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We need tool support for keyset pagination
Cursor based pagination trumps offset based pagination
pagination  sql  cursor  database 
3 days ago by janvereecken
Pagination Wordpress avec WP_query -
next_posts_link( 'Older Entries', $postslist->max_num_pages );
previous_posts_link( 'Next Entries »' );
wordpress  pager  pagination  wp_query 
22 days ago by jeromeM
The art of pagination – Offset vs. value based paging - NovaTec Blog
Explain the advantages of value based pagination (e.g. next_cursor, next_after_id) as opposed to traditional pagination with offsets (page)
pagination  cursor 
5 weeks ago by janvereecken
Pagination Tunnels - An Experiment in Crawlability and Click Depth - Portent
In the end, the point of this experiment and exploration was to shine some light on an often-neglected part of most websites, and to show that small changes to your pagination can have a surprisingly large impact on how a crawler sees your site and all that wonderful content.
webdev  seo  pagination 
5 weeks ago by euler

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