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Charles/Erik, Empire Records (1995)
With Erik as Joe, the long-suffering manager of a small independent record store who employs a band of misfits and outcasts (mutants?) - people who have nowhere else to go - to run his shop.

I kind of imagined it to go something like this:

Charles as a mixture between Gina (kinda slutty) and Corey (perfect on the surface, just been accepted at Harvard Oxford, etc) whom Erik is (not so secretly) in love with, but who has a major thing for Shaw (ie the Rex Manning character) who is an epic douchebag (and is possibly managed by long-suffering agent/manager Emma (Jane), if you want to add her in).

Possibly with Hank as Lucas (I'm not sure he would gamble away the store's money, even if intending to save the store with the money though? Or - if thinking outside the box - Azazel? Or oooh - Logan?). Hank has a secret crush on:

Raven (Deb) who gets piercings and cuts her hair to stand out and to try to not feel so invisible.

Alex as Warren, the shoplifter who causes a lot of ruckus around
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may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Erik/Charles Hank/Raven XMFC/101 dalmatians, dog mpreg... Yes I am serious!
Because I'm an obsessed XMFC fan and can't stop imaging Erik/Charles in every movie I watch.

Erik decides that he needs to find his pet Hank a mate which proves to be difficult at first but when he see a gorgeous Dalmatian named Charles and his human Raven it's love at first sight for that two of them and after an embarrassing incident involving a pond win their hearts.

Hank and Rave marry and Charles is expecting puppies but when an old school mate of Raven's Emma Frost turns up and tries to buy the puppies everything gets worse from there and the puppies are stolen by Dog-nappers Shaw and Cain.

Various x men character as the animals.

(Preferably story line of the animated version)

Feel free to switch roles for Hank & Raven and Erik & Charles if you can't some how successfully write the whole male dogs having puppies thing.


Hank is a Jazz musician and smokes a pipe.

Moira as Nanny, Logan as The Colonel and Alex as Sargent Nibbs the cat.

Sean needs to be
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may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Shaw, Charles/Erik, maybe humiliation, self-esteem issues
Saw Bridesmaids last week, and something about the movie resonated a little too uncomfortably close. So this is a little bit of wish fulfillment/projection.

Charles' life is hitting rock bottom. Though a brilliant professor, his absent-minded ways lead to being denied tenure at his university, and given the economy, he's failed to secure an alternate teaching position before the school year got out. Since his smarmy stepfather and stepbrother has taken over his family fortune and kicked him out of his ancestral home, Charles is forced to take on part-time retail jobs to make rent, some of his bosses his former students, and occasionally rely on the kindness of his friends. And his fuck buddy, former colleague Sebastian Shaw, makes it clear that he only regards Charles as a hole he can stick his dick in.

Then Charles' baby sister Raven announces she's getting married. Despite how genuinely happy he is for her, he's already low on funds and self-esteem, and with her fiancee being his
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may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik - Prince and the Pauper AU (with powers)
Enter Charles, who is from an incredibly affluent family but despises the responsibilities/drama affiliated with being wealthy. It doesn't help that he can read minds, and so he knows that the majority of his peers like him only because of his money. He wonders what his life would be like without all the money--would people like him for who he really is? What would life be like without all his responsibilities as heir to the Xavier fortune?

Enter Raven, a shapeshifting mutant who belongs in the Brotherhood, a gang of ragtag mutants. Though she loves the freedom of showing off her true shape, the Brotherhood struggles to make ends meet (live in a ransack place, hard to find food, etc.) She always dreamt of living in a mansion,having servants at her beck and call, and attending balls and wearing hideously expensive dresses while mingling with the upper class.

Through some incident, Charles and Raven meet. Whilst bemoaning the unfairness/responsibilities of being wealthy/poor, they both
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Alex and Hank raising Scott, Modern AU
In an obviously sensible way (not), Alex and Hank get joint custody of a young Scott McCoy-Summers. They're best friends who room together, and they really don't have an issue raising the kid together, and they both consider themselves Scott's dads. (Hence the hyphenated last name). However, Hank is straight, Alex is gay, and they are not at all into each other, which makes dating a little difficult, so they've both kind of given it up.

That is, until Alex meets Darwin and starts to fall for him. Except he never really clarified that Scott's other dad is just his friend (maybe they always run into each other at a coffee shop, and it never really came up?). Hank's lusting after Raven, who thinks it's a pity he's gay, because he's pretty cute.

So Alex and Hank bemoan the fact that they will never be laid while eating ice cream and watching Disney movies with their son.

Bonus points if Scott sometimes wants to snuggle with both his dads, so Alex and Hank often wind up sharing a tiny be
_unfilled  -humor  -fluff  -au  char:scott  pair:hank/raven  pair:alex/darwin  !round9 
april 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Raven/Hank, Charles/Erik - Clash of the Titans AU
Prince Hank is the son of a king who has gained a victory against the gods. The vengeful god of the underworld, Shaw, demands that Hank is offered as a sacrifice or he will release a terrible creature onto the land.

