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Handle your data with a pagination component - Vue.js Feed
pagination data in vue2 - a component with a large api to manage a bunch of props
vue2  vue2pagination  pagination 
6 weeks ago by ElliotPsyIT
The SQL I Love <3. Efficient pagination of a table with 100M records
Compilation of my favorite SQL queries after a decade of dealing with relational databases. Today we talk about scanning a table with 100 million records.
pagination  database  tips  SQL 
6 weeks ago by lenciel
Solutions for returning huge api responses - Google Groups
"Semantic pagination, as used by Stripe ( makes it easier to manage paging through a collection- if you just use simple integer offsets, then if your collection contents change while you are paging through you may end up off by one (or more) in either direction, resulting in duplicated or missing items between pages.

You can send HTTP Link headers with relation types of "prev" and "next" to give the client the URIs of the next (or previous) page so that they do not have to directly understand your pagination mechanism.  When there are no more results, simply do not include a "next" link.  That tells the client that no "next" page exists, so they must be at the end of the collection.
pagination  apis  design 
7 weeks ago by earth2marsh
Pagination Best Practices
Making good pagination is not a difficult thing. Really, you just want to remember the following basic guidelines, and you should be fine. We'll look at a large range of examples after that, to see what we can learn from existing pagination designs found on popular websites today.
pagination  best_practices  design  faruk_ateş 
7 weeks ago by mikemcauley

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