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Feeling Younger (Better Than Wiser) by mardia
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. When Thomas rapidly deages to 16, Peter goes to Tyburn for help. To Thomas's mortification, she knows precisely what prompted it. // <1K. Thomas POV.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:humor  ref:deaging  ref:teenagers  au:mardia  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
11 weeks ago by zhena
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by kototyph
Rivers of London, Thomas/Peter. After he's blown off Beverley one time too many, she gives Peter a holiday gift that has him frantically avoiding Nightingale because now he wants the opposite of that. // 11K. Peter POV, sex pollen! Nothing from after "Hanging Tree," and also doesn't incorporate the Abigail short, so something of a fork AU. The family christmas chez Peter's mom and dad is pretty fun.
* "Let Nothing You Dismay," Followup fic, the sex scene for the former.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide2018  ref:fork  ref:sexpollen  ref:curse  ref:dubcon  ref:miscommunication  ref:holiday  ref:xmas  ref:first-time  ref:families  fandom:RiversOfLondon  au:kototyph 
12 weeks ago by zhena
The Right Sort by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen(ish). "DCI Peter Grant, the last official wizard in Britain, gets permission to take on an apprentice: probationary constable Thomas Nightingale. DCI May has her doubts." // 15K, role reversal AU, with Nightingale as the (very posh) PC, and Peter as the WWII vet/last wizard in London. Also Abigail, Seawoll, Tyburn, et al. are Thomas's contemporaries, Lesley, Beverley et al. are now the older set. It doesn't sound promising, but actually it's kind of fun. It's dated 2015, and I have no idea why I didn't notice this one before.

* The Better Person, "'It’s such a pity you’re still my boss,' Thomas said mournfully." // 1K, Thomas/Peter. Thomas, no longer an apprentice, gets drunk and blurts out what's on his mind, after a fashion.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:role-reversal  ref:canonish  via:siria  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
november 2018 by zhena
Reichenbach Falls by mardia
Rivers of London, Peter/Beverley, Peter/Thomas. Set of three fics, set over a year's time, in which everyone (including Peter) copes with Peter's untimely demise.

* "The Old Familiar Places," "On the day of Peter Grant’s funeral, Sahra wakes up with a knot in a stomach and the beginnings of a dull headache at her temples." // 7K, Sahra POV, gen. Sahra attends a funeral and witnesses a lot of unusual interactions.

* "The Shadows I Live with Are Numberless," "Olympia sits up and stares at her. 'Bev. It’s been a month, and you’re still flooding the city four days out of seven. We can’t leave when you’re still like this.'" // 7K, Beverley POV. Beverley does not cope, and eventually forms an alliance of sorts with someone else who isn't really coping either.

