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Words Cannot Espresso How Much You Bean to Me - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)
“You’re late,” Derek informed him coldly, jaw clenched. He barely even moved his mouth to speak. This guy was seriously scary.

And because Stiles was suicidal, he said, “No, I’m Stiles.”

The look he got could’ve curdled milk. Stiles even noticed that Derek’s muscles were tensing, arms bulging even more and wow this guy was scary and hot but mostly scary holy shit.

“You’re not funny,” Derek informed him coldly.

Stiles shrugged. “I think that’s a matter of opinion.” [68,366 words]
teenwolf  derek/stiles  isthatbloodonhisshirt  au:otherjobs  coffeeshop/bakery  pack  packdynamics  writer 
8 weeks ago by cunningplan
Alpha Peter and the Ragtags
Derek has been one of Stiles' best friends for years, almost as long as Scott. They've been friends through Stiles' mom's death, and through Derek's ex trying to burn the Hales' house down. So Stiles only feels slightly badly for ogling Derek's hot uncle. He's covered in tattoos and easily the most attractive man Stiles has ever seen.

"Hello, Stiles," Peter says, his voice like silk.

"Peter?" Stiles stammers. "You're back."

"Astute as ever," Peter says.

"Oh, fuck off," Stiles says. Peter just laughs.


The one where Peter is a tattoo artist and an alpha without a pack, and Stiles is college student and best friends with Derek. When Peter moves back from New York, there's immediately something between them.
Author:Triangulum  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Romance  Fluff  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  Alpha!Peter  AlternateUniverse-EveryoneLives/NobodyDies  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
12 weeks ago by Ambrosine8
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Stiles should know better than to trust an offer that seems too good to be true, especially when it comes from Erica. He's supposed to be staying in Erica and Boyd's apartment, not this stupidly ridiculous Hale Pack mansion with Sentinel Prime Peter Hale, who Stiles has an enormous crush on.
Author:gryvon  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Smut  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Crossover/Fusion-TheSentinel  AlternateUniverse-WerewolvesAreKnown  Knotting  SelfLubrication  Omega!Stiles  Bottom!Stiles  PTSD  Trauma  Anxiety  PanicAttack  Insecurity  PackDynamics  Friendship  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
december 2018 by Ambrosine8
The Choices We Make
“You’re quite the clever one, aren’t you?” Peter mused, voice like honey.

“I like to think so."

“What’s your name?”


Peter smiled slowly, looking like a cat that just caught the canary. “Well hello, Stiles,” he purred, eyes flashing a bloody red.

Stiles grinned victoriously. Viciously.

The hunt was on.
Author:Therapeutic_Steter  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Drama  Relationship:Pre-Slash  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  PackDynamics  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Winding Roads to Flowering Fields
'Scott couldn't even seem to live comfortably in his world of black and white absolutes. He could understand why the Lahey boy had broken with Derek, he supposed - his nephew was never meant to be an Alpha, and that had always been painfully obvious. What Peter didn't understand was why he'd then put himself deliberately in Scott's pack. He didn't understand why anyone would align themselves with someone so pathetic when it came to leading others. He didn't understand why new betas, humans and other supernaturals alike flocked to him, an Alpha who had no true understanding of what it meant to be pack. Peter didn't understand why Stiles - beautiful, intelligent, deadly Stiles - chose to call Scott his Alpha.'

Peter has been watching Stiles for quite some time now, and he has trouble understanding why Stiles chooses to align himself with Scott. The McCall Alpha doesn't even seem to notice that his best friend is still reeling from his encounter with the Nogitsune... or that Peter is the one trying to soothe that hurt.

Stiles, Peter is sure, deserves better.
Author:Tahlruil  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Friendship  Relationship:Pre-Slash  ScottIsABadFriend  PTSD  Stiles&Kira  Fluff  Humor  Domestic  PackDynamics  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter  PushedOutOfThePack  WIP 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
If You Dare, Come A Little Closer (I Want You To Stay)
Of course vampires exist. Luckily, Stiles is not quite as helpless as he'd been when this whole supernatural fuckery business started. It's a good thing, too, because if he dies before he and Derek sort their own shit out, he's going to be so pissed.
Author:blackorchids  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Pining  MonsterOfTheWeek  PackDynamics  PackFeels  Kidnapping  BAMF!Stiles  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Love What is Behind You
Basically what it says on the label. Hunger Games type fusion. Stiles doing way better than anyone anticipates. Peter finds him intriguing. Ruthless, devious assholes working together to ruin bad guys, as the Steter ship is meant to be.
Author:KouriArashi  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Action  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Dystopia  Violence  Crossover/Fusion-TheHungerGames  BAMF!Stiles  PackDynamics  BAMF!Allison  Allison&Stiles  Friendship  Oppression  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter 
august 2017 by Ambrosine8
Infinite Space
Stiles needs Peter's expertise to help stop the latest threat to Beacon Hills.
And, as the pack falls apart around him, he might even need Peter for more than that.
Author:DiscontentedWinter  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  ScottIsABadFriend  Bottom!Stiles  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Miss_aphelion - Pack Wars
Scott liked to call it the Great Pack Divide of 2012.

