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Chemical spill at Haverhill factory prompts huge emergency response
A factory was evacuated after a chemical spill at a factory in Haverhill sparked a major response from emergency services.

Firefighters were called at 12.20pm yesterday to reports of a hazardous material spill in Rookwood Way.

The spill had been caused by a leak from a large tank on the Cornelius Specialties site.

A large quantity of a chemical spilled out onto the road, but there is not believed to be any risk to the public.

The factory, which manufactures chemicals for contact lenses and dental products along with structural adhesives and coatings, was evacuated.

Neighbouring companies were able to continue operating with the precautions that workers remained inside and windows were closed.

Eight fire crews were called to the scene - two from Woodbridge, two from Haverhill, one from Holbrook, one from Clare, one from Ixworth and one from Newmarket - and police closed the road.

Dale Nunn, incident commander from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, said some of the leak had gone into the drainage system, adding Anglian Water and the Environment Agency were also assisting.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said there was not believed to be any risk to the public, adding the mildly acidic liquid was being diverted to Anglian Water's sewage treatment facility.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Western firms must rethink sourcing after Chinese explosion, report urges
deadly explosion at a chemical plant in China has created shortages of certain key chemicals purchased by Western firms. It has also prompted a call for those firms to reconsider sourcing policies that allowed them to purchase from a company that was clearly out of compliance with local safety and environmental laws.

The March 21 explosion at Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical, in the city of Yancheng in China’s Jiangsu Province, killed 78 people and injured more than 600. After the explosion, local officials closed all operations in the industrial park where the plant was located to assess safety conditions.

Customers started to feel the effects of the explosion soon thereafter. In its April 18 earnings report, the Swiss chemical maker Lonza said the explosion and other Chinese supply-chain disruptions were creating raw material sourcing challenges for its specialty ingredient business.

And the British Coatings Federation recently warned members that the closure of factories in the industrial park has caused “severe shortages” of ingredients such as preservatives for waterborne paints, photoinitiators for ultraviolet light–cured inks, and certain red and yellow pigments.

After the accident, China’s State Council said local authorities were lax in enforcing safety regulations at the facility. But in a new report, the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), a Beijing-based environmental research group, charges that Western companies also perpetuate dangerous conditions at Tianjiayi and other Chinese chemical companies by purchasing from them in spite of documented safety and environmental shortcomings.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Benzene found in the water supply of fire-ravaged Paradise, California
After the October 2017 Tubbs wildfire, the northern California town of Santa Rosa was blindsided when it discovered that some of its fire-damaged water systems were contaminated with the carcinogen benzene. This phenomenon, never before reported, threatened to add millions and months to recovery cost and time. Little more than a year later, it happened again.

In November 2018, the Camp Fire—California’s most destructive wildfire in history—leveled the town of Paradise. Water officials there now report they have discovered the same problem with benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that plagued Santa Rosa, but on an exponentially greater scale.

Whereas Santa Rosa will be replacing up to 500 service lines at a cost of several million dollars, Paradise has 10,500 affected lines—roughly 280 km of pipe. Paradise estimates replacing the pipes could cost as much as $300 million, and it may be 2 years before the city can provide safe drinking water to its residents. The legal limit in California for benzene in drinking water is 1 part per billion, while average levels in benzene-positive samples in Paradise have been 31 ppb.

