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The Talk, by Sineala
Summary: Even in a world where police officers bond psychically with wolves, Fraser's bond with his wolfbrother is unique, leaving them isolated, shunned by most wolves. It isn't until he meets Ray Kowalski that Fraser realizes he might not be entirely unwelcome.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  chr:diefenbaker  rt:teen&up  wc:2k  f:iskryne.saga  th:mindmeld\soulbond  th:crossover\fusion  a:sineala  y:2014 
december 2016 by adastra03
Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps, by etcetera_cat
Excerpt: The thing about Ben, Diefenbaker reflects, is that whilst he seems to have an almost unnatural aptitude for human languages, when it comes to speaking Canine (whether the sparse elegance of the tundra language used by the wolves; the conversational equivalent of gargling raw sewage that passes for communication in certain districts of Chicago; or, indeed, any of the hundred dialects in between) the poor man is only just above the level of the average unilingual tourist.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  chr:diefenbaker  rt:teen&up  wc:u  a:etcetera-cat  y:2006 
october 2014 by adastra03
Summer in the City, by aerye
Excerpt: And Fraser—Fraser was perched on the edge of the fountain, his pants rolled up to the knee and his feet in the water. His braces were still over his shoulders and he was getting sunburned on his back and shoulders. He was eating something, and as Ray got closer he realized it was a snow cone. Dief sat next to him, obviously just out of the water, and he looked up and wagged his tail as Ray drew near.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  rt:not.rated  wc:u  a:aerye 
may 2014 by adastra03
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, by exeterlinden
Excerpt: When Fraser asks him how he is, Ray tells him that he misses him. It makes him feel weird, and he wonders what Fraser makes of it. Does he even notice or think about it? Because Ray doesn't know what it's like up there in Canada, but in Chicago, that's something a husband and a wife would say to each other when they're apart: "How are you honey?" "I miss you." Something like that. He's not saying that - whatever it is he's not saying - he's just saying that an old cop partner might feel it, and might slip it into conversation: "My new partner is a dork, sure ain't like the old days, Fraser." Like that. That'd be alright, that'd be buddies. This... This, he feels kind of weird saying, kind of clingy.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  rt:mature  wc:8k  a:exeterlinden  y:2006 
may 2014 by adastra03
Bar None, by Speranza
Summary: Ray wasn't sure that he really knew this guy in the pale blue sweater--but man, he sure liked the way he smiled.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  rt:teen&up  wc:5k  a:speranza  y:2005 
january 2014 by adastra03
Bent, by brooklinegirl
Summary: "You, my friend, lie about everything," said Ray.
ty:fic  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  f:due.south  rt:mature  wc:4k  a:brooklinegirl  y:2005 
august 2013 by adastra03
Christmas Present, by Dira Sudis
Summary: post-Good for the Soul, Fraser discovers that he didn't get off as lightly as he thought.

Excerpt: Ray grinned. "Hey, it'd be a hell of a time trying to get you to fall in love with me if you were in Canada and I was still in Chicago. I didn't give up on your kidney, Fraser, and I'm not giving up on your heart."
f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  ty:fic  rt:teen&up  wc:3k  a:dirasudis  y:2010 
june 2012 by adastra03
Chicago Winter: Night, by Nifra Idril
Excerpt: He doesn´t like to think of people being meat, and bones, and whatever the hell else is in there. He doesn´t like to try and chart out his own insides, either, because it makes him feel small and strange. Sometimes, he just thinks his body is this shell that holds him – his soul, his heart, whatever – in, so that he doesn´t burst out into some kind of weird human supernova.
f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  ty:fic  rt:not.rated  wc:u  a:nifraidril 
march 2012 by adastra03
catch my troubled head, by nifra idril
Summary: “I want to stay,” Ray didn’t say.
“Please stay,” Fraser didn’t ask him.
f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  ty:fic  rt:not.rated  wc:u  a:nifraidril  y:2005 
march 2012 by adastra03
Heavy Bag, by Kat Allison
Ray goes to the gym to get his head together. Beautiful prose.

Excerpt: Ray's always made sense of the world through his body, and it's not something he can explain or that words can make sense of. It's like the way bats fly at night with their ears instead of their eyes; Ray moves, into the shadowy places of life, and the feel of that motion, the way it reverbs off everything around him, tells him where he is and what to do. He moves, he keeps moving, and the words come later, they're just the froth spun off by the churn of his motion through life.
f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  ty:fic  rt:explicit  wc:u  a:katallison 
february 2012 by adastra03
Out Here, by here's luck
Summary: I swear that I am working on what keeps me miles away.

Gorgeous. Spectacular music and first-rate vidding technique. This is Fraser.
chr:benton.fraser  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  th:gutpunch  ty:vid  v:heresluck 
november 2011 by adastra03

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