Derek liked to call Scott an idiot.

(Or the one where Derek kidnaps Stiles to teach Scott a lesson, and ends up learning a few things himself)
teenwolf  miss_aphelion  slash  derek/stiles  postS2  packdynamics  emissary!stiles  wc:100-125k  via:amalthia 
october 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Pack Wars - miss_aphelion
Scott liked to call it the Great Pack Divide of 2012.

Derek liked to call Scott an idiot.

(Or the one where Derek kidnaps Stiles to teach Scott a lesson, and ends up learning a few things himself)
teenwolf  derek/stiles  miss_aphelion  kidnapping  packdynamics  au:canon  via:cunningplan 
june 2016 by yarngeek
Pack Wars - miss_aphelion
Scott liked to call it the Great Pack Divide of 2012.

Derek liked to call Scott an idiot.

(Or the one where Derek kidnaps Stiles to teach Scott a lesson, and ends up learning a few things himself)
teenwolf  derek/stiles  miss_aphelion  kidnapping  packdynamics  au:canon 
june 2016 by cunningplan
Solstice Alpha
The traditional Hale pack solstice party gets resurrected by the new and improved-from-ten-months-ago Hale pack.
Author:DiraSudis  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  WinterSolstice  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
april 2016 by Ambrosine8
Break the Lock If It Don't Fit
"Do you know what just happened?" Peter asked, frowning. "Do you know what Derek did?"

"He dislocated my shoulder," Stiles snapped, but Peter just arched an eyebrow, unimpressed by that answer.
Author:DiraSudis  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  DomesticViolence  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
april 2016 by Ambrosine8
A Wolf for Christmas
Stiles is enjoying his new-found spark powers, and has come to terms with his unrequited feelings for Derek. Mostly. But with monsters, enemies and Christmas fast approaching- who knows what will change?
Author:WordsandChocolate  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Holiday  Pining  Oblivious  BAMF!Stiles  Magical!Stiles  PackDynamics  PackFeels  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
january 2016 by Ambrosine8
Pretending is for Losers
Stiles has to go to Washington to meet some pack leader about who knows what (thanks for the rundown Scott, real helpful) and Derek has to go because, well, unmated Spark Emissary Stiles is a hot topic of discussion and Scott (oh mighty alpha dumbass) had the bright idea to have them pretend to be mated.

Stiles might actually kill him, tbh.


Derek yanks him a little, right into his lap, and noses behind Stiles' ear.

Stiles sighs and leans into him. "This is bullshit," he mutters. "Where are we going, when are we leaving?"

Scott smiles like he's been told yes, you can keep that puppy. "You'll do it?"

"As long as my dad doesn't have to know I'm fake dating the guy I've told him repeatedly I'm not with." Stiles twitches as Derek brushes a sensitive spot. "Yeah, I'll do it."
Author:Shadowsdance  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  PackDynamics  Emissary!Stiles  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
november 2015 by Ambrosine8
Cupidsbow & Ionaonie - Skyclad
In which Stiles doesn't enjoy the Hale summer party because she's wearing a dress (and Derek isn't there), and then both of those things stop being true.

A story about finding yourself, falling in love, and really good duck in plum sauce.
teenwolf  cupidsbow  ionaonie  het  derek/stiles  au:werewolves.are.known  au:nearcanon  au:stillalive  packdynamics  get.together  wc:30-40k 
september 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
JoeLawson - Wolf in the House
“What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.”

“And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly.

“And I always wanted a dog.”
teenwolf  joelawson  gen  preslash  derek/stiles  au:canon  h/c  recovery  wolf!derek  packdynamics  feral!derek  wc:30-40k 
august 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
You Are The Solution
Jackson hates being an omega (Scott keeps bragging about his beta-status, Derek keeps trying to get him to submit (which he'll *eventually* do) and Stiles seems to be the only one who isn't a total ass about it).

There are Alpha/Omega dynamics in this, but more towards the actual wolf pack positons than those of most kinks found around here. So we have semi-alpha!Stiles.
Author:ferretbaby  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Relationship:Pre-Slash  Friendship  Alpha/Beta/Omega  PackDynamics  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000  Stiles&Jackson 
august 2015 by Ambrosine8
Apathy, Apathy, You'll be the Death of Me
Everyone's apathetic. Except Derek. Derek cares so much.


Boyd is a pragmatic posthumous reappropriater, Erica spends her free time impersonating Meursault and playing Fruit Ninja, Isaac would like everyone to settle down already, Stiles is bi, Scott’s actually holding it together pretty well for a week-old Alpha with a two pack problem, Jackson’s a lizard, Lydia accessorizes, Allison’s playing on a rival (semi-murderous) team and Derek just keeps showing up.
Author:calrissian18  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Friendship  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Jealousy  Possessive  PackDynamics  ScentMarking  MonsterOfTheWeek  Pining  Oblivious  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
august 2015 by Ambrosine8

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