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Rock’s Not Dead, It’s Ruled by Women: The Round-Table Conversation - The New York Times
Guitars may seem to matter less than ever. But just beneath
the mainstream, dozens of female bands are making
some of the most urgent, politically relevant music around.

Women Are Making the Best Rock Music Today: Listen Now SEPT. 5, 2017
Allison and Katie Crutchfield
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december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Download Johanna Ortiz F/ W 2016 ♛ ♛~✿Ophelia Ryan ✿~♛… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Johanna Ortiz F/ W 2016 ♛ ♛~✿Ophelia Ryan ✿~♛… Johanna Ortiz F/ W 2016 ♛ ♛~✿Ophelia Ryan ✿~♛ Johanna Ortiz F/ W 2016 ♛ ♛~✿Ophelia Ryan ✿~♛…
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september 2017 by wotek
Las 10 Mejores Series De Anime De La Historia | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Las 10 mejores series de anime de la historia Aunque no lo crean, el anime y el manga formaron una parte muy importante de mi adolescencia. Si bien hoy en día no sigo estas series con tanta pasión como antes, me puse al día y con todo para traerles mis 10 series de anime favoritas. […]
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august 2017 by wotek
Thanks for the Memories, New York
"And when I hear you boo me, I’m gonna try to hit the ball over that white fence, all the way to the mother******* choo choo train. "
redsox  baseball  mlb  yankees  papi  davidortiz  ortiz 
september 2016 by grahams
Just a Kid From Santo Domingo | By David Ortiz
Listen, bro: If you can hit a baby doll head with a broomstick, you can hit an inside cutter. You don’t need a batting cage in the Dominican. You just have to love the game. And you need to be able to fight off your sister when she comes looking for her baby doll.
davidortiz  ortiz  mlb  baseball  bigpapi  redsox  papi 
september 2015 by grahams

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