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Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness - The New York Times
Finding out you have a chronic illness — one that will, by definition, never go away — changes things, both for you and those you love.
13 hours ago by geetarista
Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention | Institute for Work & Health
Tertiary prevention aims to soften the impact of an ongoing illness or injury that has lasting effects. This is done by helping people manage long-term, often-complex health problems and injuries (e.g. chronic diseases, permanent impairments) in order to improve as much as possible their ability to function, their quality of life and their life expectancy. Examples include:
3 days ago by alinanguyen
How To Know If Your Mattress Is Causing Your Back Pain
Many people believe that back pain is unavoidable, but that’s not true! Your mattress may be causing your discomfort, and if that’s the case, a new mattress may be all you need to take away the pain.
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13 days ago by Adventure_Web

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