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UKH Articles - You Don't Always Need All The Gear
For each item, you either have it or you don't, and hence the question 'am I fully equipped?' is far easier to quantify than 'am I acting appropriately with respect to my limits?'
mountains  outdoors  Gear  maps  navigation  safety 
7 days ago by pozorvlak
In the Kingdom of the Bears | Hakai Magazine
lovely long read about the deeply intertwined history of humans and bears
Outdoors  biology  history 
9 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The 6 Best Daypacks for Hiking
Along with sturdy footware, the daypack is the most essential piece of equipment for hiking. These are the best available.
outdoors  hiking  backpack  gearpatrol  guide 
13 days ago by geglover
Kelly Kettle
The Kelly family in Ireland pioneered the development of the Kelly Kettle camping kettle and now, for over 100 years, the unique Kelly Kettle has made boiling water in the outdoors quick and easy - even in extreme weather conditions.
camping  shopping  outdoors  cooking 
14 days ago by squishyrobot
Ghillie Camping Kettles
Wood Fired Kettles for Hiking, Fishing, Hunting & Camping
outdoors  shopping  camping  cooking 
14 days ago by squishyrobot
Erynne M Gilpin & #indigenouswomxnclimb
indigenous  outdoors  bc  canada  land_based_ed 
16 days ago by nicholassenn
Iconic Kiwi Clothing Brand| Oilskin Vests & Jackets | Fleece Clothing

Swanndri Men's Original Wool Bushshirt with Lace-up front
clothes  clothing  outdoors  anorak  nz 
19 days ago by schwarz

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