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love language - aloneintherain - Avatar: The Last Airbender [Archive of Our Own]
They gravitated towards Zuko whenever the temperature dipped even slightly. At night, he often woke to someone pulling their bedroll towards him, or slipping under his arm, or turning over in their sleep and colliding with his shoulder.

It alarmed him, at first. It had never been a good thing when someone woke him in the dead of the night.

It was strange, then, that he was on the run without Uncle, officially a traitor to his homeland, and for the first time since his mother left, he woke in the night sandwiched between bodies, feeling safe.
gen  avatar  ot5  fic  g  <3k  3hearts 
november 2018 by bobrhyn
Noct/Luna, Noct/Ignis, Noct/Gladio, and Noct/Prompto. Maybe takes place in a fix-it/everyone-lives verse, where Noct has restored the light and is now King and says screw the rules, I'm marrying all of my friends.
Noct/Luna, Noct/Ignis, Noct/Gladio, and Noct/Prompto.

Maybe takes place in a fix-it/everyone-lives verse, where Noct has restored the light and is now King and says screw the rules, I'm marrying all of my friends.
ot5  pairing:ot5  pairing:noctisxlunafreya  pairing:noctisxignis  pairing:gladioxnoctis  pairing:noctisxprompto 
april 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Luna pregnant with Noct’s kids (ot5?)
Luna telling Noct she’s pregnant.

Ignis helping her out with her cravings / eating healthy and good meals.

Prompto talking to the baby bump and helping design the nursery.

Gladio rubbing her feet/shoulders for her and reading ALL the parenting books.

Noct freaking the fuck out and being excited and totally weepy at the thought of being a dad and having a happy big family with his childhood sweetheart and 3 best friends.

Bonus points for the ot5 being a gradual thing that they barely even notice happening because it feels so natural.

I really have no pairing preference. They don’t all have to be in a relationship with each other, but it’s totally fine with me if you wanna have different micro relationships within the ot5 (including Luna paired with not only Noctis)
character:noctis  character:lunafreya  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  ot5  kink:pregnancy 
april 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Never On Your Own
"I didn't at first," said Harry. "When I went flying past you, Louis, that's when it all came back to me. I was like, ooh parallel universe, and then I was like, oh no, we have to set things right."


This fic was really cute
ot5  threeturn 
november 2017 by the_wild_son
Never On Your Own - threeturn - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"I was like, ooh parallel universe, and then I was like, oh no, we have to set things right." One Direction, lost and found.
Fic  Read  ot5  general  threeturn  curses  parallel_universe 
november 2017 by unapologetic_thirst
steal my heart tonight
An OT5 international thieves AU that contains very little actual stealing because I have no idea how to break into vaults in real life and lots of friendship and feelings from five boys in love.
1d  ot5  long  spies  favourite 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
Dye Hard - watername - Big Bang (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Once the blonde rule was in place, it very easily became a persistent in-joke - what does pink mean? blue? orange? And when Jiyong refused to be reasonable, and started doing half in half, highlights, streaks, and any combination of those under the sun, the in-joke only became more hilarious. Trying to apply logic to the follicular insanity, at that point, became an ungodly mixture of foreplay and hobby."

[Includes Bleached ([Seungri's] too thirsty for this) and Grass Stains (aka Daesung, The SS Blowjob)]
fic  bigbang  rpf  ot5 
april 2017 by wildendeavour
Let's Talk About Love - ThatDamnKennedyKid - Big Bang (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
They all knew Jiyong regularly threw herself into her work. But the tense line of her shoulders, the biting edge to her voice when she finally snapped at Seungri . . . It had to stop. Daesung took one look at Yongbae and it was set. There was no better medicine for her stress than the four of them.

[This is how we BANG.]
genderswap  fic  bigbang  ot5  au 
april 2017 by wildendeavour
Coming up for Air
“Come on,” Louis says and wraps his hand around Niall’s. His fingers feel cool from where he’s been cradling his bottle of beer but they warm when they intertwine with Niall‘s. “It’s rude not to dance to the first shipping forecast of the season.”
ot5  brokendrums 
august 2016 by the_wild_son
The Lion Sleeps Tonight - BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Kink Meme Fill: "Hot space catboy Shiro, please. Just hanging out with his tail and ears sticking out of his uniform, or going into heat, or maybe affectionately head-rubbing all of the crew. Anything with catboy!Shiro."
voltron  OT5  starred 
july 2016 by saezutte
The River and the Deep Green Bend - liquidmeasure - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry studies the card for just a moment. It’s all brightness and blooming growth where the last card was darkness and destruction: a child, fair haired and laughing and riding on the back of a horse, his arms outstretched and basking in the light of a yellow sun.

