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Legislators Narrowly Override Sununu's Biomass Veto, But Fall Short On Net Metering | New Hampshire Public Radio
New Hampshire’s timber industry scored a major victory today as legislators narrowly voted to overturn Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill subsidizing biomass plants.
nhpr  biomass  legislation  sununu  veto  override 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
Valley News - N.H. Legislature Overrides Sununu on Biomass Bill
After heavy lobbying from both sides, New Hampshire lawmakers on Thursday overrode Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a biomass bill that supporters argue will save thousands of jobs and help prop up the forestry and wood-chip industry.
valleynews  biomass  legislation  sununu  veto  override 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
Unfortunate override: Biomass wins, solar loses | New Hampshire
The Legislature split the difference last week in handing out corporate welfare paid for by New Hampshire ratepayers.
UnionLeader  editorial  biomass  legislation  sununu  veto  override 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
NH House Overrides Four Of Governor Sununu’s Vetos – NH LABOR NEWS
Yesterday the NH House convened a special session to vote whether or not to override the Governor’s vetos on a handful of bills.  The one most people are talking about is the Governor’s veto of SB 365, the “Biomass” bill.
nhlabornews  biomass  legislation  sununu  veto  override 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
GOP House member presses wrong button and Sununu veto is overridden with no votes to spare | New Hampshire
A fierce lobbying campaign by wood energy advocates had the desired effect on Thursday, as lawmakers in the House and Senate voted to override Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill designed to help sustain the state’s six wood-burning power plants and the forestry industry.
UnionLeader  biomass  legislation  sununu  veto  override 
september 2018 by eversourcenh

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