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Will Elon Musk's 120-hour week stop us worshipping workaholism? | Technology | The Guardian
But while you can take the engineer out of the workplace, you can’t stop them being an engineer, and there is a risk that work/life balance becomes just another thing to optimise for peak performance.

“If you look in the Silicon Valley culture – and this also extends to many corporations,” says Spicer, “executives there are not just obsessed with making their work more productive, but with making their whole life more productive. So they spend a huge amount of time thinking and talking and engaging with these questions about how do you eat in the most efficient way, how do you exercise in the most efficient way, how do you take all these little parts of your life and make them more efficient?”
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12 weeks ago by petej
“The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares” | Stanford Graduate School of Business
More for the "modern work is not good for you" file. Interesting notion is that the thing that will change this is when people start suing, which is, as ever, depressing.
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march 2018 by mr_stru
MurderedByWords: Academic Overwork edition
I tell my graduate students not to trust data from an unrepresentative non-random sample of 30 with a tiny response rate (5%), an unreliable measure (self-reported hours) and where response bias is likely (workaholics more likely to participate, and more likely to exaggerate)
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february 2018 by neomindryan

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