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I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.
My goal (as it turns out) is simply to point out that any site that includes third party code is alarmingly vulnerable, in a completely undetectable way.
web  security  javascript  packages 
7 days ago by mirthe
Source Repo for plumber R package (great example of bookdown)
R  api  packages  markdown 
7 days ago by eric-ruser
Upside Travel
Awesome business travel booking service. Earn $100 in gift cards when you book a travel package of $600 or more.
gifts  business  packages  travel  incentives 
11 days ago by andrewmeyers
Creating an analysis as a package and vignette
specifically about using vignettes as reports of an analysis using Rmd
r  packages 
14 days ago by garrettmd

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