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Rayleigh-Benard Convection (two-dimensional and very turbulent) - YouTube
Numerical simulation of highly turbulent two-dimensional Rayleigh-Benard convection. Be sure to watch this in HD!
Hot (red) fluid rises from the hot bottom plate while cold (blue) fluid falls down from the cold top plate. The mean temperature corresponds to white.
The Rayleigh number is 10^13 and the Prandtl number is 1; the aspect ratio of the simulation is 16:9.
Two seconds of the video correspond to one so-called free-fall time unit, i.e. the travel-time from plate to plate of a parcel of hot fluid that is accelerated by gravity and not slowed down by surrounding fluid.
The numerical resolution is 7680x4320 gridpoints, i.e. one pixel of the 1080p-Video corresponds to 4x4 gridpoints.
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3 days ago by aries1988
about | Timothy Horn
e now paints full-time and lives in the the small town of Fairfax where he is drawn to the everyday scenes of the rural areas in Marin and Sonoma Counties — the old buildings that have evaded development, the workings of ranch life, the old cars and trucks that continue on, or sometimes simply the play of light and shadow across planes of weathered color. Horn wants to create paintings that tell his story, that express his observations, “paintings that feel 100% Me”.

His work has won numerous awards, has been featured in several magazines, and was on the cover of Southwest Art in 2012. He participates in several annual group shows, and is currently represented by four galleries. Every year, Horn teaches 4 – 6 painting workshops around the country and abroad. He is an Artist Member of the California Art Club, and a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America.
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4 days ago by stewymac07
One Painting Can Go a Long Way
William Tillyer’s five-part painting “The Golden Striker” (2018), based on a landscape by John Constable, affirms that the possibilities of light cannot be exhausted.
4 days ago by stevefleck

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