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tic doesn't read from STDIN and segfaults when adding terminfo to support italics in tmux
I'm trying to follow these instructions to add italics support to tmux. 1) I tried running copying-pasting and running this command cat <<EOF|tic -x - tmux|tmux terminal multiplexer, ...
tmux  osx 
6 days ago by zxaos
herrbischoff/awesome-osx-command-line: Use your OS X terminal shell to do awesome things.
awesome-osx-command-line - Use your OS X terminal shell to do awesome things.
6 days ago by hmans
Diff Tools on macOS
This is where a diff tool comes in handy. It makes changes visible and helps you understand them. In this article, we've compiled a short list that helps you get an overview of the best diff tools on the Mac.
git  osx  tools  development 
6 days ago by davidgasperoni
Find Safari Tabs with AppleScript
If you sometimes find yourself with so many tabs in Safari that you can't find things and end up opening them again in a new tab, this script can help.
safari  browser  mac  osx  macos  applescript  gtd  search 
6 days ago by der_dennis

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