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Structuring Applications for Growth

Separate out your domain language in your root package
Isolate your dependencies in subpackages
Provides mocks to isolate your tests
Commands bring together dependencies
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yesterday by hellsten
maestrodev/wanton: A shrinkwrapper for Vagrant boxes into executable Java Jars.
A shrinkwrapper for Vagrant boxes into executable Java Jars. - maestrodev/wanton

I'm not sure why you would ever want this.
vagrant  java  weird  packaging 
8 days ago by po
The state of Python Packaging - package types
Some useful insights.
Some really rubbish decisions.
packaging  python  devops  pip 
8 days ago by po
The potato solution: how the Guardian switched to biodegradable packaging
Last year we used approximately 25 tonnes of plastic for wrapping, which is about half a tonne a week. We knew we had to find an alternative. The newsprint we use for newspapers, however, is more than 70% recycled, and sourced in a way that retains biodiversity, which is really important to us. The new compostable wrapping film we now use is made from waste potatoes left out of the food chain in Eastern and Northern Europe, it is processed to release the starch and manufactured into granules.
Blog  packaging  innovation 
14 days ago by jbaldwin
Webpack bundle analysis, for every commit
Analyze the webpack assets you are producing. Track your bundle size, how often they invalidate the browser's cache, and dig deeper into the makeup of any individual webpack asset.
packaging  service  github  javascript  webpack  commercial 
14 days ago by keimlink
Etee Shop — Say Goodbye to Plastic – eteeshop
Beeswax & essential oil food wraps that keep food as fresh as plastic, but without all the negative health and environmental side effects.
cooking  food  packaging  health  environment 
17 days ago by asaltydog

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