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Almost done... - Public Money, Public Code
Public Money, Public Code - A campaign for releasing publicly financed software as Free Software
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19 hours ago by gresch
Ich suche Verstärkung in meinem Team. Wir wollen uns an + .publication wagen.
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20 hours ago by jensws
Anyone wanting to learn more about sustainability challenges, we strongly recommend you read 's Roads…
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yesterday by briantrice
I file issues on my repos and label them all HELP WANTED before I even commit a single line of code.
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7 days ago by sambreed
Meld is a visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers. Meld helps you compare files, directories, and version controlled projects. It provides two- and three-way comparison of both files and directories, and has support for many popular version control systems.

Meld helps you review code changes and understand patches. It might even help you to figure out what is going on in that merge you keep avoiding.
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7 days ago by redwar

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