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Ultra-marathon Runner Reviews the Garmin Instinct Outdoor GPS Smartwatch
The Garmin Instinct retails for SGD 499, yet claims to have many of the features of Garmin’s flagship outdoor wearable Fenix series. It’s marketed as a rugged outdoor adventure watch, built to US Military Standard 810G, to endure high and low temperatures, impact, and immersion. You’re here because you’ve heard of the Instinct, and want...

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Ultra-marathon  Runner  Reviews  the  Garmin  Instinct  Outdoor  GPS  Smartwatch 
4 days ago by vrzone
How to Increase the Value of Your Home with the Right Fence
A strong fence can also ensure your privacy as you relax and enjoy your outdoor living areas. In addition to all of this, however, the right fence can help you increase the value of your home and property.
fence  outdoor  living-area 
7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Surfdome | SURF, SNOW, SKATE Clothing & Equipment
Over 300 Surf, Snow, Skate and Outdoor brands with FREE DELIVERY* available on clothing, footwear, accessories & equipment.
outdoor  clothes  fashion  shopping 
11 days ago by matthojo
Taco Bell's new billboard dispenses nacho cheese | Marketing Dive
Taco Bell Canada is debuting a billboard that dispenses nacho cheese, referred to as the "Cheesiest Billboard," to celebrate the launch of its Nacho Cheese Naked Chicken Chalupa, which features a shell made from crispy chicken, according to a press release.
The billboard will go live on Jan. 19 next to Taco Bell's flagship Queen West location in Toronto. 
Fans are encouraged to visit the billboard and bring any item they want to add cheese to. At the activation, Taco Bell will also hand out a limited number of free samples of the new chalupa menu item.
food  outdoor  stunts 
14 days ago by dancall
Four men with a ladder: the billboard campaigners battling Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
There are three other men here, dressed in hoodies, lumberjack shirts and beanies, lurking around and admiring the work. Their work – because Richard, Adam and Chris are three of the four key people behind Led By Donkeys, the remainer guerrilla activists highlighting the hypocrisy and lies of politicians by posting their damning quotes on billboards around the country. Less guerrilla now, actually: they’ve gone legit, this hoarding is paid for. Before, they just took them over. The reason it is going up so early is because that’s when Dave operates, mainly for parking reasons. Still, Richard, Adam and Chris are not their real names; they don’t want to be identified.
brexit  politics  outdoor  advertising  stunts 
15 days ago by dancall
Brick Pics! Lego Cafe Pops Up In Central London | Londonist
It took six builders 236 hours and 48,627 bricks to build this pop-up Lego Cafe — 'The Coffee Chain' — on the South Bank.
toys  outdoor  stunts  kids  food  pop-up 
15 days ago by dancall
Pure Outdoor by Monoprice
Cheap outdoors stuff that's pretty sick
cooler  outdoor  camping 
16 days ago by hisnameisjimmy
So schützt Du dein Smartphone beim Wandern vor Kälte - Hiking Blog
Im Winter zu Wandern hat seinen ganz besonderen Reiz: Der Schnee dämpft jedes Geräusch und nur das Knirschen der eigenen Schritte im Schnee ist zu hören.
outdoor  wandern 
18 days ago by fwhamm
How Your Outdoor Job Can Benefit From An Office Trailer
A temporary office trailer has many benefits for an outdoor job, as it can provide a safe, secure, and comfortable space for you and your employees to work regardless of the weather and increase productivity. Learn more about how your outdoor job can benefit from an office trailer.
outdoor  office-trailer  job 
21 days ago by Adventure_Web

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