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Cosmo Pocket (Video)
Der DJI Osmo Pocket ist eine tragbare Gimbalkamera, die Mobilität und Stabilität beim Filmen in einem Gerät vereint. Die Kamera ist deutlich kleiner als eine Gopro, so dass sich das Gerät wie ein Selfie-Stick anfühlt.
Mit einer iOS-App wird die Kamera eingestellt.
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january 2019 by HWD
Best Oak Floor Finishes - The Definitive Test - 2016 Update - Peak Oak
Final Results
This was not a scientific test, but we aren't aware of anyone else having put these finishes up against one another in this way.

Here are the results we have had and the conclusions we have drawn:

The Osmo Polyx-Oil - Satin-matt and the Treatex Hardwax Oil Traditional - Clear Satin had similar performance in terms of final finish and resistance to various marks and stains.

Whilst the Liberon Floor Varnish - Clear Satin performed very well in the stain tests, we initially found its colour and finish to be not as desirable as the others. Over time though, the striking nature of the finish does seem to have mellowed and we're now quite fond of it!.
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may 2018 by richard84
Osmosensitive Taurine Transporter Expression and Activity in Human Corneal Epithelial Cells
Taurine uptake increased as a function of exposure time and rises in osmolality. Exposure for 12 hours to a 450 mosmol/kg medium increased uptake by 4.1-fold. However, after 48 hours of exposure to this medium, taurine uptake returned to its isotonic level. With time, biphasic changes occurred in taurine transporter gene and protein expression and taurine transport activity as well as elevating intracellular taurine content by 4.5-fold. Taurine medium supplementation for 48 hours improved cell viability.
osmolarity  osmo  taurine  dehydration 
may 2018 by cessationoftime
Trying our luck using to entertain the 3yo so and I can get some work done.
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january 2018 by pipcleaves
😍 Something new 🙌 is coming to . 🍂🍁
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august 2017 by burkesquires

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