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Cordelia Kingsbridge
a very quality orig slash and m/m romance writer
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october 2017 by ambitious
Shousetsu Bang*Bang's Archive
Ten years' worth of torrid short story romance. YESS
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june 2017 by ambitious
Original Slash: Where to Start
New to original slash fic? Want something high-quality (and free!) to read? Here’s a selection of some of the more popular online fic along with some of the more popular online original slash authors. These are all well-known stories in the original slash community that you may or may not know already. This is just a basic primer; if you like any of the links, or none of them, then make use of our tumblr’s tags and search function to find something more tailored to your interests.
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december 2014 by TheSlashPile
New Original Slash, September 1st—15th 2014
New Original Slash, September 1st—15th 2014

We’ve been posting a lot of older stuff because we’re still transferring over the archives, so this month I thought I’d keep an eye out for new stories. This is the first lot of my favourite new original M/M fiction, posted between the 1st and the 15th, and I’ll be putting out another post at the end of the month. I haven’t gone looking for new free fiction for a while, and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much great stuff people are putting out. Have you guys been reading anything good?
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december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Broken Wings
Summary: Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University, the prestigious school for mages, werecreatures, vampires and faeries.

Review: There’s a lot of sex, but it doesn’t override the plot and manages not to get repetitive. Having magic and some very varied partners helps there. I like that I’m even now not completely sure who the main guy will end up with romantically speaking, if with anyone. I sometimes hate that because it hurts when your favourite pairing doesn’t end up together, but in this story it just keeps things interesting and realistic. This story kind of reminds me of a gay, really smutty version of Harry Potter, except with far more mages, werecreatures and vamps.
original-slash  !college/university  !dubcon  !fairies/fae  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !magic.school  !magic.users  !paranormal  !poly  !powerplay  !travel.between.worlds  !vampires  !werecreatures  !fantasy  by:katica.locke  fiction  free  length:novel  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Shadow of the Templar
Summary: A brilliant young FBI agent. An unpredictable international art thief. What happens next is quite possibly not what you’d expect.

Review: This series is ridiculously good. Half crime caper and half police procedural, with a nicely tensioned (and occasionally scorching hot) romantic subplot running through it. Likeable, well-realized characters, lots of cool details, nail-biting suspense, serious violence, competent good guys, snappy one-liners — everything you look for in an action story. Do be aware that it is an action story, not a romance. If you’re looking for tears and roses, look elsewhere. Personally, though, I found the relationship plot to be tremendously satisfying. These four books are almost professional quality, which is to say, the writing is at a professional level, but it could use a pass from a good editor. The first book’s a bit uncertain, the second is plagued by weird typographical choices (do italics mean a flashback or not?) and the third and fourth do some rambling that really could’ve been cut. That said, I am a picky bastard, and if all I can find to criticize is that it could use a few more taps of the edit-hammer, you know it’s delicious. :D
original-slash  !agents  !coming.out  !criminals  !detectives/police  !espionage  !contemporary  !crime  by:m.chandler  fiction  free  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Administration
Summary: There are no bad guys. There are no good guys. There are only better guys, and worse guys.
One of the worse guys is Val Toreth. In a world where torture is a legitimate part of the investigative process, he works for the Investigation and Interrogation Division.
One of the better guys is Keir Warrick, a corporate director. His small corporation, SimTech, is developing a ‘sim’ system which places users in a fully-immersive virtual reality.
Their world is the dark future dystopia of New London, where Europe is controlled by a totalitarian bureaucracy, which shares political power with powerful corporations. The oppressive government uses torture, violence and the various Divisions of the feared Department of Internal Security to maintain power. The corporations fight amongst themselves, using lethal force under the euphemism of ‘corporate sabotage’, uniting only to resist attempts by the Administration to extend its control over them.
The series follows Warrick and Toreth, and their families, friends and enemies as they struggle to survive and hope to prosper.

-There is sex. There is kinky sex. There is a lot of kinky sex.
-The characters are GROWN UPS (as much as we all like teenagers, nope, these guys are in the upper 30’s) and are dynamic and fascinating to boot.
-The world is well-developed, and the plot gets extremely exciting and intense, especially toward the end.
-Professional writing with very few typos, especially considering the length.
-The ‘sim’ (mentioned above) IS A LOT OF FUN.
original-slash  !abuse  !agents  !bdsm  !business.men  !detectives/police  !dubcon  !dystopia  !espionage  !military  !office  !politics/politicians  !post.apocalypse  !powerplay  !prison  !crime  !scifi  !noncon  !dark  by:manna.francis  fiction  free  length:novel  length:series  rating:ultra.mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile

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