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Chicago Bicycle Program - Posts
Chicag of Chicago bicycle support program.. news about new bike lane development #kudos
Chicago  cycling  city  facebook  page  news  development  transit 
20 hours ago by csrollyson
Insurtech Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing – Accelerators – Daily Fintech
The Theme last week was about cars and auto insurance. The Theme this week, is about InsurTech acceleration programs. At the beginning of the year, new InsurTech programs are ready for a robust launch, so are the startups.
insurtech  front  page  week 
2 days ago by marshallk
Blockchain Front Page this week: Bitcoin Whales, Bulls & Bears Heading to zero? Or heading to $1 million? Your call – Daily Fintech
Our theme for this week is “Bitcoin Whales, Bulls & Bears Heading to zero? Or heading to $1 million? Your call“ Over the last year, we have seen all kinds of predictions regarding Bitcoin and its future.
blockchain  front  page  thi  bulls  &  bears  heading  to 
6 days ago by marshallk
Insurtech Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing – Cars and Auto Insurance – Daily Fintech
The Theme last week was a preview for InsurTech in 2019. The Theme this week, is about cars and auto insurance. The auto industry is in the process of revolution with the emergence of connected cars and sharing economy. Sometime it concerns insurance, sometime it doesn’t.
insurtech  front  page  week 
9 days ago by marshallk
[1901.01161] Page Cache Attacks
This is kinda bad, since it leverages software caches and can be hardware agnostic, allowing write once malware that works well all over (javascript?)
shadow  page  cache  side  channel  attack  exploit  security  hacking  pentesting 
11 days ago by asteroza

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