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Minoca OS
A new operating system for the world of connected devices.
Minoca OS is an open-source, general purpose operating system designed specifically for feature-rich embedded devices. It's got all the high-level functionality that you've come to expect from an operating system, but offers it in a fraction of the memory footprint.
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yesterday by kaxing
Google’s “Fuchsia” smartphone OS dumps Linux, has a wild new UI | Ars Technica

Google, never one to compete in a market with a single product, is apparently hard at work on a third operating system after Android and Chrome OS. This one is an open source, real-time OS called "Fuchsia." The OS first popped up in August last year, but back then it was just a command line. Now the mysterious project has a crazy new UI we can look at, so let's dive in.
google  mobile  android  os 
3 days ago by jberkel
Genode - About Genode
The Genode OS Framework is a tool kit for building highly secure special-purpose operating systems. It scales from embedded systems with as little as 4 MB of memory to highly dynamic general-purpose workloads.
security  unix  os 
3 days ago by tobym
Qubes OS
一款面向安全的操作系统,该系统使用安全分割(Security by Compartmentalization)的方法来提供安全性,即使某个软件被攻击了,也不会影响系统的其它软件或部分。
os  security 
3 days ago by xuxiaodong

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