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How to Enable Dark Mode for the Dock Only in OS X Yosemite
"The above command enables dark mode and then restarts the Dock so you can see the change."
mac  dark  dock  terminal  shell  2014  macos  osx 
17 hours ago by handcoding
arq backup – The OS Quest
B). Because it’s a laptop so does have more files locally, at least at times, there’s currently 3.9 GB stored on Amazon S3. I limit the backups to data files and a few configuration files. This is useful if I’m traveling since it
backup  strategy  macos  osx 
yesterday by B.75
Textual: IRC for macOS
Textual is an IRC client created specifically for macOS
osx  mac 
yesterday by trvr
macos - "reload" mac audio drivers without rebooting - Super User
ps aux | grep 'coreaudio[d]' | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo kill
osx  audio  hangouts 
yesterday by cglinka

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