The contamination in Santa Rosa and Paradise paints a grim picture for wildfire-vulnerable towns in the western US as climate change increases fire frequency and intensity. When only Santa Rosa was affected, people might have thought it was extra-bad luck. Now that it’s happened in Paradise also, “I have a feeling people are paying attention to this now,” says Jackson Webster, a water quality engineer at California State University, Chico. The need for water scientists and engineers to pay attention is great: there is no standard protocol to test water after a wildfire, let alone courses of action to prevent water system contamination.
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11 weeks ago by dchas
After Deadly Explosion In China, Raw Materials Are Even More Challenging
The past few years have been extremely challenging in terms of supply of key raw materials for inks and their ingredients. Suppliers in China have been closed temporarily or permanently due to tightening environmental regulations. In 2018, the shuttering of a key intermediate for photoinitiators creates a shortage of TPO and TPO-L, leaving ink companies scrambling to find materials for UV inks and coatings, often having to pay much higher prices for what they could find. As a result, many leading ink manufacturers have looked to diversify their supplier base.
The tragic explosion at Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical in China in March serves as a reminder of the need for tight regulation in China as well as concerns over doing business in the country.
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april 2019 by dchas
“I really love drawing, and I think drawing and writing are really integral to the creative process. I also have children who always need occupying and I’d like to have them not occupied with iPads always, so I’ve taken to carrying a complete drawing and watercolor set with me everywhere. The particular watercolors that I found that is a sort of obscure Japanese brand, called Kuretake, and they just have a great set of colors. You can use a little bit of water and they go on like a tempura paint, which is really nice if you want a really thick, opaque paint, but you can also water them down a lot and get a really lovely, light-flowing watercolor feel to them.”
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october 2018 by davidvan
Fire razes Ondo factory, destroys N100m worth of products
CHEMICAL products and other valuables worth over N100 million were razed by an inferno in a company, Megadot Nigeria Limited, Akure, Ondo state capital.

The company, located within the premises of the state Trade Fair Complex, Akure, housed chemicals used for the production of paints, wood finishers and  thinner lacquer, among others.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the fire incident started around 10pm on Friday as a result of alleged power surge.

An eye witness account, Kolawole Bello, said that high voltage from public power source  caused the inferno, adding that” the timely response of  Fire Service men saved the Trade  Fair Complex from burning”.

Bello said the inferno started from the chemical company before extending to other places.
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september 2018 by dchas
Paint truck crashes into pond
A paint truck crashed into a utility pole and ended up in a pond Wednesday morning at the entrance to the Hideout in Wayne County.

That crash happened just before 10 a.m. on Route 590 near Hamlin in Wayne County.

Crews are trying to clean up the paint and fuel that's been spilling into a pond at The Hideout.

The line painting truck ended up on its side in the spillover pond at the entrance to The Hideout along Route 590.

Troopers say the driver wasn't able to stop for a vehicle turning into this private community, sheared off a utility pole, and landed in the water.

Troopers say the driver got out safely. He'll be facing numerous citations after clipping a car and plowing into the pond.
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june 2018 by dchas
Chemical Fire At La Porte Plant Extinguished, No Injuries Reported – Houston Public Media
A fire broke out late Wednesday at a plastics fabrication plant in La Porte, according to police.
Police said there are no injuries. According to the company, Metton America, the fire was reported around 11:38 p.m. Wednesday in the 2700 block of Miller Cut Off Road. 
The company said the tank contained a potentially irritating chemical used in paints, insecticides, and plastics.
No shelter in place was ordered for residents.
us_TX  industrial  fire  response  paints  pesticides  plastics 
may 2018 by dchas
DNR: White foamy substance on Lake Winnebago is decaying algae
OSHKOSH - Environmental officials said a chemical released into a Lake Winnebago tributary following a fire Monday is not causing fish to die and is not a public health threat.

The Oshkosh Fire Department responded to a fire Monday evening at A.P. Nonweiler, a paint and industrial coatings maker at 3321 County A. The sprinkler system inside the plant caused a chemical used to whiten paint — titanium dioxide — to be released into a stream that feeds into Lake Winnebago.

"We're getting slammed with phone calls because people are concerned about this foamy, frothy white stuff," said Rick Joslin, spills coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Northeast Region.
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april 2018 by dchas
Plutonium plant removal halted after radiation releases
The Department of Energy (DOE) has called for 42 actions to correct safety deficits that led to a series of radioactive releases during demolition of the now-closed plutonium processing facility at the former Hanford nuclear weapons production site in Washington state.
The actions include better application of coatings and use of other technologies to control spread of radioactive contamination, broader radiation boundaries, improve air dispersion measurement and modeling, greater involvement of employees as demolition moves ahead, and better training of and communication with site workers to solicit their input.
Following the releases, site remediation halted last December. Several hundred workers were tested for radiation exposure. Test results showed that several dozen workers had inhaled or ingested detectable radiation but at levels acceptable to the department.
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april 2018 by dchas

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