, are coming to fruition. // Very cool faux-Renaissance AU in which Steve is a blessed, chaste paladin with his own goddess on board, who's interested in seeing him hook up at some point ... which does not actually occur in this fic, so in that respect it's the same deal as that frustrating SGA fic from this author (i.e., endless dancing, no payoff). Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, Natalie, and Fury are also in this fic; it's more of a movieverse Iron Man/Captain America crossover AU than an Avengers AU per se.
fanfic  Avengers  IronMan  slash  gen  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:historical  ref:fantasy  ref:plot  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:preslash  ref:yenta  via:as_lld_again  au:whizzy  fandom:Avengers 
february 2014 by zhena
Captain Planet by tsukinofaerii
Marvel Ultimates, Steve/Tony. Tony recommends that Despairing-In-All-Things-America!Steve take a mental health break and get some counseling. Thor and Sam step up to the plate, armed with imperiled rainforests and a bong. // Woobie Steve is fine, but Dirty Hippie Steve is the best. Eco-terrorist nudists Thor and Sam are also amazeballs. (How can this be? A happy Ultimates fic? :)
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:angst  ref:hippies  ref:pot  ref:first-time  au:tsukinofaerii  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Ultimates 
february 2014 by zhena
Underground by Margo_Kim
Avengers (MCU), Steve/Tony (main). The remnants of humanity (and Loki) still survive underground in Cold War bunkers five years after the Chitauri, led by a Tesseract-wielding Thor, conquered the Earth. Now a sudden god from Asgard has appeared with an insane battle plan that will kill everyone left or save them. Steve's for it, Tony's against, and Loki's all for fleeing. // 60K. Grah, apocafics, why do I read them? This one's exceedingly long, plotty, and complexicated; it's fairly engrossing in spite of the onslaught of typos and SPAG snafus that make reading it a trial. HEA.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  het  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:apocafic  ref:alien-wtf  ref:magic  ref:plot  ref:angst  ref:dimensionalswap  au:Margo_Kim  fandom:Avengers 
september 2013 by zhena
Kapitan Amerika and the Iron Man by Jay Tryfanstone
Avengers, Steve/Tony, AU. Comrade Steven Rogers, hero of the Great Patriotic War, was lost in the ice, declared dead, and subsequently purged from official history by Stalin. When he crawls back out into the 21st century, he finds a vastly changed Russia, where his hard-won Communist Party Card impresses no one, and he's sent to spy on Industrialist Capitalist Pig Tony Stark, who's presently holed up at his family's old dascha outside Moscow. // 60K(!), but nifty and readable. Oddly enough, socialist exhortations and all, Card-carrying Steve doesn't sound all that different. Nor does modern Russian Rich Dude Tony. Includes pretty (and NSFW) fanart by Amberdreams.
fanfic  Avengers  CaptainAmerica  IronMan  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:plot  ref:Communism  ref:canonish  ref:miscommunication  ref:first-time  au:tryfanstone  fandom:Avengers 
june 2013 by zhena
White Rabbit by valtyr
Marvel Adventures/Ultimates, Steve/Tony. When Marvel Adventures Tony gets accidentally swapped with Ultimates Tony, Steve's the only one in the new dimension he trusts. Which he shouldn't.
This is a horrible world, and most of the people in it seem to be - not as nice as they are in my world." Tony's smile sharpened, and for a moment he looked very like his counterpart. "But if I can't trust Captain America, I'm pretty much doomed here. So." That was - not a discussion Steve wanted to get into.
// Ult!Steve's motives aren't any purer than anyone else's. Crossing the Happy 'Verse with the Horrible 'Verse, nooo. I guess I've never bookmarked this because it's so grindingly sad (I have a limited angst threshold). Yet I keep tossing everyone's bookmarks to reread it. Grah. However...

