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The Dirty Business Targeting AirAsia Indonesia Just Got Dirtier – Skift
As it turns out, it isn’t just Traveloka and Tiket.com that are allegedly being arm-twisted by Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air to stop selling AirAsia The dirty business AirAsia faces in Indonesia just got dirtier.
indonesia  ota  airasia 
2 days ago by JINYONG86
Despite the prevalence of digital technologies rippling through many aspects of our daily lives, an increasing percentage of Americans are embracing over-the-air (OTA) television.
While the majority of U.S. homes still subscribe to a pay-TV service (cable or satellite), the shift to free broadcast TV suggests that folks are exploring alternatives. And with a myriad of internet options available today, many of them aren’t mutually exclusive with their viewing options. Rather, they’re pairing their broadcast local news and network stations with a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) streaming service.
SVOD  OTA  Nielsen  Streaming 
5 days ago by lnidoh
TV Signal Locator
Tool to estimate what digital TV signals are receivable at your house
tv  cable  ota  hdtv  tootme 
5 weeks ago by nelson
François says…
Drag & drop firmware deployment for nRF52
6 weeks ago by vitriolix
Tesla's ability to update software over-the-air could create problems with "type approval" regulations in Europe and beyond. - The Drive
A more likely outcome would be that Tesla is compelled to secure approval for each and every OTA update before it is performed, which also could involve supplying Tesla EU customers with the paperwork documenting the change
tesla  patchmanagement  software  agile  ota  cars 
7 weeks ago by yorksranter
[OnePlus 6][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Mirrors for official Oxygen OS ROMs and OTA updates - OnePlus Community
As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of for their Oxygen OS ROMs & OTA update zips, I've mirrored them on AndroidFileHost and put the links in one post so that they're easy to find.
OnePlus  OnePlus6  ROM  firmware  OxygenOS  OTA 
december 2018 by coffeebucket
ESP32 Over-the-air (OTA) Programming | Random Nerd Tutorials
Quick guide that shows how to do over-the-air (OTA) programming with the ESP32 using the OTA Web Updater in Arduino IDE. The OTA Web Updater allows you to update/upload new code to your ESP32 using a browser, without the need to make a serial connection between the ESP32 and your computer.
esp32  esp3288  randomnerd  ota  updating  sysadmin  programming  embedded 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx
System Update - Yocto Project

This page compares different system update mechanisms. The purpose is to help the project with picking a suitable mechanism that the project then will support going forward. Users may find this page relevant for picking a mechanism that suits their specific needs.
comparison  Linux  Mender  OSTree  RAUC  swupdate  system  update  embedded  ota 
november 2018 by vrobin

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