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a loose end or a strand
5k // Hermann calls out to him, voice sharp, “Have you never heard the story of Icarus?”

Newton’s smile doesn’t waver.

“You hate analogy, Herms.”

Hermann scowls, “Don’t call me that.”
pacificrim  p:newt/hermann  a:remusjohn  u:canon  r:pg 
23 days ago by beaulieurs
Pacific Rim - Anteverse Refugee, by Skull_Bearer Hermann/Newton
In which Hermann is something less than human, and Newton finds he doesn't mind at all.
Interesting and original.
pacificrim  hermann/newton  newton/hermann  length:50k-  xeno 
5 weeks ago by northern
tricks of ventriloquism
Jake doesn’t seem to notice; he grins and claps Hermann on the back. “It’ll be okay, Gottlieb. We already saved the world, and playing offense is easy. You’ll get your man back.” Hermann wishes he could believe that.
PacificRim  rating:teen  length:5001-10000  au:alternatetimeline 
7 weeks ago by sansets
You're Everyone That Ever Cared - Chapter 1 - riddikulusgrin (klavgavtrash) - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Newt's kind of had a thing for Hermann since the beginning of time, which is fine. He's dealing with it. Totally not pining or anything.

Only then there's the drift, and the dreams, and memories that aren't his own. And on top of everything, Hermann's started acting all un-Hermann-like.
relationship:first-time  rating:pg-13  PacificRim  newt/hermann 
9 weeks ago by distortionrock
drifting away - starkly - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Tony and Rhodey share everything. They have no secrets, haven’t since they became best friends in the Jaeger Academy, and that’s even before they started drifting together. So why the hell is Rhodey being so shifty lately? If it’s bad enough that Rhodey doesn’t want to drift with him right now, it’s got to be pretty damn bad. He just hopes it’s not friendship-ruining bad.
fic  ironman  marvel  au  pacificrim  pairing:tony/pepper/rhodey  [1-5k 
9 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Seeing in Color - what_alchemy
Legit with a dick in your pants and a foot in your mouth, legit.
fanfiction  pacificrim  newt/hermann  <10k 
10 weeks ago by heriros
Incompatibility - Chapter 1 - Rikku - Pacific Rim (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
(spoilers for Uprising)


“Hey hey heyyy. Hermann, right? Newt’s not here right now. Can I take a message?” 

Newt’s mind is corrupted. Hermann will do everything he can to help the people he cares about, because that’s what humans do.
relationship:first-time  rating:pg-13  PacificRim  newt/hermann 
11 weeks ago by distortionrock
Strong Enough - therealraewest - Pacific Rim (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"I would like to speak to Newt."

With the Precursor in captivity, nobody knows exactly how to get Newt back to his old self, if that's even possible. But Newt was always stubborn, and damn if Hermann would ever give up on him, or, worse yet, let him give up on himself.
rating:pg  PacificRim  relationship:first-time  newt/hermann 
12 weeks ago by distortionrock
it wouldn't be make believe - infinituity - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
"By the way, dude," he says, and he reaches down both to grab his notepad as well as to avoid looking at Hermann, "my parents think we're dating."

Instead of the expected angry yelling, he gets only silence in response, so he looks up to see Hermann opening his mouth to speak, reconsidering, closing it, and repeating. After several more repeats than strictly necessary, he sighs and slumps down in his seat.

"Of course they do," he says.
newt/hermann  rating:pg-13  relationship:first-time  PacificRim 
12 weeks ago by distortionrock
Pacific Rim Uprising Ripped Out Its Own Heart
EFF RIGHT OFF!! All The Nope - will watch it when it hits Netflix (if I'm bored and don't have my iPad with the original on it!)
PacificRim  DelToro  Nope!  DNW 
12 weeks ago by beckymonster
Heartlines. - lornrocks - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Newton was afraid he'd lose his wedding ring inside kaiju entrails, so he ended up tattooing a few lines of the kaiju appearance equation/a line the Jaeger OS code in a band around his finger instead of wearing one.
relationship:established  rating:pg  PacificRim  newt/hermann  fluff 
12 weeks ago by distortionrock
Seeing in Color - what_alchemy - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
The Dr. Geiszler Hermann had found in the publications — printed pages worn with constant handling and tucked into his briefcase for easy access — was an eloquent scientist whose work functioned at a level far above almost anyone else Hermann had ever encountered in the field, and yet he neither patronized his readers nor expressed himself in the inexplicable jargon which so infected much academic work. He was singular in his intelligence. Hermann thought this was a man he could understand — and who could understand him in turn.

More fool he.
relationship:first-time  newt/hermann  PacificRim  rating:r 
12 weeks ago by distortionrock
All of Your Flaws and All of My Flaws - CinnamonCake - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Hermann is still there tomorrow and the day after and Newton tries to not break his face with the door again.
rating:r  PacificRim  newt/hermann  relationship:first-time 
12 weeks ago by distortionrock
ich hasse dich - que_sera - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Hong Kong research division knows to clear out when Newt and Hermann start screaming at each other in German. Raleigh has not spent any time in the research division. He's also beginning to question his knowledge of German. For instance, did Newt really just tell Hermann he had a perfect face?
relationship:established  rating:pg  newt/hermann  PacificRim 
12 weeks ago by distortionrock

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