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serviced/utils.go at 4a948648f56697b8514cd8424bf0f53b826293eb · control-center/serviced
Serviced is a PaaS runtime. It allows users to create, manage and scale services in a uniform way. - control-center/serviced
golang  net  address  outgoing 
10 weeks ago by thayward
Generating Outgoing URLs in Views in ASP.NET MVC – chsakell's Blog
Almost all MVC Web applications allow users to navigate from one View to another, usually relying on including links in the first View which eventually targets the action method that generates the second. Using simple anchor HTML elements “a” and targeting it’s “href” attribute to a specific controller’s action, maybe seems a good and an obvious solution but it can be dangerous choice.
mvc  outgoing  urls 
september 2019 by vegarev
ASP.NET MVC basics: outgoing URLs - Matt Randle - Matt Randle
This blog post is an explanation of the different ways of generating outgoing URLs in an MVC application and the  pros/cons of each approach. By outgoing URLs, I mean URLs that you include in your MVC views that point to the public URLs in your MVC app – most commonly for hrefs in <a> links and action attributes in <form> tags.
mvc  outgoing  urls 
september 2019 by vegarev
MAMP & MAMP PRO: How to: Sending Emails with MAMP PRO
a mamp blog help page article showing how to configure mamp pro to use the php function 'mail()'. Dead easy, go to Server -> Postfix
I think Postfix is an Apache thing which Mac has built in by default.
mamp  pro  email  mail()  postfix  send  form  mail  php  function  server  domain  outgoing 
october 2018 by piperh
How to Auto Use Different Fonts for Different Accounts when Sending Email in Outlook
If you have configured several email accounts in your Outlook and would like to use different fonts in outgoing emails as per different email accounts used for sending, you can utilize the approach introduced in this article.
Different  Fonts  for  Accounts  Email  Outgoing  Emails  outlook  VBA  recover 
july 2017 by DataNumen
PMs #tribute #to #outgoing #Plaid #Cymru #parliamentary #leader➟ http://t.co/t4xuVSy0G2

— Gi Ma (@gima2327) April 4, 2015
IFTTT  Twitter  outgoing  leader  Elfyn  tribute  Cymru  to  parliamentary  Plaid  Llwyd 
april 2015 by heyyouapp

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