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Down by the Beach by binz and shiplizard
Forever, gen. "The year: 2040. The place: Kaanapali, Maui. The occasion: the 30th annual IndieHouse amateur horror film fest. Chief ME Lucas Wahl is taking a well deserved vacation to showcase some of his amateur films and catch up with fellow horror nerds when he runs into an old, old friend. Funny how Henry Morgan doesn't seem to have aged a day. More importantly, though, he's a mess. Immortality's really cool, but friendship is more important." // Future fic, Lucas POV. Sweet, gentle plot where an older Lucas falls over a wrecked Henry on the beach, dusts him off, and gets him back on his feet again. And takes him to a roman-a-clef horror movie screening (LOL). Never watched this show, but the fic doesn't really require it.
fanfic  Forever  gen  pair:HenryMorgan|LucasWahl  yuletide  yuletide2015  ref:postcanon  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:families  au:binz  au:shiplizard  fandom:MiscTV 
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au:binz  au:shiplizard  fandom:misctv  fanfic  forever  gen  ref:angst  ref:families  ref:humor  ref:postcanon  yuletide  yuletide2015 

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