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The paintings of artist Matt Adrian (The Mincing Mockingbird).
art  painting  birds  funny 
18 hours ago by garrettc
So you want to airbush? A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1
As requested: airbrushing! Asking for airbrush advice is a fairly common topic on miniature forums. With good reason, getting one is pretty daunting and there aren't many clear cut answers (such is art I guess). That's because just getting an airbrush isn't enough. What else do you need to make it work? How do you make…
games  miniatures  painting 
yesterday by fiamh
Level Hanging: Hang Artwork and Wall-hangings Straight and Level | Family Handyman
Learn how to hang pictures, heavy mirrors, keyhole shelves and quilts so that they're always straight, level and rock solid, no matter where you put them.
Painting  art  hanging  gallery 
4 days ago by troyburnett
A series of illustrations showing various body landscapes of a woman and a man who sets out on a wandering and eventful journey on it.
art  illustration  inspiration  painting  landscapes 
5 days ago by beep
Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery
Cool sci fi art portraying sweden in alternate 80s and 90s after science experiments introduce evil and superscience into the world.
art  scifi  painting 
6 days ago by akombo

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