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[MCU] finger tap pulses - twentytwosevens - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "The first time Peter’s timer stops he is eleven years old. It times out in the middle of the night and wakes him up like an electric shock. The blank timer stares at him from his wrist as he yells and screams for his aunt and uncle."

Spideypool AU with timers where Wade keeps getting killed and making Peter's timer go blank. By the time they meet he's pretty pissed off. This was certainly a summary with words, but they were not good ones. Based off a tumblr prompt that I cannot find anymore.
'fanfic  fandom:MCU  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson  c:peter_parker  c:wade_wilson  genre:hurt/comfort  theme:get_together  Status:Complete  length:3000-5000  rating:T  theme:soulmate_identifier(timer/name/words/etc) 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[MCU] A Hard Place - La_Temperanza - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: when Peter comes to, there's a weight pressing against his chest. A very heavy, warm, slightly moist weight.

"Don't get me wrong," the weight says, "that is indeed a gun in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you."


Or the one where Spider-Man and Deadpool are trapped in a collapsed warehouse together and hi-jinks ensue
'fanfic  fandom:MCU  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson  c:peter_parker  c:wade_wilson  genre:hurt/comfort  theme:get_together  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:hugs  Status:Complete  length:1000-3000  rating:T 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[MCU] Does This Count As A Foursome? (Hint: It Doesn't) - alphasaceraptor - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Peter and Wade stumble across each other while on seperate missions. They have to hide in a closet to avoid being discovered but they are pleasantly surprised by what happens after they are hidden.
'fanfic  fandom:MCU  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson  c:peter_parker  c:wade_wilson  !handjob  !frottage  theme:get_together  theme:eavesdropping  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:mission_fic  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[MCU] One for the Books - mokuyoubi - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: And, like, there’s a million reasons NOT to do this, primary among them the whole it’s Deadpool thing and being in a library with the police outside, but Peter has a feeling this isn’t going to take very long, and they’ve been dancing around this forever. Wade gives a roll of his hips and Peter’s hands are suddenly working without his permission, rolling up Wade’s mask until the second his mouth is visible.


Wade licks his lips, and then Peter’s back is slammed up against the bookshelf as Wade crushes their mouths together. Wade’s lips are slick with spit and rough against Peter’s, but there’s something almost reverent about his kiss, like he can’t believe he’s been allowed it. Peter holds onto Wade’s still-masked cheeks and holds him in place so he can take a moment to appreciate the feel of Wade’s full bottom lip caught between his own, and how it gives when Peter bites down.


MRA terrorists storm the library, and Peter is unreasonably jealous of how into his secret identity Deadpool seems to be.
'fanfic  fandom:MCU  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson  c:peter_parker  c:wade_wilson  !frottage  !jealous  theme:mission_fic  theme:the_big_reveal  theme:get_together  !wallsex  Status:Complete  length:3000-5000  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
Do It Yourself
“I bet you’re flexible enough to suck your own dick.” Wade plants that thought in Peter's head and he can't help where curiosity leads him.
f:spider_man  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson 
november 2015 by Altaira
You Have Been Warned
Peter is on his way home, when his bus is hijacked by bank robbers and he, along with some other innocent civilians, are taken hostage. Wade gets a bit....upset, by this.
f:spider_man  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson 
november 2015 by Altaira
Nobody Hurts My Baby Boy
The fist came down hard against Peter’s jaw, knocking his head to the side. His ears rang from the impact, and the fresh taste of blood bloomed in his mouth, a flavor he was getting thoroughly acquainted with as the brass knuckle slammed into his face again and again.
f:spider_man  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson 
november 2015 by Altaira
I'll Always Protect You
Peter had thought that the most dangerous part of his life was putting on his skintight red suit and swinging around the city with webs. He hadn't thought that his cover identity, a photographer for the Daily Bugle, would ever be more dangerous. Apparently he was wrong.
f:spider_man  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson 
november 2015 by Altaira

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!age_difference  !frottage  !handjob  !jealous  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !virgin  !wallsex  'fanfic  c:peter_parker  c:wade_wilson  f:spider_man  fandom:mcu  genre:hurt/comfort  length:1000-3000  length:3000-5000  length:5k-10k  rating:m/e  rating:t  status:complete  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:eavesdropping  theme:firsttime  theme:get_together  theme:hugs  theme:injury/disability/illness  theme:kidnapped/captured  theme:knight_in_shining_armour  theme:mission_fic  theme:soulmate_identifier(timer/name/words/etc)  theme:the_big_reveal 

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