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Blessed Be Thy Nuclear Weapons: The Rise of Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy
At first glance, Adamsky’s argument that Orthodox priests also function within the Russian nuclear forces at the tactical level – in addition to the ideological – seems to be a bit of overreach. Yet he convincingly depicts the lengths to which the military has gone to accommodate this nuclear priesthood, from field churches for the strategic missile force to underwater temples in ballistic nuclear submarines. More than 40 such temples exist across the Russian Navy alone
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Contemplative Traditions, Theory and Practice
Contemplative Traditions, Theory and Practice
A symposium in honour of Professor Andrew Louth
December 12th - 15th, 2019
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Kritiken mot nya kyrkan: Kan vara rysk strategi
Kritiken mot nya kyrkan: Kan vara rysk strategi
En ny rysk-ortodox kyrka i Västerås pekas ut som ett potentiellt ryskt säkerhetshot, enligt VLT
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