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Well water users warned after Air Force Academy finds toxic level of firefighting chemical
Air Force Academy firefighters training a quarter century ago released a torrent of toxic perfluorinated chemicals that seeped into groundwater and flowed into Monument Creek, a 15,000-page Air Force report released Friday shows.

A series of tests by Air Force researchers showed groundwater had 1,000 times the level of perfluorinated compounds considered safe by state and federal regulators. Records on the training that used firefighting foam loaded with the chemicals are spotty to nonexistent at the academy, the report said, but hazy recollections of the training, which ran from the late 1980s to the early 1990s at the pit, less than 100 yards from the creek, led to the recent tests.

Colorado’s health department on Friday recommended that anyone who uses groundwater south of the academy who hasn’t had their well tested should switch to bottled water. The same holds true for anyone whose wells exceed the EPA’s health advisory of 70 parts per trillion after testing.
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16 hours ago by dchas
BREAKING: Office Building Evacuated Due to Reported Chemical Spill
An office building in Virginia Square has been evacuated after a reported chemical spill in the building.

Firefighters — including hazmat teams and medics — responded to the Ballston Gateway building at 3865 Wilson Blvd around 1:45 p.m., for a report of up to 20 people suffering medical symptoms after a coolant tower leaked chemicals into the building’s penthouse.

The building was evacuated amid a large fire department response, which is currently blocking at least one westbound lane of Wilson Blvd.

Some office workers on lower floors of the building have since been let back in. First responders on the scene radioed fire dispatch to report only a couple of people with minor symptoms, including eye irritation and nausea. There’s no word yet on which chemical might have leaked.
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yesterday by dchas
No lesson learnt
t seems the lessons have not learnt been yet. Six months have passed since the devastating Chawkbazar fire, and Old Dhaka is still sitting on a ticking time bomb as chemical warehouses continue to operate -- mostly in residential buildings -- due to lack of action by the authorities concerned.

What’s more frustrating is that families of the victims who lost their lives in the chemical blaze, have not received any financial assistance till date, despite promises made by authorities.

Once a crowded place, Chawkbazar’s Churihatta has become quiet, as the fire changed the landscape of the neighbourhood with Haji Wahed Mansion [from where the fire started] still being considered hazardous. Locals fear it may collapse anytime.

A three-storeyed building, opposite to Haji Wahed Mansion, was also damaged in the incident, .
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4 days ago by dchas
Crews cap gas leak in Fort Lauderdale – WSVN 7News
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Crews have capped a gas leak in Fort Lauderdale after a construction crew accidentally hit a line.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene at Northeast First Avenue and Fifth Street, at around 10:30 a.m., Saturday.

According to fire officials, a construction crew accidentally hit a gas line.
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6 days ago by dchas
Dozens of Workers Evacuated Following Release of Hazardous Fumes
Oxnard, CA – Emergency services were called to a finishing and manufacturing company after two unknown chemicals apparently mixed together and released fumes.

About 2 dozen workers at Alliance Finishing and Manufacturing were evacuated from the premises for possible chemical exposure, at 1721 Ives avenue, Oxnard, an industrial area west of Rose avenue.

The Ventura County Star reports that all those exposed refused transport to the hospital.

15 hazmat units were at the scene, and according to Battalion Chief, Sergio Martinez, the fumes were apparently created during an attempted transfer of ammonium chloride from a 55-gallon drum to another container. The second container was apparently not clean.
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8 days ago by dchas
City, Airport go after chemical companies
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO.com) -- The City of Sioux Falls and the Regional Airport Authority have both filed lawsuits against DuPont, 3M, and other chemical companies.

Airport Authority Attorney Steve Johnson says fire fighting foam once used and stored at the airport was toxic and contaminated some water wells. Remediation will cost millions. 

"To have these wells cleaned up, the contamination removed, and restore the soil and the wells."

Johnson says the suit contends that the chemical makers knew components of the foam were potential health risks.
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8 days ago by dchas
Russia explosion: Five confirmed dead in rocket blast
Five people were killed and three injured following a rocket explosion on an Arctic naval test range in Russia on Thursday, state nuclear company Rosatom confirmed.

Rosatom said the accident occurred during tests on a liquid propellant rocket engine.

The three injured staff members suffered serious burns in the accident.

Authorities had previously said that two people died and six were injured in the blast at the site in Nyonoksa.

The company told Russian media that its engineering and technical team had been working on the "isotope power source" for the propulsion system.
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14 days ago by dchas
Second company comes under fire for releasing cancerous toxins into the air
COVINGTON, Ga. (CBS46) -- A community is terrified with concerns of a cancer-causing chemical being leaked into the air by a local plant.

Residnets of a Covington community are looking for answers after a recent WebMD article linked a Covington business to cancer-causing chemicals.

