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Collaborative editing
ProseMirror has built-in, ground-up, rock solid support for collaborative editing, where multiple people work on the same document in real time.

Extensible schemas
Document schemas allow editing documents with a custom structure without writing your own editor from scratch.

A modular architecture makes sure you only load the code you need, and can replace parts of the system as needed.

A plugin system allows you to easily enable additional functionality, and package your own extensions in a convenient format.
OUxml  OU2.0  editor  textEditor  md 
8 weeks ago by psychemedia
Deploying a containerized JupyterHub server with Docker · OpenDreamKit
This looks like it could be worth trying out... Deploying a Containerized Jupyterhub Server with Docker
juoyterhub  docker  deployment  todo  toplaywith  OU2.0 
november 2018 by psychemedia
ChrisKnott/Algojammer: An experimental code editor for writing algorithms
looks fun - algojammer - sort of debugger, sort of code visualiser / tutor [@logicMachines ]
codeTutor  OU2.0  IoC  debugger  codeVisualiser 
october 2018 by psychemedia
Front Matter
Nice - interactive textbook for learning SQL... QUestion is - do these inline activities wo…
sql  textbool  tutorial  OU2.0 
september 2018 by psychemedia
Seeing Theory
neat interactive online text on probabilities
OU2.0  interactive  probability 
august 2018 by psychemedia

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