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The “United Front” Edition
"It’s sort of like, what is your stated goal here? To make people’s lives easier? Well, perhaps slamming doors, or making people dance around you, or awkwardly holding elevators for people such that they have to sidle past you like they’re crab-walking is maybe not the best way to achieve that stated goal? And you should reconsider the way that you’re going about the things that you think are important."
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The “P.S.A.” edition.
"I have a general piece of advice, for all of my listeners. Sometimes life feels bewildering and overwhelming. You might find that familiar at present. And you think, what am I doing? What’s this all building towards? What kind of world am I trying to help create or be a part of? And if you find that question to be disorienting, or distressing, or too big, or too overwhelming, I want to help you focus this, and I want you to keep your eye on the prize. And the prize is this: we need to help build the kind of world where Starfleet is going to come into existence. You all know that Starfleet was built in 2161, and the headquarters are in San Francisco, just across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is why I live in the Bay Area, because I want to be here when Starfleet starts. Make the world that Starfleet can exist in. Whatever that means for you, as you face questions, problems, choices throughout your day — ask, does this bring us slightly closer to a world where first contact with Vulcan can happen and we can establish the United Federation of Planets? Or is this taking us towards the Mirrorverse? And that’s the only question you need to ask yourself today. Help me build Starfleet; I really want to join."
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The “Line in the Sand” Edition
"Stop stressing out about it, go ahead, put them on mute, defriend them — that’s an *option to you*. You can actually just, like, cheerfully not engage with someone who *really* wants you to closely follow the ups and downs of their social life. Just don’t worry about it. This is a *non-problem*. Walk away — walk away from *everything*, guys! This is just good, general advice. Burn your house down, torch your social media accounts, put everything you own in a bindle, and just… walk the earth. That’s all you need – just a bindle, and your thoughts."
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Married to His Mom
"If you were really 'happy to help in any way if it is needed', you would have happily offered to pay the bill without being asked, which suggests to me you are being disingenuous. I hope your girlfriend breaks up with you as soon as possible. I hope she invents time travel so that she can break up with you before you tried to fob her off with 'It’s not about the money, it’s the principle of the thing, and the principle of the thing is that I don’t think I should be held responsible when my actions have consequences I don’t like,' then travels further back in time to convince your ex-wife to leave you sooner."
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