Nearly 200 citizens packed Calvary Baptist Church on Mills Street Thursday night -- many fearful of exposure and possible health issues.

“If it’s being omitted all the time then it’s really a 24-hour exposure to this chemical,” said one citizen.
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22 days ago by dchas
Worker sues Exxon for injuries in Baytown plant explosion
A worker who was injured in the Exxon Mobil plant explosion sued the chemical company on Thursday, asking for 1$ million in damages, according to the petition.

The worker, Daniel Serrano, is being treated for injuries to his neck, back, head and other parts of his body, the lawsuit said. In total, 37 people were injured Wednesday morning in the blast, which sent a plume of smoke around the Baytown facility and forced a brief shelter-in-place order.

"Filing this lawsuit will allow Daniel and his family to use the civil courts to discover what happened to cause this catastrophic explosion and to hold Exxon accountable," Serrano's attorney, Kyle Findley, said in a prepared statement. "All refinery accidents are preventable, and it's important for the workers and the community to find out what could have prevented this disaster."
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22 days ago by dchas
Texas county sues Exxon over air pollution from petrochemical fire: official
HOUSTON (Reuters) - Harris County, Texas sued Exxon Mobil Corp on Thursday over pollution from a fire a day earlier at the company's Baytown Olefins Plant, according to an attorney for the county.

The fire was being investigated by federal and state agencies. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) were at the scene to determine the cause of a blaze that raged for hours and raised a column of black smoke over the area.

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, which is authorized to probe industrial chemical accidents, will not investigate the Baytown Olefins Plant fire, said spokeswoman Hillary Cohen in a statement.

The suit by Harris County, which includes Baytown, is the second lawsuit this year against the company involving fires at the plant.
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22 days ago by dchas
3 people injured after explosion at Midfield business
MIDFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - The fire caused during an explosion at a Midfield business Tuesday afternoon has been extinguished, according to officials at the scene.

Crews will remain on the scene for a while to check for hot spots.

Birmingham Fire & Rescue crews responded to assist Midfield Fire at Birmingham Hot Metal Coatings located at 1513 Industrial Boulevard in Midfield on Tuesday afternoon before 2 p.m.

We’re told by authorities 3 people were taken to area hospitals for treatment of injuries that are not life threatening.

The specific cause of the explosion is not yet known, but Birmingham Fire officials say the building contained calcium silicon, a material used in the pipe making process.

Calcium silicon cannot be exposed to water, but officials say the fire was contained with dry powder before it got close to the chemical.

Folks were concerned there could be a hazmat situation because of the fire, but luckily that never became an issue.
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24 days ago by dchas
2 workers overcome by fumes fall into truck's barrel at Wisdom High School in SW Houston
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The bodies of two men have been recovered from a mobile seeding truck at a high school in southwest Houston.

The men died when they were overcome by fumes and fell into the barrel of the truck.

This happened around 9:30 a.m. Monday at Wisdom High School, formerly known as Robert E. Lee High School, on Beverly Hill near Skyline Drive.

Three workers were treating the grass near the track behind the school. When one of the men looked up, he saw his colleague open the hatch of the truck and fall in after being overcome by the fumes.

A second worker went to check on him, but he was also overcome by fumes and fell into the truck.

Realizing he couldn't check on them, the third worker called 911. He is okay.
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25 days ago by dchas
PFAS found in bottled waters on CT store shelves
HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– We’ve been reporting for weeks about the fire fighting chemical that leaked into the Farmington River near Bradley Airport. PFAS is known to cause cancer and other health problems.

Now PFAS has been found in bottled waters on store shelves here in Connecticut. Staffers from Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office found 17 different brands of bottled water on store shelves throughout Greater Hartford, that were bottled prior to July 24th, the time that Spring Hill Farm Dairy in Massachusetts installed charcoal filter to remove PFAS last.

This is the water that Massachusetts public health officials have urged that pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants not consume. Brian Toal is an environmental health scientist with the Connecticut Department of Public Health and says the stuff is more than a danger pregnant women and infants adding, “It has shown affects on the immune system. It has shown in humans to affect cholesterol levels. It can affect thyroid hormones.”
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25 days ago by dchas
PFAS assessment the first step in understanding chemical's exposure impact
MARTINSBURG — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry said the initiation of an exposure assessment near the Shepherd Field Air National Guard Base in Berkeley County will only be the first step of many in understanding the impact a chemical spill in the drinking water has had on citizens in the area.

Community members and city officials gathered Wednesday evening at the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg for a public information session on the work being done by the CDC and ATSDR.

