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any interest in documenting broadcast tech as well? Like 's…
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3 days ago by verwinv
Curious about social networking? Check out 's passion talk on & for a…
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3 days ago by jimpick
Curious about social networking? Check out 's passion talk on & for a…
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3 days ago by rukku
docker-transmission-openvpn/README.md at master · haugene/docker-transmission-openvpn · GitHub
Docker container running Transmission torrent client with WebUI while connecting to OpenVPN. It bundles certificates and configurations for a bunch of VPN providers and if you're using PIA as provider it will update Transmission hourly with assigned open port. Please read the instructions below, and read it again before posting an issue :)
bittorrent  docker  vpn  kodi  P2P 
4 days ago by amason
redacademy/vue-ethereum-ipfs: Web 3.0 Application Starter: Vue front-end, Ethereum / IPFS Backend
vue-ethereum-ipfs - Web 3.0 Application Starter: Vue front-end, Ethereum / IPFS Backend
ethereum  p2p  ipfs  app 
4 days ago by fiatjaf
Peer-to-Peer web / Berlin
User-facing decentralized networks creating community [e.g. underground torrent sites with unique visual identities and curation]
Mat Dryhurst: SAGA [distribution of creative work]
Beaker Browser author on the shortcommings of the traditional model: Clients have the right to connect, and to filter results - servers have the right to publish - platforms allow us to publish, but at a cost
Building hyper-specific communities around secret URLs
Uptime issues: if you close your laptop and nobody else is seeding... hashbase.io, routers in the future?, Idea: liking should automatically be re-hosting other peoples content [API?]
beaker  p2p  internet  decentral  federated  matdryhurst  jonkyle  berlin 
7 days ago by gohai
Introducing Livepeer — A Decentralized Live Video Broadcast Platform and Crypto Token Protocol
Today I am excited to announce the Livepeer Project. We believe that every person should have access to a platform to share their voice, and in today’s day and age, live video is increasingly…
blockchain  live  peer  stream  streaming  video  p2p  decentralized 
10 days ago by ference

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