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Everything I know about getting links | Manyminds
Raise your hand (metaphorically is probably less weird) if you still work with brands, or are a brand, who actively have links as an objective of activity? If your hand is not raised, stop reading now and feel delighted. If it is, then, me too. It’s a big point of contention in the industry at
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12 days ago by foss99
Publications | Free Full-Text | Getting Scientists Ready for Open Access: The Approaches of Forschungszentrum Jülich | HTML
Many scientific institutions are faced with the question of how they should inform their scientists and scientific coordinators about the option of publishing open access. This task is one that libraries have taken upon themselves: libraries are familiar with the market participants and have years of experience in teaching information and publication literacy. This case report looks at two approaches taken by the Central Library of Forschungszentrum Jülich in 2017. It highlights the motivation, ...
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6 weeks ago by marlened
Our newest paper describing a role-playing scenario we use in our water quality educational project is ou…
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11 weeks ago by ebuchholtz
Thread by @patio11: "This is pretty much exactly how I did prospecting back in the day, although I'd probably position that last-stage-before-contract "
This is pretty much exactly how I did prospecting back in the day, although I'd probably position that last-stage-before-contract as either a "scoping session" or "proposal" rather than "complimentary consultation." You want the client to be sufficiently onboard with paying.
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12 weeks ago by planeth
How Black Twitter and other social media communities interact with mainstream news
A new report by Knight Foundation explores how social media subcultures — Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter, and Asian American Twitter — interact with the news.
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march 2018 by danamuses

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