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Until I Saw Your Face - potentiality_26
Harry offered the first figure that came into his head. Judging from the way the boy's eyes widened, it was far too high.

He said, “I know a place,” a little too quickly. “Let me just…” He took out his phone and fired off several texts in quick succession. “One of my stepdad’s mates works in a- a hotel real close to here.” From his stutter, Harry guessed that it wasn’t a very high class establishment- but then if Harry had wanted high class he would have sought it out himself. Somewhere where they had seen everything, where they looked the other way without question- that was what Harry needed at the moment, and his knowledge of such areas in London was unfortunately lacking.

Harry just needs somewhere to lay low and patch himself up. He isn't expecting to meet someone who fascinates him, or to run into that someone again and again.
fandom:kingsman  p:eggsy/harry  wordcount:100k+  [au]  [sex-worker]  from instapaper
october 2017 by areasontofight
Patience and Sheer Determination - blacktofade
Harry goes undercover to infiltrate the circle of a corrupt overlord and is given Eggsy, a young prostitute, as a token of goodwill. Harry has to live with Eggsy and keep him safe, while maintaining his cover.
fandom:kingsman  p:eggsy/harry  wordcount:20k-50k  [au]  [slaves]  [angst]  from instapaper
october 2015 by areasontofight
the parting glass - kirkaut
The words shrivel and die between them.

Harry's chest hitches on an indrawn breath. The contours of his face are cast dramatically in the fiery hues of the street at night, highlighting the wrinkle in his forehead and the soft slope of his chin and the silvery pink of his scar.

He's beautiful, and Eggsy loves him.

“I miss you.” The confession falls. It lands heavily onto the pavement, cracking into the asphalt. “You're alive, you're right in fucking front of me, and I still miss you.”
fandom:kingsman  p:eggsy/harry  wordcount:20k-50k  [canon]  from instapaper
october 2015 by areasontofight
Reasons to Shoot a Dog - out_there - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Where rumours of Harry's death have been greatly exaggerated, Merlin doesn't know if he's Arthur or Martha (and prefers to be neither), and every agent has his own justification for the dog test. Also, Harry is not dithering over his attraction to Eggsy (no matter what Merlin claims).
f:kingsman  p:eggsy/harry  on:ao3  length:10K-20K  by:out_there  trope:amnesia 
august 2015 by cia
Bon Appétit - Galahard
“This is actually an excellent opportunity for you. Kingsman is one of the most elite cooking schools in London, and they so rarely offer evening courses like this. The fact that they were willing to work with us and allow you to attend is a miracle.”

“It’s basic though, yeah?” Basic was what he needed. He just needed to learn enough so that Deanna wasn’t eating frozen pizza or chicken nuggets every meal, and his mum wasn’t exactly in the mood to cook most days. Cooking had always been his dad’s thing, he’d been about to trade up from a sous chef to a full chef when his accident had happened.

Sure, Eggsy could eat junk all day long if he had to, but his half-sister deserved better. He could give her better.
fandom:kingsman  p:eggsy/harry  wordcount:50k-80k  [au]  [chef]  from instapaper
july 2015 by areasontofight

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