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Privacy and Security A Pedagogic Cybersecurity Framework
This column proposes a Pedagogic Cybersecurity Framework (PCF) for categorizing and teaching the jumble of non-code yet vital cybersecurity topics. From my experience teaching cybersecurity to computer science and other majors at Georgia Tech, the PCF clarifies how the varied pieces in a multidisciplinary cybersecurity course fit together. The framework organizes the subjects that have not been included in traditional cybersecurity courses, but instead address cybersecurity management, policy, law, and international affairs. The PCF adds layers beyond the traditional seven layers in the Open Systems Interconnection model (“OSI model” or “OSI stack”). Previous writers have acknowledged the possibility of a layer or layers beyond seven, most commonly calling layer 8 the “user layer.”b The framework proposed here adds three layers—layer 8 is organizations, layer 9 is governments, and layer 10 is international.
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