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CSA Images - Lightboxes
Lightbox of paint by numbers with themes it'd be good to cover
april 2014 by austinstorm
Paint by numbers , Posters and Prints at has paint-by-numbers *prints*, exclusively from CSA images. One could buy them in small sizes and then paint over them with acrylics
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april 2014 by austinstorm
Paint by Numbers
Hundreds of paint by number puzzles in Java
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january 2007 by tonya
Nonograms - online puzzle game
Play online Nonograms the puzzle game also known as Paint by Numbers
games  puzzles  paintbynumbers  **  javascript 
january 2007 by tonya
Color By Number 2.0
Color By Number lets you to convert photo to a paint-by-number pattern. Just scan the photo or load graphics file from disk and the program will convert your photo to a paint-by-number pattern.
muledesignblog  cool  paintbynumbers  art 
march 2006 by spenceke

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