* "For Suddenly I Saw You There," "Peter Grant returns from the dead, and starts the longer process of returning home." // 66K, het, slash. Long fic in which Peter returns in a suitably weird way then has to piece together what's gone on in his absence -- he's missed a lot. Really involving series.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  het  slash  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  pair:BeverleyBrook|ThomasNightingale  pair:PeterGrant|WilliamTyburn  ref:series  ref:angst  ref:timetravel  ref:h/c  ref:pining  ref:ghosts  au:mardia  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
november 2018 by zhena
A Sign Undoubtful of a Dear England by couldaughter
Rivers of London/Hot Fuzz, gen(ish). Peter leaves behind Nightingale and a couple of apprentices to go liaise on "something hinky in Gloucestershire," specifically a murder in Sandford, a former Village of the Year. // 16K, casefic. Mainly a decent excuse to trot out some Danny/Nick and various other characters from the movie in a rather laid-back fashion (plus background Peter/Nightingale). Dunno that the movie's necessary for reading it as it's all Peter POV, and here he doesn't know them either. (Also fic might as well have gone the gen route as the shipping isn't that prominent.)
fanfic  HotFuzz  Rivers-of-London  slash  gen  pair:NicholasAngel/DannyButterman  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:postcanon  ref:xover  ref:casefic  ref:plot  ref:established  au:couldaughter  fandom:RiversOfLondon  fandom:MiscFilms 
october 2018 by zhena
Schrodinger's Wedding by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. "If a marriage takes place but neither of the parties involved knows it’s real, is anybody really married? Unfortunately for Peter and Nightingale, the answer according to the Registry Office is yes. All they have to do is get divorced. It’s the twenty-first century. How hard can it be?" // 12.6K. Wonderful, funny accidental marriage fic that moves veeery slowly, and absolutely worth it.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:accidental-marriage  ref:humor  ref:molasses  ref:UST  ref:first-time  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
september 2018 by zhena
I've Found a New Baby by thefourthvine
Rivers of London, Peter/Nightingale. While Nightingale's recovering from the flu, Peter finds a baby left on the Folly doorstep. Minor chaos ensues as they try to piece together who left it there and what sort of supernatural creature it might be -- all while learning the ropes of baby care from Peter's mum. // 13.6, Peter POV. Quirky, interesting case of accidental baby acquiring. Dunno how I missed this one last year. (Podfic version included.)
He still looked a bit pale and interesting, with shadows under his eyes that seemed to be trying to become a permanent feature, but he was alert and focused, and I was glad to see it, despite the circumstances. “Peter, what --” he began, and then he saw the baby I was cautiously unwrapping on the table that I think, once upon a time, was for visitors’ attache cases.
He blinked. I felt him cast something complex and subtle, something I hadn’t even seen him use before, maybe a seventh-order spell. Nothing happened, and his brow wrinkled slightly. “That’s a real infant,” he said, his tone flat and just a little disbelieving.
“The crying was my first clue,” I said, and pulled back the last fold of the blanket.
The baby was black, but light-skinned, considerably lighter than me in my baby pictures. He had a little bit of black fuzz on his head, and his round face was flushed and screwed up in anger. I knew he was a boy because he wasn’t wearing anything, not even a nappy, and I understood the reason for his wailing immediately. I’d have been mad about lying in my own mess, too.
“I need some kind of wipe,” I said. “A lot of them. And something to use for a nappy.”
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:kidfic  ref:casefic  ref:domestic  ref:dubcon  ref:first-time  via:elise.grey  au:thefourthvine  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
august 2018 by zhena
Werewolves of London by mardia
Rivers of London, AU, gen. Basically canon, only now Nightingale's a werewolf as well, having gotten chomped during Ettersberg. Thomas doesn't esp. like other werewolves, ergo various undefined/vaguely hostile political goings-on to the side. // 14K, Peter POV. Labeled as a pairing fic, but it's not really. Also not entirely clear that it's finished, though an epilogue's posted. Anyway, the Really Big Dog type of werewolf here. So long since the first few chapters, that I can't actually remember the details, so read it again sometime...
I spoke too soon -- not finished yet, it seems.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:WIP  ref:werewolf  ref:smarm  au:mardia  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
february 2018 by zhena
Column B by marginaliana
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. One close shave later, Peter realizes that Nightingale is, in fact, DTF. If Peter can figure out how to talk him into it. // 3K of mostly uncomplicated PWP.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:PWP  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:first-time  au:marginaliana  fandom:RiversOfLondon  via:shadowkeeper 
january 2018 by zhena
Warp of Water, Weft of Stone by jediseagull
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. "The demi-monde is at peace. Thomas Nightingale, however, is not." // 11K, Nightingale POV, gen(ish), casefic. Peter's reached the end of his apprenticeship, and something in a Yorkshire cave is somehow glamouring Londoners north to doom. When they investigate, Nightingale promptly gets whammied as well, but Peter to the rescue. Minor tour of side-characters (mentions if not appearances), zero smuttiness.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  gen  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2017  ref:postcanon  ref:casefic  ref:UST  ref:curse  au:jediseagull  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2017 by zhena
Down Goes the Mist by mardia
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. An old trunk, an antique bottle of perfume, and an inconvenient crush on the boss coincide. // 3K, Peter POV, wow smut.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2017  ref:PWP  ref:sexpollen  ref:curse  ref:pining  ref:first-time  au:mardia  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2017 by zhena
It Takes a Police Officer by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Beverley, Peter/Thomas, AU. Series. "DS Peter Grant, seconded to Organised Crime, is sent to keep an eye on two persons of interest." That would be Thomas Nightingale and Beverly Thames, two loosely affiliated criminal sorts, who've taken unusual interest in their assigned copper.

* "Adventures in Plainclothes Surveillance," "Questions are asked. Answers are mostly ignored." That is, Peter is tasked with the undercover observing of a mob-affiliated couple, and his cover is blown. So to speak. // 4.8K, porny, mildly humorous.

* "Anonymous Sources," "It was only when I was pulling the door open that I remembered that opening it to Thomas Nightingale might be an idea worth being paranoid about." // 3K, slash. Thomas stops by to deliver a warning, which Peter appreciates. Moar porn.

* "Enemy Action," "I flicked my bedroom light on. Even the dim incandescent bulb I had back here was too bright, and I had to shade my eyes for a second. Sitting cross-legged on my bed, Beverley Thames did the same thing. 'Ow.'" // 3.6, het. Peter gets framed on the job; porny comfort is proffered.

