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[Inside Intercom] The Orange Juice Test
propose a task you know to be extremely difficult but possible, and then measure the candidate’s reaction. If they are defeatist (“That can’t be done!“) or deluded (“I’d code that in a weekend“) then that’s what you’d be hiring.
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(3) What does the EY Riverview Law deal mean for EY, Riverview, law department customers, Elevate and law firms? | LinkedIn
For those who have asked me what I think this means for law firms, this is just one more step by the Big 4 into the upper-mid segment of the legal services market, playing to their strengths with the CFO, offering an alternative to law firms for work that benefits from streamlined/productized capabilities, e.g. M&A (and post M&A re-orgs and integration); commercial contracting, (rev rec and info sec); and compliance (such as GDPR or whatever is next for GDPR). Initially customers will be mostly outside the US, but even today with implications for US-headquartered companies. The top 50 or so law firms won't be materially affected by this market shift even as it gathers pace over time, but the AmLAw 51-200 will be. The CFO and audit committee have lots of influence on this work, and Legal, whether in-house or firm, is often reactive and often emphasizes individual expertise rather than systems that deliver outcomes. While GC will be unhappy to be nudged by the CFO to use the Big 4 for this kind of legal work, they’re increasingly not going to fall on their sword to oppose it.
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11 days ago by JordanFurlong
This company outsources customer service back to the customer • Bloomberg
Olga Kharif:
<p>Two years ago, when news broke that a 2012 hack of LinkedIn had compromised 117 million users’ passwords, instead of the 6.5 million previously reported, the site got a few extra questions. Almost overnight, customer service cases rose 1,300 percent. It would have taken 15 weeks, LinkedIn Inc. says, for staffers to address them all. Instead, the company resolved the caseload in about one-third the time by using Directly, software that connects distressed customers with other, more knowledgeable customers.

Using these amateur experts, LinkedIn paid about $2 a pop for answers to easy customer questions about what had happened or protective measures to take, says Andy Yasutake, who oversees LinkedIn’s customer service IT and operations. “It was worth it,” he says. When internal staffers do the same thing, it typically costs $6 to $7. (The staffers, though, get higher ratings from customers.) LinkedIn has since made Directly Software Inc.’s system a permanent feature for many paying customers. “We saw this as an alternative to outsourcing,” Yasutake says.</p>

Neat idea.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Why Your Office Should Outsource Document Scanning
Outsourcing document scanning can save your office a lot of time and space while boosting daily productivity. Learn about more reasons why your office should outsource document scanning:
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