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Meet the experts making digital encryption easy for everyone - The Globe and Mail
This new reality has spawned – or perhaps more accurately, accelerated –– the development of apps and services promising secure, encrypted and private communication. The question is, how do we get these tools into the mainstream? And more importantly, how can less savvy users know what to trust? Perhaps one answer is to make encryption invisible, so that most users won’t even know there’s strong encryption happening at all.
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20 days ago by lindsay
Major Free Speech Court Victory in Brooklyn Bridge Occupy Mass Arrest Class Action | PCJF
RT : Appeals Court sides with 700 protesters trapped on Brooklyn Bridge; says class action against NYPD can proceed
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4 weeks ago by kitoconnell
No Cookies | Herald Sun
Those who ordered removal of protester’s dress ‘should be shot’, says shocked Justice
Australia  police  ows  from twitter
4 weeks ago by kitoconnell
Ray Kelly Thinks Police In Ferguson Are Out Of Hand
Pretty bad when 's Notorious Former Top Cop/ repression fame Thinks Is Out Of Hand
OWS  NYPD  Ferguson  from twitter
4 weeks ago by jstone12
Policing by consent
Policing by consent: 1) professional not volunteer 2) civilian not paramilitary 3) accountable to the public
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4 weeks ago by ericaheinz
Twitter / Occupy007: @justinwedes, remember how ...
Been watching Justin Wedes' Twitter mentions since he shut down the . It's not pretty.
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5 weeks ago by kitoconnell

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