The purpose of the exposure assessment is to provide information to the community members about the levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a man-made chemical, in their bodies and provide information about exposures in the broader community following a spill in the City of Martinsburg’s water supply in 2016.
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28 days ago by dchas
Man suffers burns in chemical explosion at Gold Coast restaurant – myGC.com.au
UPDATE @ 10.00 AM | It’s been revealed a hotplate and methylated spirits caused a chemical explosion at a Burleigh Heads restaurant overnight.

Emergency crews were called to the restaurant on the Gold Coast Highway about 10.15pm.

Queensland Ambulance Supervisor Jayney Shearman told myGC the man was trying to clean a hotplate with methylated spirits when it ignited.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

He’s in a stable condition.

Upon arrival, they found a 41-year-old man with superficial burns to his face and arms.
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29 days ago by dchas
2 Firefighters Suffer Minor Burns After Chemical Found In Park Ridge Fire
The hazardous material that left two firefighters with minor burns after they responded to Wednesday’s vacant gas station fire in Park Ridge, turned out to be calcium peroxide.

Fire Chief Jeff Sorensen called the fire itself “very stubborn.” Windy conditions made for a smoky scene in the area of Northwest Highway and Oakton Street after 5 p.m.

After an hour of fighting the flames, the incident at 969 N. Northwest Hwy. also turned into a hazardous materials response. Sorensen said the 90,000 lbs. of calcium peroxide had been stored in the building for remediation work on the property.

“The chemical itself reacts with water to some degree, and it took about an hour to extinguish the fire,” the chief said in an email to the Journal.

However, Sorensen said this left crews with a hazardous materials scene plus “significant runoff from the chemical combined with approximately 250,000 gallons of water.”
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5 weeks ago by dchas
SpaceX blames chemical leak for 'anomaly' that destroyed Crew Dragon capsule
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - SpaceX said a chemical leak was behind the anomaly that destroyed a Crew Dragon spacecraft in April, according to a news release. 

The anomaly happened at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on April 20, sending large plumes of smoke into the sky. 

Since then, SpaceX and NASA have been working with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Air Force to figure out what went wrong.

In a news release, the company said it was due to a leaking part. 
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5 weeks ago by dchas
Chemical leak at electronics factory in Muar
MUAR: A chemical leak was detected at an electronics factory in Tanjung Agas near here earlier today.

Tangkak Fire and Rescue station operations commander Assistant Superintendent Rafiah Aziz said three out of four 220-litre barrels containing sodium fluoride at the factory were found to be leaking the chemical.

Rafiah said eight firefighters were deployed to the scene when the station received an emergency call on the incident at 10.54 am.

“The initial action was taken by the Emergency Response Team (ERT) at the premises by using soda ash to absorb the chemical.

“From the information received by the management of the premises, the leak is believed to have occurred as the sodium fluoride could have been mixed with other chemicals,” she said when contacted by reporters here today.
malaysia  industrial  release  response  other_chemical 
5 weeks ago by dchas
Charlotte Fire says building is safe after workers sickened by roof tar
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) - The odor of tar forced employees to evacuate a south Charlotte building on Thursday. Fire officials tell FOX 46 that the building is now safe for people to return, but workers aren’t quite ready to walk back in. 

Some left work early, and one woman told FOX 46 that she’s going to the doctor to get checked out just to make sure she's ok. 

“I think it created anxiety for everyone,” Yolanda Cato said. 

“We were entering the building this morning, we heard a beeping noise we didn't think anything of it, about an hour or so later we were all asked to evacuate the building,” said Cato. 

Fire officials say dozens of people were checked out by medical teams and five people were sent to the hospital complaining of nausea and headaches.

“It raised an eyebrow for caution. It makes you apprehensive to return immediately,” Cato said. 

Firefighters say workers were putting tar on the roof of the building and the smell circulated through the building's air conditioning system making workers sick. Charlotte Fire says they checked it out, there are no hazardous materials and the building is safe for workers to return. 

“The building was deemed clear we ran our hazmat meters through the building and everything came back negative,” Charlotte Fire Captain Dennis Gist said. 
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6 weeks ago by dchas
‘Bug Bombs’ Spark Explosion, Evacuations At North Hollywood Apartment Building – CBS Los Angeles
NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) – Multiple purported “bug bombs” likely caused some type of explosion at a North Hollywood apartment complex Tuesday morning, forcing residents to evacuate and sending a Los Angeles police officer to the hospital, authorities said.

The explosion was reported at around 10:15 a.m. at a two-story apartment building in the 6400 block of North Denny Avenue.

According to the L.A. Fire Department, the explosion was sparked by several bug bombs in one of the apartments.

No residents were injured, but three units sustained damage including blown-out windows and doors blown off their hinges, the fire department said. The building as a whole did not sustain serious structural damage.
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6 weeks ago by dchas

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