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fic_promptly | Thursday: Some Years Later
Pacific Rim, Any, What happens after the apocalypse is cancelled?
2018/01  PacificRim  Lonely 
2 days ago by fic_promptly
drifting away
Tony just drops his staff, not wanting to fight if Rhodey is going to keep avoiding the problem. “Rhodey, I’m serious.” “I’m serious too! Why don’t you believe me?” “Because you’re not acting like yourself!” They’re getting louder now, and a few people look over at them, but Tony ignores them all. “Don’t you trust me?” “Of course I do,” Rhodey says, taking a step closer. “Which is why I’m telling you there’s nothing wrong.” “So stop canceling our Conn-Pod test.” “I’m not canceling them for fun, Tony,” Rhodey snaps, a little annoyed now.
Marvel  IronMan  au:fusion  PacificRim  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Rhodey/Tony/Pepper 
20 days ago by sansets
rocket queens
Telepaths rose the same year as the kaiju, and the Pan Pacific Defense Corps provided a convenient way to keep both away from the general population.
babylon5 pacificrim fusion femslash rating:G
babylon5  pacificrim  fusion  femslash  rating:G 
4 weeks ago by katemonkey
The Younger Prince - Sonora - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
"Raleigh caught Yancy’s eyes over the top of her strawberry-blond head. His brother had gone flinty on him." my fave au setting: misc medieval.
fic  pacificrim 
5 weeks ago by verdaille
the last of the real ones - Anonymous - John Wick (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Tartarus only had two rules. One: fights were no-weapons, fists only; two: the fight was only over when one of them went down and didn’t get up again. The rules were simple, but the bouts were not. You either left Tartarus standing, or were carried out on a stretcher – there were no in-betweens.
fic  johnwick  au  pacificrim  pairing:gen  pairing:john/cassian  [1-5k 
7 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Fever Dream - Sonora - Pacific Rim (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Studying books, learning things, knowledge... he’d forgotten what this felt like. One thing building on another, something to be discovered instead of created, found instead of forced. Chuck reads an astronomy book one afternoon, the physics of the creation of a black hole, and finds himself crying; this is nothing he ever would have come up with on his own, or known to even wonder about."
fic  pacificrim 
9 weeks ago by verdaille
Blown by the Spring Breeze
When the Voltron paladins accidentally travel back to the year 2028, they realize this is the perfect opportunity to get advice from their childhood heroes, the jaeger pilots. Naturally, nothing goes according to plan.
voltronlegendarydefender pacificrim crossover gen rating:T
voltronlegendarydefender  pacificrim  crossover  gen  rating:T 
november 2017 by katemonkey
The Leviathans were able to be killed. It was the greatest triumph the world had seen since the Wardens managed to slay Dumat once and for all. And who had done that? Dorian of House Pavus, with his reputation for hedonism, flippancy, and selfishness, and Felix of House Alexius, who could barely light a candle with his magic. Two Tevinters, the sons of magisters, had saved the world. Watching the Magisterium and the various skeptics from the South choke on it was one of the greatest pleasures of Dorian’s entire life.
length:20001-50000  DragonAge  PacificRim  au:fusion  Bull/Dorian  rating:mature 
october 2017 by sansets
I Sang In My Chains Like The Sea
In which Bilbo is a Jaeger pilot candidate, and Middle Earth stands on the brink of destruction.
lotr  hobbit  pacificrim  crossover  au  bilbo/thorin  aragorn/arwen  legolas/gimli  action  complete  medium  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
Anteverse Refugee
In which Hermann is something less than human, and Newton finds he doesn't mind at all.
pacificrim  hermann/newton  xenobiology  angst  au  genetic!transformation  h/c  long  complete  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
however great the fear
Detailed Summary:

DCWT Folder


Designations Congruent with Things (mobi and pdf)
Out of Many Scattered Things (mobi and pdf)
Under Pressure (pdf)
Double Declutch (pdf)
Like the Twist of a Plot (pdf)
Read Receipt (pdf)
october 2017 by theautomaticlady

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