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Virtualpersonal & Brimstonegold: Yuletide Auction (AU)
The yearly Yuletide auction provides buyers with a month of companionship. Those who volunteer to be auctioned receive ample compensation to make their dreams come true. Dean is wealthy, handsome and a Duke to boot. Having won Sam Wesson at auction, he has no idea what possible complaint the strapping, sometimes disgruntled young man he’s won, harbors against him. Historical romance. Trouser-ripper. Christmas fic.(65,000 words)
author:virtualpersonal  author:brimstonegold  2016  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:hooker/stripper/porn 
june 2017 by todokanai
Wake - minchout - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Gadreel has had Sam for four years, and Dean, lost in guilt and obsessed with finding a way to get his brother back, has isolated himself in a cabin in the Missouri Ozarks with nothing but the woods, a stray dog, some chickens, and all the books the Men of Letters had to offer to keep him company. Then Sam shows up one day without his passenger, and Dean learns quickly that it doesn't matter that Sam is with him again - there is still a lot of work to be done before they can find their way back to each other.
t:fic  f:supernatural  p:sam/dean  g:establishedrelationship 
february 2016 by partypaprika
AlmostSuperWhoFan: Hot Nights in Houston (RPS-AU)
What starts out as a steamy chance encounter between a sexy blue-collar window washer and a successful Deputy DA takes a startling turn when one man's past makes an unexpected reappearance. Will Sam and Dean's fledgling relationship be strong enough to grow into something deeper and more profound when the truth comes to light? Will the two be able to keep their hands off of each other long enough to even be bothered to care? (80,000 words)
author:AlmostSuperWhoFan  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:office/business/ast 
december 2015 by todokanai
Pure_Fury: The Future is Now (AU)
The plan had been for Dean to simply pop into the past, speak to Samuel Colt and hop back. Easy-Peasy, right? Unfortunately, Castiel accidentally abandoned the hunter in the future instead. Lucky for him, he finds a friendly local, Sam, who is more than happy to help out. Past!Dean & Future!Sam. Not-Brothers. (71,500 words)
author:Pure_Fury  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic 
december 2015 by todokanai
ShadowBiscuit: X Marks The Spot (AU)
Evidently, Sam wanted a normal life. He was only fourteen, and no teenager should be locked 24/7 in their house while trained to survive in scenarios that had a very low probability of ever occurring. But that didn't seem to bother his dad, who with his paranoid mentality, militarized Sam's life, giving him little to no chance at ever experiencing what "normal" was supposed to feel like.
Then one night, his already strange life takes a turn for the worse when he gets kidnapped, plunged into the world of vile criminals, and if Sam thought he had it bad before... (157,000 words)
author:ShadowBiscuit  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:crime/thief/prison 
december 2015 by todokanai
tardistype221b: To Endure and Survive (AU)
It's 2028 and 13 years ago, when Dean was only four years old, the world was ravaged by a fungal virus that destroyed most of humanity, turning them into raging monsters. The little bit of it that's left is holed up in different quarantine zones all around the country. Dean and Sam live in the Pittsburgh Zone, trying their best to survive day to day. But the city is on the cusp of revolution and things are more desperate than ever. They need to get out. But there's one problem. Sam's infected. (The Last of Us AU). (11,900 words)
author:tardistype221b  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic 
october 2015 by todokanai
blackrose_17: It Takes a Kingdom (AU)
AU Falling in love with your bodyguard is a bad idea, but that hasn't stopped Sam from falling head over heels over his bodyguard Dean. Too bad Dean just sees him as a child. With Sam's arranged marriage growing closer, it looks to be hopeless. His friends, on the other hand, refuse to let him give up. They’re convinced that Dean feels the same way and all he has to do is admit it before Sam's wedding, so they plan on making Dean admit his love for Sam any way possible; and with the rest of the kingdom behind them Sam and Dean don't stand a chance. Enter a sleeping curse that can only be broken by true love’s kiss, how long will Dean stand back and watch others attempt to break the spell? (10,000 words)
author:blackrose_17  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:tale/historic  ++ 
october 2015 by todokanai
TwoBoys2Love: Turn Away From Evil (AU)
Based on the film "Deliver Us From Evil" which is based on a true story. New York police officer Dean Winchester investigates a series of crimes. He and his partner, Jody Mills, join forces with an unconventional priest (Sam Wesson), schooled in the rites of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city. (35,000 words)
author:TwoBoys2Love  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:movie  g:agent 
october 2015 by todokanai
therighteouswriter: A Pirate's Life for Me 'verse (AU)
Captain Dean Winchester. The mere whisper of that name was enough to chill one straight to the bone with fear. That name was synonymous with chaos, pain, death. But the murderous, thieving pirate was not the loving brother that Sam knew. He knew the warm, loving Dean Winchester who sent him half his spoils from each job he pulled, who visited him whenever he could just to check on his little brother. Or at least that’s how Sam felt up until his fifteen birthday, when Dean suddenly stopped showing up, and even stopped writting letters. Sam was hurt, and alone, and God help him, but he started to believe that maybe, just maybe, the rumors were true. Perhaps Dean Winchester really was a monster. (11,300 words)