* "(The White Knight Is) Talking Backwards" by paxnirvana, // Sequel to "White Rabbit," a conversation btwn Ult!Steve and Ult!Tony:
"He was like a big puppy," his Tony says, still watching him with that veiled gaze, lips turning up at one corner now into something close to a rueful smile. "That other you. The great war hero. [...] So earnest and kind and eager ... He simply wouldn’t leave me alone, darling. Said he didn’t want me to get 'lonely' without you around; he was adamant that we had to be the best of friends because he and his me were. It was a little sickening, honestly."
//In the end, alleviates some of the aaaangst and confirms that, yeah, OTP of their 'verse.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:Ultimates  ref:Adventures  xover  ref:dimensionalswap  ref:angst  ref:woobie  ref:first-time  ref:pining  au:valtyr  au:paxnirvana  fandom:Avengers  fandom:MiscMarvel  fandom:Ultimates 
may 2013 by zhena
Overkill by tsukinofaerii
Marvel Ultimates (Avengers), Steve/Tony, AU. Tony, still dying from his tumor, accepts an offer that maybe he should have refused. Meanwhile, Steve is refusing to admit either of them might possibly be gay for each other, despite a year's worth of one-night stands. // ~Vampire AU based on the Ultimates canon-verse, with an actual plot, which is split 'bout half between Tony on the run from vampires, and Steve wallowing in a full-blown denial routine. There's one short followup fic, and a potential sequel that may be posted someday, judging from au comments (dated 2012). ETA: Should have reminded myself of how much this fic needs a stern beta. Purple prose, body parts and inanimate objects with agency, typos galore, and even the author loses track of what charas are talking about periodically. Fairly awful, but mostly ignorable.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  AU  ref:ouch  ref:vampires  ref:denial  ref:pining  ref:established  ref:plot  au:tsukinofaerii  fandom:Avengers  ref:h/c  fandom:Ultimates 
may 2013 by zhena
Tend Towards Decay by valtyr
Avengers (616), Steve/Tony. After Tony's been hooked up to the hard drive, his brain still isn't rebooting. Dr. Strange sends Steve (POV) into Tony's inner wasteland after him. // Was just reading this one again. Civil War fixit (sort of) that attempts to make (better) sense of Tony's motivations as well as his relationship with Extremis. It does work, but it's also pretty ambiguous (probably why I didn't bookmark it the first time around). Also a first-time fic.
* "Time and Distance,"
Tony wakes up reset to his pre-Extremis memories, and Steve must deal alone with the fallout for himself, Bucky, and Sharon. And Bucky must deal with having Tony Stark back up in his face and place. // Not a sequel to the other fic, but they're similarly themed so I'm grouping them together. Established relationship in this one.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:616  ref:civilwar  ref:seige  ref:fixit  au:valtyr  fandom:Avengers  ref:established  ref:amnesia  ref:first-time 
may 2013 by zhena
Robot Trip by copperbadge
Avengers, Tony, Steve, Dummy, gen. Tony is driving Dummy from California to New York personally. Over his protests, Pepper insists he take precautions on the trip -- and obtains for him a bodyguard. // Male bonding fic, not slash. Tony and Steve (and Dummy) get to know each other better via circumstances. This down-to-earth version of Steve is a bit unusual but likeable.
fanfic  Avengers  IronMan  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:bros  ref:roadtrip  ref:DUM-E  au:copperbadge  au:sam-storyteller  fandom:Avengers 
may 2013 by zhena
Oxidation by paxnirvana
Ultimate Avengers, Steve/Tony (background Steve/Jan). "Terrorists develop a riot-inducing spray that has unexpected effects on America's only Super Soldier." Steve gets a face full of an unknown chemical agent, and with it a shiny new obsession. // Sex pollen in the Ultimate(ly Unpleasant) Universe. Steve's normally staid, brusque personality shifts in an odd fashion under the influence. Ult!Steve is kind of the Ultimate Woobie.
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:dubcon  ref:sexpollen  ref:UST  ref:denial  ref:repression  ref:unreliable-narrator  au:paxnirvana  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Ultimates 
april 2013 by zhena

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