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A federal court has ruled that an open-source license is an enforceable contract — Quartz
“Not so,” said Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley in her order on the motion on April 25. Corley said the GNU GPL “provides that the Ghostscript user agrees to its terms if the user does not obtain a commercial license. Plaintiff alleges that Defendant used Ghostscript, did not obtain a commercial license, and represented publicly that its use of Ghostscript was licensed under the GNL GPU. These allegations sufficiently plead the existence of a contract.”
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12 days ago by jm
Why has done so well for funding? Take a min of your time to read our beliefs …
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13 days ago by nigeljames
rapidly build applications on blockchains and shared ledgers
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13 days ago by webdevotion
mono0926/LicensePlist: iOS license plists generator. Carthage, CocoaPods and the libraries specified by YAML file are supported.
LicensePlist - iOS license plists generator. Carthage, CocoaPods and the libraries specified by YAML file are supported.
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14 days ago by nanoxd
Thunderbird’s Future Home | @mozilla
Mozilla updates on the future of its email application Thunderbird: "The investigations on Thunderbird’s future home have concluded. The Mozilla Foundation has agreed to serve as the legal and fiscal home for the Thunderbird project, but Thunderbird will migrate off Mozilla Corporation infrastructure, separating the operational aspects of the project." Lots more info in the blog post at link above.
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14 days ago by dmcdev

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