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BundlePhobia ❘ cost of adding a npm package
Bundlephobia helps you find the performance impact of adding a npm package to your front-end bundle
bundle  javascript  performance  nodejs  npm  js  package  tool  tools  web 
19 hours ago by speckz
Spack is a package manager for supercomputers, Linux, and macOS. It makes installing scientific software easy. With Spack, you can build a package with multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers, and all of these builds can coexist on the same machine.
package  portability 
2 days ago by slowbyte
A guide to building a React component with Webpack 4, publishing to npm, with a demo on GitHub…
A guide to building a React component with webpack 4, publishing to npm, and deploying the demo to GitHub Pages
react  webpack  npm  package 
2 days ago by janvereecken
Flat — Xxyxyz
Generative infrastructure for Python

Flat is a library for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts. Its aim is to enable experimentation with and testing of unpredictable or automated processes, to inspect the beginning of the "new".
python  package  drawbot 
3 days ago by davidbenque
6. Modules — Python 3.6.8 documentation
Contrarily, when using syntax like import item.subitem.subsubitem, each item except for the last must be a package; the last item can be a module or a package but can’t be a class or function or variable defined in the previous item.
python  package  module  documentation 
5 days ago by Steve_Z
Nix: The Purely Functional Package Manager
Nix is a powerful package manager for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible. It provides atomic upgrades and rollbacks, side-by-side installation of multiple versions of a package, multi-user package management and easy setup of build environments. Read more…
Software  installer  package 
8 days ago by mortonfox

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