“See? Not all bad." Jesy taps at the image on the card and nods. "Him I like. Look at him casting his light, nourishing the four little flowers in the back. He's an engine, burning brightly. Illuminating the dark corners. He's growth. Newness. Reconciliation...” Harry shakes his head and moves for the door. Opens it just as she says, “for all five of you.”

There’s a flutter and a commotion from behind him and then Rover is winging past him through the door, making her way out into the dark. The night air is cold on his face and it feels like relief. Like an escape.

“Four of us.” Liam sounds a little uncertain.

“What was that?”

“There’s just four of us, not five.”

“Oh…” her voice trails off as Harry steps out into the moonlight. “Well, like he said, it’s mostly bullshit anyway. Can’t get everything right.”

A Dark Tower AU for round 4 of the 1D big bang.
Fic  Read  harry/niall  mature  liquidmeasure  big_bang  dark_tower_au  fave  angst  multiple_universes  major_character_death  ot5  fate 
march 2016 by unapologetic_thirst
physical burn and fade - brokendrums - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Niall’s just settling into his life on the boat when it all gets turned upside down - literally.
Fic  Read  ot5  mature  brokendrums  series  mermaid_au  mythology  fishing_boat_au  big_bang  fave 
december 2015 by unapologetic_thirst
when the wolves cry out - theamazingpeterparker - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Have you ever heard. Like. Wolves? In the forest up here?"
Something tugs at the edges of Harry’s mouth, some private joke that Zayn’s not in on. “Yeah. They don’t usually bother anyone, though. They’re not dangerous.”
"Have you ever seen one?”
Harry’s full grinning now but trying to hide it, bites his lip and puts on a shit attempt of a poker face. “Mm-hmm.”
Fic  Read  harry/zayn  ot5  general  theamazingpeterparker  werewolf_au 
october 2015 by unapologetic_thirst
how deep is your love - MissLii - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Liam’s tired of going through his heat alone. It’s so exhausting when the feverish hot want in him makes it hard for him to even think about anything except being fucked and knotted. The three or four days a month his heat lasts, he uses his toy and wishes for someone there in bed with him.

Someone to take care of him, fuck him and hold him when he’s so spent he’s not able to leave the bed.

Or: Liam's an omega, who signs up to a dating website.
slash  ot5  moresome  rps  one-direction 
august 2015 by scarface133
You're Ripped at Every Edge but You're a Masterpiece [Klavier]
It wasn't that Adam listened to the comments from other Aglionby boys about "the brain and the brawn" or took any of their gold-plated opinions into account.

It was the fearless, almost insubordinate, nature of Ronan's rolled up sleeves. Two handprints encircled his wrists, a deep violet, darker than any mark Adam had ever seen. Gansey sported a matching color on both palms, as if he'd dipped them completely in paint. //Touchprint soulmate fic yessss my jam. Blue's entrance into this fic is pretty much the best thing ever.
theravencycle  soulmates  adam/ronan  gen-ish  ot5  friendship  via:Brandysnaps 
august 2015 by merelyn
steal my heart tonight
Niall rips off his ski mask, it was cliche and stupid (and totally Harry’s idea) anyway. “This is my mission.” “We know,” Liam says, pulling his own mask off. Niall thinks they’re all wrapped a bit too much around Harry’s finger, maybe. “We just like watching you work.” or, An OT5 international thieves AU that contains very little actual stealing because I have no idea how to break into vaults in real life and lots of friendship and feelings from five boys in love.
fic:  one  direction  type:  long  fic  au:  spies  pairing:  ot5  type:  niall  centric 
august 2015 by eenitsujj
[1D] it's shaking the sky and i'm following lightning - teaspoon
Summer 2014. Liam and Zayn meet under extraordinary circumstances, fall in love, and help save London from total destruction. Featuring elemental superpowers, touch dependence, mutual pining, and OT5 friendship.

zayn/liam  ot5  au:college  au:magic  trope:superpowers  wc:50-100k  located:ao3  1d&related 
july 2015 by ofjustimagine

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