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The Dark Birds
My mother had daughters year after year, and one by one, my father devoured us.

There were only three names allowed in the family, and only three children. There was the oldest, who was always Ruth, and the middle child, who was always Susan. The youngest was “the baby” or simply Baby.

When a new daughter was born, she became the baby. The former baby became Susan, and Susan became Ruth—and Ruth vanished.
fic  original  creepyrecs 
yesterday by audiopilot
Everything living tries to get back to the soil
fic  original  apocalyptic  whitachi 
2 days ago by audiopilot
From the Root
When I was sixteen, I sold my teeth each Thursday, and that is how I first met the doctor. This was before his celebrated school, his fame, his dogged pursuit of bodies for his collection, back when he was very young and took his income as a dentist. While the ladies of society ate cakes until their smiles were the same gappy gray cobblestone as our London streets, my own hungry mouth was full of pearls, and I let the doctor harvest them. He paid four cents an incisor, five for the fronts. After my first visit, he asked me to stay back for a word. Not ten minutes earlier, he’d pulled my right front tooth and planted it firmly root-first in the rotted mouth of a nobleman’s daughter, and already I could feel the edge of a new one poking through my ragged gum. I kept my lip down to hide it.

He said, “Am I wrong to suspect you won’t miss that tooth for long?”
fic  original 
2 days ago by audiopilot
Historic Papers in Physics
Keep in mind the German; there may be things lost in translation.
physics  history  original 
6 days ago by mpcasey
J Ross: In Due Time (NC-17)
Jake Taylor is definitely not gay......Except, he might be.
original  slash  fiction 
7 days ago by pluvial_poetry
maculategiraffe | "The Slave Breakers" index page
Overall Summary: These stories are set in a world parallel to ours-- modern, but different-- where the law is that adolescents can be sold into slavery on their fifteenth birthday to defray their parents' cost of living.
Overall Rating: NC-17
dom/sub  long  h/c  original 
20 days ago by turtlestalker
Under the Dragon's Claw by gixi_ninja
Ten years ago, Captain Wei Shun's proposed to his childhood sweetheart, Cheng Lan and was humiliatingly rejected in front of all members of the royal court. Now, the king has given a newly victorious General Wei Shun a special reward for his military service - a slave named Cheng Lan.

Lan was born to be a high ranking scholar-official within the king's court. When accusations of treason destroy his family and he is reduced to slavery, his last hope is a childhood friend who's love he once scorned. Shun's success and popularity has seen him more than one jealous rival in court. The events that lead to Lan's family's arrest and execution are fast catching up with him. They will need to negotiate the treachery of the royal court together - if they are to survive.
original  trope:politics  trope:slavery  trope:hurt/comfort  rating:nc-17 
25 days ago by peyton
Take One for the Team - allyoops - Original Work
It's the homecoming game and Kate just wants it all to go well. So of course this is the weekend Maddy, their otherwise infallible head cheerleader, goes off her blockers and into full heat. But that's all right! Kate's team always has her back. And her front. And... well, all the other parts of her, since they've decided it falls to Kate to take the edge off Maddy's heat in order to get on with the game. Kate's not exactly sure about this, but she's a team player, so she's willing to give it a shot. (4,302 words)
original  oneshot  hot 
7 weeks ago by theodosia21
By the Book - lost_spook - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
lost_spook puts her sense of humour and knowledge of libraries to good use in this tale of a no nonsense librarian who summons a demon.
favouritefic  original 
8 weeks ago by louised
Yiwu | Tor.com
Can dreams come true? They can if you win the lottery, which promises to provide what your heart desires. For a humble shopkeeper in Yiwu, it’s a living, selling lottery tickets. Until a winning ticket opens up mysteries he’d never imagined.

[really enjoyed the worldbuilding in this one.]
original  tor 
8 weeks ago by nishatalitha

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