* "Personal Motivations," "When Abigail Kamara gets hired for a new and interesting hacking job, the last person she expects to see is her cousin Peter, until last year a detective in the Metropolitan Police Service. Peter’s putting together a team - but the job turns out to be twistier than either he or Abigail realise." // 41K!, gen, Abigail POV. Heavily plotted, multiple heists, lots of fun. As it turns out, this is a magic-based AU after all. Also the rest of the team gets filled out in this outing. The character roles (but not relationships!) roughly map: Peter = Nathan, Beverly = Parker, Thomas = Eliot, Abigail = Hardison, Caroline = Sophie. This one also incorporates side glances to the comics and short stories, but they're not critical to following the plot.
fanfic  via:popular  Rivers-of-London  gen  het  slash  AU  ref:crime  ref:undercover  ref:UST  ref:threesome  ref:closetsex  ref:plot  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  pair:ThomasNightingle|BeverleyBrook 
july 2017 by zhena
Changes of Perspective by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. AU. "In 1945, the prison camp of Ettersberg is bombed from altitude. In 2009, Peter Grant graduates university with a bachelor's degree in architecture. It's a magical new world." Peter and his roommate Jaget live in a tidy block of converted council flats where his neighbors include former and current cops, potential goddesses next-door, and mysterious benign lurkers of various types. But he's most intrigued by the out-of-place poshness of retiree(?) Thomas, who's living a tech-free life on the ground floor with his dog Toby. // 91K(!) AU where the Folly became a publicly known wizarding affiliate of Oxford; no one except Thomas has any relationship with it, and they all live in a block of council flats (because: why not?). So it's not really a fork AU, but it is very fun. I put off reading this for a long time because it didn't sound that interesting, so I was a bit stupid. Several canon corpses get HEAs here; in fact, everyone (except Seawol :) generally seems happy with life. (Including Molly, who's settled into a cross btwn Twiggy and Sadako, lol.) So it's like a super-curtain-fic with a side order of plotty murder mystery.
On Common Ground, // <1K, gen. Sahra confronts Lady Caroline. Peter is no help at all.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:domestic  ref:architect  ref:council-flat  ref:humor  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:plot  ref:mystery  ref:first-time  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
april 2017 by zhena
Working Hypothesis by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Nightingale begins dating again, and Peter is mysteriously bothered by it all. And everyone around him must hear all about it. // 3K. Peter POV. Fun, esp. the Lesley parts. I dunno how I missed this one the first time around.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:humor  ref:oblivious  ref:jealousy  via:sophia_sol  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
april 2017 by zhena
Circumstantial by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. “It’s got colder out since we came in here, I think,” Nightingale said. “But the snow seems to be easing, so we may be able to dig ourselves out without too much trouble in the morning.” // 3K, PWP. Always pleased to see that random Canadian shacks can still pop up in any country or fandom.
via:epaulettes  fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:PWP  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:CanadianShack  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon  via:zhena 
january 2017 by Harpijka
Circumstantial by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. “It’s got colder out since we came in here, I think,” Nightingale said. “But the snow seems to be easing, so we may be able to dig ourselves out without too much trouble in the morning.” // 3K, PWP. Always pleased to see that random Canadian shacks can still pop up in any country or fandom.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:PWP  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:CanadianShack  via:epaulettes  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
january 2017 by zhena
Longevity by lightgetsin
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Peter takes care of his dad, Thomas takes care of the Folly, both take care of the apprentices, and somewhere in there, a relationship finally, tentatively gets off the ground. // 16.5K aftermath-type, slice-of-life, curtain fic. It's pretty, rather sad in parts, sometimes funny. May or may not have HT spoilers (dunno yet, dammit), some supporting character death. Another ex-Dresden ficcer moving on.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:postcanon  ref:angst  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  au:lightgetsin  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2016 by zhena
Epiphany by Franzeska
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. As Peter is largely moved out to Beverley's place and unavailable, Nightingale is investigating cursed mummer's play props on his own until a trip to the countryside turns homicidal. // 7K. Casefic, Brit folklore thing, Thomas POV. Not too bad, character death, mild-sauce porn.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:postcanon  ref:casefic  ref:ouch  ref:curse  au:Franzeska  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2016 by zhena
The Next Best Thing by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Two wizards get wammied by a truth spell, source unknown, no apparent expiration date, which forces them to voice their innermost thoughts the moment they have them. // Peter POV. But in the end, turns out more funny than mortifying. Peter naturally has a technological solution. But... (Mild HT spoilers.)
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:first-time  ref:curse  ref:forced-truth  ref:humor  au:Sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2016 by zhena
Three-Body Problem by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Beverley, Peter/Thomas. Beverley, who has had enough of all the unrequited pining in the air, issues an ultimatum: do something about it, leave her out of it, and keep it out of her house. Period. A new Agreement is clearly in order. // 15K. Bev POV. As I've not read HT, I'm not sure what's invention and what's HT spoiler. That aside, it's an interesting fic about an odd situation. Not exactly a yenta sort of fic.
* Luck and Love and Time, Sequel, Bev POV. Bev stops in to visit her mum-in-law, who drops an idle bombshell over tea.
* Just Keep Your Eyes on Me, Sequel, Peter POV. Peter gets sex-pollened at the spring court. Bev and Thomas sort him out. Porn.
* We Took the Floor and She Said, <1K, Rom POV. Followup to previous fic.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  het  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:poly  ref:plot  ref:domestic  ref:pining  ref:sexpollen  ref:threesome  fandom:RiversOfLondon  au:Sixthlight 
december 2016 by zhena

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