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he's been dead for years - cassowarykisses - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
In 1988, 8-year-old Peter Quill vanished from the hospital where his mother lay dying. Despite a massive manhunt through the surrounding woods, no trace of him was ever found.

or, r/UnresolvedMysteries discusses the Quill cold case.
fic  f:Marvel  f:MCU  f:GotG  gen  epistolary/document-fic  short  'ao3  outsiderpov 
4 days ago by esther_a
out of my head - Chapter 1 - Nonymos - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
A little POV Outsider ficlet, because I love POV outsider in general but I love it even more when the characters being Observed From The Outside are all complete fuckin' weirdos. :D
venom  eddie/venom  eddie/venom/anne/dan  outsiderpov 
12 days ago by themadstork
Fahye: Untitled (Kings, Jack/David, ficlet set after Single Use Weapon)
The court session had gone an hour longer than anticipated, and Ruth’s back was beginning to ache from standing, alert and watchful, in her place near the door.
fic  kings  david/jack  futurefic  outsiderpov  ficlet  established 
4 weeks ago by elise.grey
They Do That Sometimes - nagi_schwarz - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Dave Sheppard's girls are kidnapped. John Sheppard and his team - and the dubiously-humored Dr. Daniel Jackson - show up to help. Gun fights and car chases ensue.
sga  outsiderPOV 
5 weeks ago by meelie
Lucky Man - Lewis (TV) [Ao3]
So she was stuck in an empty office, twiddling her thumbs and switching between feeling guilty for doing nothing and feeling bored. What sort of a name was Hathaway anyway? She knew there was an Anne Hathaway, wife of Shakespeare. Then there was the other Anne Hathaway, who was a real looker and famous for no knickers at some red carpet event. Lammy presumed that DI Hathaway wore knickers, and probably didn’t know Shakespeare personally. After four hours of logging onto her computer and messing around with all the new employee orientation files that made her brain want to die she decided she had earned a coffee and headed off to the canteen.
Lewis  JamesHathaway  RobbieLewis  LauraHobson  outsiderpov  JamesHathaway/RobbieLewis  ygren  fic 
6 weeks ago by greenapricot
orangememory - Beautiful Stranger
Something about this new woman who makes the Ice Prince smile feels rather off to Xiao Ying. The maid's eyes sharpen. Finally, after years, she has something of worth to report to Banruo Jie-Jie.


A new Consort enters the Jing Manor, raising the suspicions of one Xiao Ying, senior maid and Hua Spy.
nirvanainfire  orangememory  meichangsu/jingyan  au:canon  au:differentsex  outsiderpov  wc:5-10k 
6 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
astolat: Excessively Clever (Transformers Generation One, Optimus Prime/Megatron)
“Don’t let this become one of the occasions you get excessively clever, Swindle," Megatron said. "My patience for the current situation is *highly limited*.”
fic  transformers  optimusprime/megatron  voyeurism  outsiderpov 
7 weeks ago by elise.grey
The New York Job - seraphina_snape
When one of Nana's foster kids is arrested close to Christmas, Hardison, Parker and Eliot rush to help.

The job takes them to New York City where Harold Finch and John Reese have just gotten a new number: that of one Alice White, bookkeeper. [15,254 words]
leverage  personofinterest  crossover/fusion  gen  seraphina_snape  secrets  family  outsiderpov 
7 weeks ago by cunningplan
ophelia_interrupted - The Sith Who Brought Life Day
An Imperial officer loses a bet and has to get Darth Vader a present for Life Day.
starwars  ophelia_interrupted  gen  era:originaltrilogy  outsiderpov  wc:10-20k 
9 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
Through the Tunnel - whitedandelions - Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away [Archive of Our Own]
Miho would be more surprised that there’s a boy waiting outside their school gates that looks like an idol, except, of course he would be waiting for Chihiro, and of course he would be head over heels for her.
fic  f:Spirited_Away  het  s:Haku/Chihiro  futurefic  outsiderpov  short  yuletide  'ao3 
11 weeks ago by esther_a
Read My Lips - binz, shiplizard - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The AU where Eddie Brock is a lipstick model, except not an AU.

Venom is Helpful.

Pepper has heard this YouTuber's voice somewhere before.
fic  id:binz  id:shiplizard  f:Marvel  f:Venom  f:Ironman  s:Eddie/Venom  outsiderpov  short  'ao3  movie-verse 
12 weeks ago by esther_a
twice the heart - taizi - Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends [Archive of Our Own]
While getting Natsume to admit to anything more than “school was okay” is like pulling teeth, Nishimura is an eager conversationalist, and launches into charming anecdotes of countryside shenanigans with very little prompting on Shuuichi’s part.

In two hours, Shuuichi has learned Natsume’s favorite color, his least favorite food, the title of a book series he’s been binge-reading for the last two weeks, and the entire story of how he and Taki and Kitamoto all got stuck up the same tree. That’s more than he’s learned from Natsume in almost a year.

Perhaps most remarkably, Natsume doesn’t mind at all. He watches Nishimura the way Shuuichi has seen people watch their favorite part of their favorite movie, every now and then smiling in a faint, knee-jerk way that says he’s unaware his mouth moved at all.

Ah, Shuuichi thinks gleefully. So that’s it.
fic  f:NatsumeYuujinchou  slash  s:unspecified  outsiderpov  fluff  'ao3  short 
12 weeks ago by esther_a
Coign of Vantage by ultrapsychobrat
He was nervous--stomach aquiver, hands shaking; and determined--smile in place... He stopped outside the squadroom, staring through the glass doors...

"You takin' tickets or somethin'?"

He whirled, coming face-to-face with a pair of impatient blue eyes. "Oh, no...I...I'm sorry." He stepped away from the doors, and the dark-haired man brushed past him, an exasperated look on his face.

"You'll have to excuse him. Had a bad night. Can I help you? I'm Sgt. Hutchinson."

He looked into another pair of blue eyes, lighter than the first and much friendlier. Hutchinson? He glanced through the glass again, finding the other man seated on the far end of one table... Starsky? Starsky and Hutch-- He beamed at the blond cop and extended his hand. "Richard Ashley, new man."

Hutchinson's handshake was firm and welcoming. "Glad to meet you. First day?"

Alt link: http://starskyhutcharchive.net/viewstory.php?sid=203
a:ultrapsychobrat  Starsky&Hutch  outsiderPOV  FANFIC  medium:6.000-20.000  @AO3  gen 
december 2018 by endeniem
slow increments
Peter is enigmatic, egotistical, sometimes barely sane. He's sharp and cutting and takes more time to care for the pack than anyone.

And sometimes, John catches him watching Stiles.
Author:Areiton  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  CharacterStudy  Relationship:Developing  OutsiderPOV  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
december 2018 by Ambrosine8
nineveh_uk: In the Studio
The crowd in the stadium only had to scream their enthusiasm, the poor commentators in the TV studio had to try and make sense of what they were seeing... It's the end of a long second day at the Cup of China.
fic  yurionice  slash  victor/yuuri  outsiderpov  fakemedia  humor  <5K  +2017-03 
november 2018 by spatz
cesare: icebreaker
Yuuri's husband is possibly not as oblivious as he seems, because he grins and asks, "Have you never looked up Yuuri?"

"There's a porn actress with the same name who went into politics," says Nate, "so she's most of the results, and some stuff about figure skating."

"Some stuff about figure skating," Victor says ruefully to Yuuri.
fic  yurionice  slash  victor/yuuri  outsiderpov  postcanon  humor  marriage  college  <10K  +2017-02 
november 2018 by spatz

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