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McKINLEY Rubber Tips | Sport Chek
Fits Leki poles! Not as nice as the nordic walking feet but great for the price!
nordicwalking  outdoors 
yesterday by shadowspar
The 10 Pieces of Gear Every Trekker Needs • Gear Patrol
After hiking 125 miles in just over 50 hours, endurance athlete Rory Bosio knows what you need to survive any hike. Here are her 10 picks when she heads out into the wild.
outdoors  hiking  hikers  gearpatrol 
8 days ago by geglover
Group Planning Tools for Potlucks, Trips, and Events | prep.a.trip
Prep.a.Trip eliminates spreadsheets, email chains, and calculators.
Spend less time organizing and more time living!
walking  outdoors  tools 
10 days ago by mandarine
How to Make a Cornhole Game | The Art of Manliness
If you’re having a BBQ this summer, you’ll probably ensure your guests’ thirst stays slaked by stocking a big cooler full of soda and beer. While there’s obviously not much to that, there are in fact less and more effective ways of making sure these drinks are cold and accessible. The less effective way is …
outdoors  summer  game  artofmanliness  cornhole 
10 days ago by geglover
Topo Designs
Backpacks, bags, and apparel for anywhere on your map.
outdoors  accessories  clothing  fashion  shopping  bags  camping  cool 
18 days ago by squishyrobot

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