The king and Hank's only hope is to ask demi-god Raven Darkholme, a prisoner that they recently captured for trying to steal from the palace, to find a way to defeat Shaw. With nothing left to lose, Raven accepts the task of leading a dangerous mission to defeat Shaw before he can seize power and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Raven sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, she will only survive if she can accept her power as a god and create her own destiny.

Good thing she has the help of Charles and Erik, two powerful gods from Olympus who have decided that Raven is worthy of the challenge.
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april 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Hank/Raven, Scrubs AU
Hank McCoy is a prodigy who just finished his second doctorate, this time an MD. Raven Darkholme is the adopted sister of the wealthy Charles Xavier. Sean is Turk, and Moira is Carla. Erik is obviously Dr. Cox while Shaw is Dr. Kelso, Emma is Jordan-esque (maybe Erik's ex-wife and now Shaw's?), and Azazel is the Janitor.

Powered would be awesome.
_unfilled  -fusion  -au  pair:hank/raven  !round9 
april 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Charles/Shaw, Hank/Raven, non-con, captivity, sensory deprivation
Medieval, nonpowered AU. Shaw is a king, and takes great pride in expanding his territories by conquering neighboring kingdoms. Erik is his First Knight, the most trusted and closest person to him. In fact, Erik was injured in the last battle saving Shaw's life, forcing him to stay behind and recuperate when Shaw goes away for his next campaign to conquer the Kingdom of Westchester.

When Shaw returns, he summons Erik to what turns out to be a double-wedding. Shaw came back from Westchester with two spoils of war: the son and daughter of the deposed king. Shaw gives Erik the Princess Raven for his bride as a reward for saving his life, keeping the Prince Charles for himself. Erik wasn't really read to get married, but hey, can't refuse a gift from your liege.

Both "brides" are completely shrouded at the wedding, so it's not until the wedding night when Erik finally gets to see Raven. He finds her a very pleasant sort of girl, but too immature for his tastes, and he's definitely not in
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Erik/Charles Hank/Raven Loud sex! Competite siblings
Thanks blowbe. Reposting this cos crack is my fix in this fandom.


Charles’ room is next to Raven’s, attached by a wall so when her and hank and Charles and erik are having sex at the same time there is an unofficial competition between the siblings over who can be loudest.

Bonus points for bewildered!Hank and for one of the others (Sean/Alex?) shouting from across the hall, “shut the fuck up, some of us are trying to sleep!”
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Dating up, Hank/Raven, Alex/Hank
Alex Summers knows how the school hierarchy works. Sure, there's some flexibility, some people who are alternative-cool, some groups that go up a couple notches when someone cool joins them, but on the whole, he knows how it works, how to work it, which is why he absolutely does not get Hank McCoy.

So Hank McCoy had absolutely no business being Raven's boyfriend, not when she was so, so far above his level. Not that he's ugly, so much as painfully awkward and far, far too studious, and Raven could have done so much better, and he didn't know how it worked, what was so special about Hank and he's absolutely not obsessed with this, no matter what his friends say (and then maybe Raven went off on a year abroad, school exchange thing, and Alex/Hank happens).
_unfilled  -au  pair:hank/raven  pair:alex/hank  !round4 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Hank/Raven, love potion
Perhaps Hogwarts-verse? It's the only way I can think of bringing magic into the mix, but hey, if you want to do it with mutant powers instead of witchcraft & wizardry, feel free. Treat the Hogwarts references as illustrative examples only, then ;)

Head of Slytherin Professor Erik has a lot of UST with Professor Charles, head of Ravenclaw, simply because Erik is too proud to act on his (rather obvious) feelings and Charles remains adorably oblivious. And of course, there's the whole ideological thing that keeps them divided.

Meanwhile, Charles' sister Raven (who I imagine is a student or something) mixes up a love potion to help her get Hank's attention, but by a series of comedic accidents, Charles ends up taking it. And the first person he sees is Professor Shaw, who has actually been kinda lusting after Charles and is sure to use this to his nefarious advantage, much to Erik's horror. Hijinks ensue.
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march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Hank/Raven pegging
Raven wants to know what it's like, so she grows a cock and fucks Hank with it, who enjoys it far more than he thought.
_unfilled  -pwp  -pegging  pair:hank/raven  !round5 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
charles/erik, hank/raven, ice skating, winter, fluff
ACTUAL HISTORICAL TIMELINE BE DAMNED I NEED SOME WINTER FLUFF FIC because I am currently in the northern hemisphere and it is cold as ass.

So it's decided unanimously (read: raven) that they need a break from training, and everyone (read: raven) votes on taking the whole group ice skating! Yay!

Except Charles can't ice skate, like at all. And of course Erik, MAN OF ENDLESS TALENTS, is just effortlessly skating around everyone at warp speed and practically doing triple axels and shit, not even trying to show off. But then he notices Charles avoiding the ice and slipping around and tries to help him out and there is fluff.

