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Attacks against GPG signed APT repositories - Packagecloud Blog

It is a common misconception that simply signing your packages and repository metadata with GPG is enough to create a secure APT repository. This is false. Many of the attacks outlined in the paper and this blog post are effective against GPG-signed APT repositories. GPG signing Debian packages themselves does nothing, as explained below. The easiest way to prevent the attacks covered below is to always serve your APT repository over TLS; no exceptions.

This is excellent research. My faith in GPG sigs on packages is well shaken.
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7 days ago by jm
A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.
javascript  git  npm  packages  monorepo 
10 days ago by bales
Information on Building R Packagses
This NOTE includes a bunch of URLs and other summary information
r  packages  addins  templates  usethis  package  down  pkgdown  from notes
15 days ago by bikesandbooks
Module require debugger / Observable
A tool for inspecting modules from NPM packages and reporting the possible ways to correctly import that package.
programming  javascript  dynamic  import  npm  packages  require  entry  point  modules 
17 days ago by acemarke
GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome-nodejs: Delightful Node.js packages and resources
You might also like awesome-npm. Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing. Check out my blog and say "hi" on Twitter.
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17 days ago by leninworld

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