author:therighteouswriter  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:west/pirates 
october 2015 by todokanai
Isis_McGee: Settling Down isn't Settling For (RPS-AU)
When what seems to be an apocalyptic battle results in Sam and Dean not being able to hunt anymore, the two of them have to figure out what they want to do and who they want to be. In order to do that, they have to wander a while, put some affairs in order, and admit that they ought to settle down. Dean becomes a mechanic and Sam goes back to school and amidst the adjustments, they find out that while things may change, they also stay the same. (13,000 words)
author:Isis_McGee  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:future!fic  c:curtain/domestic 
october 2015 by todokanai
firesign10: Night of the Impala (AU)
Sam Winchester is ecstatic when his older brother Adam gives him custody of Adam's '67 Impala during Adam's first semester at college. While Adam and Jessica struggle with their changing relationship, Adam's fellow college-bound friend Castiel ponders his choices during a series of misadventures, town drag-race hero Benny LaFitte faces his greatest challenge yet, and Sam cruises in the Impala and meets a handsome stranger. Based on the movie American Graffiti. (8,000 words)
author:firesign10  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:misc  g:movie 
september 2015 by todokanai
runedgirl: Out of the Darkness
The Darkness falls, leaving the world in blackness and chaos. Sam and Dean cling to each other the way they always have, struggling against not only the effects of the Darkness, but also the feelings they’ve never expressed for each other. If the world is ending, is there really any reason not to act on them? (6,500 words)
author:runedgirl  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:PostS10 
september 2015 by todokanai
virturalpersonal & brimstonegold: Some Like It Hot (AU)
Rebel fighter Dean gets more than he bargained for when he steals a starship only to find out he isn’t alone. How will he deal with a Maldevian youth in heat? (47,000 words)
author:virtualpersonal  author:brimstonegold  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:sci-fi/apocafic  ++ 
september 2015 by todokanai
TwoBoys2Love: Turn Away From Evil (AU)
Based on the film "Deliver Us From Evil" which is based on a true story. New York police officer Dean Winchester investigates a series of crimes. He and partner, Jody Mills, join forces with an unconventional priest (Sam Wesson), schooled in the rites of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city. (36,000 words)
author:TwoBoys2Love  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:agent 
september 2015 by todokanai
Sam1Dean: Fireside Tales of the Winchster Ranch (AU)
Cowboys!AU. Jensen is a rancher and Jared is a ranch hand. AU tale of angst in the saddle. (Pun fully intended). (90,000 words)
author:Sam1Dean  2011  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:west/pirates  ++ 
september 2015 by todokanai
alyssa146: Bech Alchim (AU)
Some people make their own destiny, some don’t. Sam didn’t. He never planned on getting kidnapped when he went on that vacation to India. This is a story about a boy struggling to accept his destiny and finding his place in this world. (56,800 words)
author:alyssa146  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:vampire  [DESDEAQUI] 
august 2015 by todokanai
virtualpersonal: Hunters By Land And By Sea (AU)
From the instant he realizes that the hot, spear-carrying naked man running around the bunker is not a product of his imagination, Sam’s life will never be the same. Hunters from Atlantis? Check. Actual mer people? Check. Adventures on land and in the sea? Check. Insatiable sex drives? Ah, come again? Merman!Dean/Sam (Not Bros - AU). (66,000 words)
author:virtualpersonal  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:creature/magic 
august 2015 by todokanai
AnnaNocturnal: What Part of Forever (AU)
Sam is an Alpha, like the rest of his—maybe dysfunctional—pack, until he’s kidnapped and turned into an omega as revenge for the vampire Luther’s death. After rescue, Sam is overwhelmed, his nerves chafed by his now smothering and over-protective pack. His mind is already bucking against his changing body and new instincts, but then the other shoe drops—Dean is Sam’s true fated mate. Sam bolts, taking off in the night, and ends up stuck in a backward town where omegas—particularly males—are treated as property, awarded to the last Alpha standing in a grand public spectacle of won dominance. Dean manages to find Sam in time to save him, but at what cost? (13,000 words)
author:AnnaNocturnal  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:a/b/o  ((a)) 
july 2015 by todokanai
AnnaNocturnal: The Smell of Fear (AU)
All Alphas are collared, tracked and controlled by the government as part of the Collar Initiative, a set of laws put into place in the 1960s. They temper an Alpha's wild nature, protecting omegas from their more violent counterparts. That is, until the power grid fails one day. Sam watches the chaos on the news, and it's a moment before Dean enters his mind. When he looks toward the bed his brother was lounging on, he's gone, the sight of the Alpha's abandoned collar sending chills down Sam's spine. The omega considers running, but when he turns he finds himself face-to-face with Dean, no collar between them. (5,000 words)
author:AnnaNocturnal  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:a/b/o 
july 2015 by todokanai
sanshal: Collar Control (AU)
For years Alpha-aggression has been controlled electronically... but when the power grid controlling the alpha-aggression control collars fails; Sam must decide how to deal with Dean- his alpha. (5,200 words)
author:sanshal  2015  fandom:supernatural  unread  fic  p:sam/dean  t:AU  g:a/b/o 
july 2015 by todokanai

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