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A Light Hits the Gloom on the Gray
Every night, Leonard follows hours of dissertation work with the graveyard shift at the campus radio station, where he answers students' idiotic questions as "Dr. Love." When someone starts calling him on a nightly basis, things become a little more interesting. Too bad the guy won't tell Leonard his name.
2014  a:withthepilot  f:startrek  g:au  g:humor  wc:5000  r:pg  p:mccoy/kirk 
february 2014 by radiophile
i am thinking it must be love
Accepting a thing and not complaining about it are two very different things. (Jim gets hurt, again, and Leonard heals him, again. Lovely gift fic for me <333)
2014  a:psikeval  p:mccoy/kirk  wc:1000  r:nc17  f:startrek  g:hurtcomfort 
february 2014 by radiophile
i know who i want to take me home
Leonard McCoy owns a bar, and Jim Kirk doesn't know how tabs work.
2013  a:beastofaburden  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg  g:au  wc:1000 
october 2013 by radiophile
Proper Motivation
Kirk has to teach McCoy why it’s in his continued interest to follow orders. (Mirror!verse)
2009  a:brighteyedjill  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  p:spock/mccoy  wc:1000  g:pwp  r:nc17  k:voyeur  k:domsub 
september 2013 by radiophile
I'd Take a Bullet Meant for Both of Us
When backed into a corner, McCoy had to make a deal with Christopher Pike, Commandant of Cadets at the Imperial Academy. If Kirk had been there, he might have been able to tell McCoy that was a mistake. Kirk, at least, had taken some tactics courses. McCoy must stumble through the consequences of his deal and strike a dangerous balance between the suspicions of two powerful men.
2011  a:brighteyedjill  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  p:pike/mccoy  p:pike/mccoy/kirk  r:nc17  wc:25000  k:domsub  k:toys  k:bondage 
september 2013 by radiophile
The Immeasurable In-Between
After Khan, Jim is in a coma for 14 days, but something has to fill the spaces left behind for McCoy: memories, dreams, and a hope for something better.
2013  a:lindmere  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  wc:20000  r:r 
august 2013 by radiophile
Mixed Signals
Jim Kirk finds himself stranded on a planet's surface when an unpredictable ion storm cuts off transporters and, apparently, communications. The ship can't hear Jim, but he can hear their transmissions... and then Leonard McCoy starts sending him messages, believing that Jim can't hear any of it.
2013  a:mijan  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg  wc:5000 
july 2013 by radiophile
Satellite Heart
For the longest time, McCoy leaves the piano in the rec room alone. Never mind that it was originally his to begin with.
2012  a:mardia  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg  wc:5000  g:fluff 
june 2013 by radiophile
Dig Them Up (Let's Finish What We Started)
Nobody tells you that coming back to life isn't easy. Jim is having trouble coping with the fallout. He's not the only one. (Post-STXII)
2013  a:canistakahari  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg13  wc:10000  g:hurtcomfort 
june 2013 by radiophile
Fine Art
Low in the Academy hierarchy, stuck with the powerful James T. Kirk for a roommate, McCoy can't always get what he wants. But if he tries, sometimes, he just might find a way to get what he needs. (Mirror!verse)
2011  a:yeomanrand  a:shinychimera  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:nc17  wc:10000  k:dubcon  g:au 
june 2013 by radiophile
Until the Morning 'verse
Behind closed doors, McCoy isn't quite as wholesome and squeaky-clean as everyone assumes he is. Kirk discovers this secret side of Bones.
2009  a:sarka  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:nc17  g:pwp  wc:15000  k:bondage  k:bdsm 
june 2013 by radiophile
Twice Shy
Bones is a werewolf. The moment he meant James Kirk, got a good whiff of his scent, he knew he was fucked. He had thought those stories about werewolves scenting their mate were all bullshit. But the stories about mating for life have got to be fake, right? Right?
2009  a:sarka  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  wc:20000  g:au  g:paranormal  k:werewolf  r:nc17 
june 2013 by radiophile
rise in perfect light
It's as if nothing ever happened, and that sets McCoy's teeth on edge like nothing else. (Post-STXII fic.)
2013  a:endquestionmark  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg  wc:5000 
june 2013 by radiophile
Someone Who Knows How to Ride
Leonard notices his roommate has been acting oddly. A little investigation leads to the show of his life. (Stripper!Jim/Bones, inspired by Magic Mike.)
2013  a:withthepilot  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:nc17  g:au  wc:5000  g:pwp 
april 2013 by radiophile
cautionary ways
Five times that Jim Kirk didn't get to sleep with his best friend, and the time he finally did.
2010  a:mardia  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg  wc:5000 
april 2013 by radiophile
Bourbon and Southern Lace
They'd still been there when McCoy had gotten out of the shower, a puddle of black against the Starfleet issued sheets.
2009  a:claire  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:crossdressing  wc:1000 
april 2013 by radiophile
O Captain, My Captain
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/346292
Twice in as many nights. He could tell Jim was going to be hard work. (... seriously, I got nothing. It's just porn.)
2009  a:oxymoronic  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:nc17  g:pwp  wc:5000 
april 2013 by radiophile
your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Leo packs them up, his hurts, his heart, locks them all behind a door he leaves charred and scarred in warning.
2013  a:gyzym  f:startrek  p:mccoy/kirk  r:pg  wc:5000 
april 2013 by radiophile

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