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Ansuzalgiz/B90: FN P90 inspired BOOMco. flywheel blaster
The goal of the B90 project is to make a FN P90 inspired electric flywheel BOOMco. blaster. The P90 magazine mechanism is used to fit a large ammo capacity in a compact form factor.
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october 2018 by 44sunsets
Amazon.com: DiMarzio DP209 Super Distortion P-90 Humbucker Pickup Black: Musical Instruments
This pickup is like one Dimarzio makes in a humbucker shape but for p90 route
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may 2017 by brianr
Archival Accessories | Filmoplast Tapes | Archival Methods
• Filmoplast P-90 is a self-adhesive white paper tape perfect for hinging artwork but also repairing book binding. The long-fibered material makes it durable and tear-resistant and provides a secure means to hinge even larger artwork.

• Filmoplast P-90 Plus is specifically designed for fine art hinging. The adhesive used is a refined version of that found in the original P-90, and provides better initial- as well as final-bond strength while retaining the same stable aging characteristics the entire Filmoplast line is known for.
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february 2017 by bwiese
Lenovo P90 announced with 64-bit Intel CPU, Android 5.0 Lollipop
The P90 is among the first phones to be powered by Intel’s new 64-bit Atom chip. Lenovo is expanding its currently small smartphone lineup with an impressive new device, the P90, which has been announced at CES 2015. The P90 is the only phone other than the Asus ZenFone 2 to be powered by Intel’s...

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Lenovo  P90  announced  with  64-bit  Intel  CPU  Android  5.0  Lollipop 
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