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I Sang In My Chains Like The Sea
In which Bilbo is a Jaeger pilot candidate, and Middle Earth stands on the brink of destruction.
lotr  hobbit  pacificrim  crossover  au  bilbo/thorin  aragorn/arwen  legolas/gimli  action  complete  medium  on!ao3 
yesterday by Severusslave
Anteverse Refugee
In which Hermann is something less than human, and Newton finds he doesn't mind at all.
pacificrim  hermann/newton  xenobiology  angst  au  genetic!transformation  h/c  long  complete  on!ao3 
2 days ago by Severusslave
however great the fear
Detailed Summary:

DCWT Folder


Designations Congruent with Things (mobi and pdf)
Out of Many Scattered Things (mobi and pdf)
Under Pressure (pdf)
Double Declutch (pdf)
Like the Twist of a Plot (pdf)
Read Receipt (pdf)
2 days ago by theautomaticlady
Infinite Regress, Under Duress - Chapter 1 - jamnesias - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
They don't meet, they nearly meet, they do meet, 10 years is not long enough to describe all the ways in which this is a disaster (but they definitely give it a go), and the world nearly ends before they overcome the general idiocy: a tale of optical feedback, tattoos, and spats.
pacificrim  awesome 
3 days ago by theautomaticlady
Connectivity - Archadian_Skies - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
A mission involving an eighteen hour neural bridge provides the research team an incredible opportunity to study the effects of a prolonged neural handshake on Cherno Alpha's pilots. Man and machine: where does one end and the other begin?
fic  pacificrim  pairing:aleksis/sasha  [1-5k 
6 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Affection, Approval, and a Thing For Mako Mori
Chuck thinks of it as a Mako fetish, which, as it happens, includes her toes.
pacificrim het slash threesome rating:E
pacificrim  het  slash  threesome  rating:E 
6 weeks ago by katemonkey
Situational Awareness
Herc does not recognize the fact that the majority of the Shatterdome would love to get in his pants; Newt helpfully spells it out for him.
pacificrim gen slash rating:G
pacificrim  gen  slash  rating:G 
6 weeks ago by katemonkey
tongues and quiet sighs
All in all, they get along fairly well, most of the time. If Aleksis finds himself watching Sasha with an eye that’s more appreciative than assessing at times, well, that’s his own business; Aleksis certainly isn’t going to bring it up, and if Sasha hasn’t done anything about it by now (he doesn’t fool himself that she hasn’t noticed), she probably never will.
At least, that’s what Aleksis thinks, right up until she does.
pacificrim het rating:E
pacificrim  het  rating:E 
6 weeks ago by katemonkey
Until Death Do We Part
The scientists are in awe of you two and try to decipher what makes the neural handshake so strong. “Are you sure you didn’t know each other before? Are you sure you aren’t related?” They ask, frowning and squinting to see if you're lying.
“It’s the vodka,” you say. “Our people have drunk so much vodka over the centuries that we are born with our brain half pickled. We’ve burned the same neural pathways by drinking.”
pacificrim het rating:T
pacificrim  het  rating:T 
6 weeks ago by katemonkey
A mission involving an eighteen hour neural bridge provides the research team an incredible opportunity to study the effects of a prolonged neural handshake on Cherno Alpha's pilots. Man and machine: where does one end and the other begin?
pacificrim het rating:G
pacificrim  het  rating:G 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
Libido has Nothing to do With It
After each attack he gets more tattoos, until they’re covering his whole torso. He gets looks. People stare. People assume. But he never lets himself feel ashamed of them again.
pacificrim asexuality gen rating:G
pacificrim  asexuality  gen  rating:G 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
Heeding The Call
There was a time when they were simply a courting couple, before the kaiju and the Jaegers.
A story of how the Kaidanovskys came to Cherno Alpha.
pacificrim het rating:M
pacificrim  het  rating:M 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
Don't Get Mad, Get Even
After seeing memories of Marshal Pentecost having sex with his dad, Chuck decides to get even by sleeping with Mako.
It doesn't quite go as planned. Chuck is still trying to figure out whether or not that's a bad thing.
pacificrim slash het threesome rating:T
pacificrim  slash  het  threesome  rating:T 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
In Every Person, A Universe
The Weis and the Kaidanovskys remain afloat in their half-destroyed ejection pods for eight hours, slowly bleeding out and desperate for help. Poor jokes are made, better friendships are forged, and something deep inside Cheung Wei dies.
pacificrim gen long rating:T
pacificrim  gen  long  rating:T 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
Coming In Threes
Becket walks past him to the urinal. “What I’d like more is watching you explain to the Jaegerfly why you’re wearing Mako’s panties.”
Chuck pauses with his hand on his fly. “Fuck.”
pacificrim slash het threesome rating:E
pacificrim  slash  het  threesome  rating:E 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
The Gottlieb and Geiszler Lecture Tour
The Gottlieb and Geiszler international Kaiju lecture tours prove incredibly popular after the duo's role in the closure of the Breach goes public, but Hermann is unsure of how to adjust their routine for a younger audience. After a decade of working with his colleague, it takes a grade-school-level presentation for Hermann to finally realize the depth of their trust and mutual understanding. Hermann and Newton have been holding each other up all this time, and even in times of fear, they know that hope and trust can be found in the oddest of places.
pacificrim gen rating:T
pacificrim  gen  rating:T 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
In Which Herc Hansen is in the Middle of Five Very Different Threesomes
Herc Hansen in five different threesomes, getting doublestuffed and loving every second.
pacificrim slash het threesome pegging rating:E
pacificrim  slash  het  threesome  pegging  rating:E 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey
Every Jaeger pilot agrees: drivesuit scars have to be earned.
pacificrim gen rating:T
pacificrim  gen  rating:T 
7 weeks ago by katemonkey

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