And I can see Raven using this as a perfect opportunity to hang on to Hank and "accidentally" slip and pull him down with her because flirty!raven and flustered!hank are my favorite always.

BONUS if this isn't charles/erik est. relationship from the beginning
and BONUS if Darwin's alive because, hell, this is AU enough already might as well bring him back, too! :D
_unfilled  -fluff  -canon!au  pair:hank/raven  pair:charles/erik  !round5 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Hank/Raven, alpha/omega, au, fluff, humor
Mystique, an alpha and one of Genosha's general, has invited her dear beloved but human brother Charles, who's an omega. Darwin, Wolverine, Emma Frost and Jean Grey, the 4 rulers of Genosha have given their permission. Mystique is missing her brother so much it's distracting her and the Rulers think this is an excellent way to test human-mutant relation now that the Treaty between the humans and mutant countries has been signed and everyone has recovered from the war.
Charles agrees to come, also very much missing his sister, and brings (with permission) his best friend Henry McCoy with him, also human and an omega. To welcome their special guests the Rulers decide to give a big ball/banquet/party. Charles and Hank are seated with his sister who is seated with the Rulers and their omega and the other Generals. Unfortunately no one has thought about the consequences of putting two unattached omega's at a table full of Alpha's. Charles and Hank's pre-heat phase (phase that attracts poten
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march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Hank/Raven/Alex - threesome (with background charles/erik)
Where Hank really likes Raven and is in a relationship with her, but is also attracted to Alex. He tells this to Raven one day, who is surprised, but admits that she also finds Alex attractive. So, they decide to try and get him to have a threesome with them. Alex is shocked at first and doesn't know how to respond, but admits that he has liked Hank for a while now, and also finds Raven attractive. Really hot sex between the three of them ensues.
Please someone fill this - M/M/F is my absolute kink!
_unfilled  -pwp  -moresome  pair:hank/raven  pair:alex/hank/raven  !round5 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Hank/Raven, post-movie, fraught affair
I really love Charles & Erik's fraught relatiionship in post-Divorce fics. I'd love to see the same dynamic with Raven and Hank.

Porn eagerly desired; loving and detailed attention to Hank's furriness and/or Raven's taste and scent will earn extra points.
-scent  _filled.complete  -postmovie  pair:hank/raven  !round5 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Disney tropes...
...only not. This is what happens when my subconscious goes out drinking and doesn't take me along. It came back and took one look at the standard Disney plot and said, "BORING! Let's upend it."

So it's Queen Emma ruling the kingdom of (mumble), and her daughter Raven as heir to the throne. Emma's called the White Queen and is really fond of diamonds; Raven loves a particular shade of blue that the kingdom is famous for.

One of the Queen's advisors is Lord Charles Xavier, who also acts as one of Princess Raven's tutors in math and science and (secretly) how not to kill yourself with a sword aka fencing.

Raven is betrothed to Prince Henry of (mutter), who is called Hank. A very smart young man who can run really fast but is otherwise terminally clumsy. And he wears glasses, which Raven secretly thinks are dead sexy. Ahem.

So Charles is wandering around the castle in the middle of the night with his nose in a book, when he hears a thump. He goes to investigate, and finds an intruder
_unfilled  warn:abduction/kidnapping  -humor  -au  pair:hank/raven  pair:charles/erik  !round8 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Hank/Raven- Wedding Fluff
Inspired by Grey's Anatomy...

It's the 60's, but whatever we're legalizing being gay and able to be married in a nice little world called an AU...

I want Erik proposing to Charles or vice versa. They don't really plan to get married right away or have this big ceremony, but when Raven gets wind of it she gets overly excited and starts planning the whole thing. Setting dates, forcing the two to try different cakes and food, arranging tux fittings, acting like a bridezilla, etc. She even brings Hank (who she's dating) into the whole thing asking him his opinions.

Wedding day arrives leaving Charles and Erik alone together at last looking at the setup of the ceremony and commenting how it's not anything they would have done.

So they run off together and elope (teehee). They get back just in time to incur Raven's anger, and turns out that Charles had a talk with Hank suggesting that he marry Raven.

To sum it up:

*Erik and Charles get engaged
*Hank and Raven are in an established rela
_unfilled  -fluff  pair:hank/raven  pair:charles/erik  !round6 
march 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Raven/Hank, Emma/Shaw, misc. -- reality TV show
This prompt brought to you by my sister's obsession with Jersey Shore. D:

The X-Men aren't superheroes, they're all people living in the same house on reality TV. Charles brings home a different girl every night while oblivious to Erik pining after him. Emma and Shaw are the couple that break up and get back together with alarming frequency. Hank is a housemate, and falls for Charles's sister Raven, who visits all the time. The rest of the housemates and relationships are up to you.

Feel free to make this as ridiculous as you'd like! Broken dishes, pranks, jealousy, GO FOR IT.
-jealousy  _unfilled  -au  pair:hank/raven  pair:emma/shaw  pair:charles/erik  !round6 
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