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The Inner Bezos | WIRED
"At a certain point I was sort of a professional dater," he explains about his years in New York. His systematic approach to the quest for a permanent relationship was to develop what he labeled "women flow," a play on the "deal flow" Wall Streeters try to generate to locate worthwhile investments. In managing their deal flow, bankers will set limits like "I won't look at anything under a $10 million equity investment." The limitation Bezos set for friends producing candidates for his "women flow" was more esoteric. "The number-one criterion was that I wanted a woman who could get me out of a Third World prison," he says.

"What I really wanted was someone resourceful. But nobody knows what you mean when you say, 'I'm looking for a resourceful woman.' If I tell somebody I'm looking for a woman who can get me out of a Third World prison, they start thinking Ross Perot - Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! - they have something they can hang their hat on! Life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful." [ Reminiscent of "Lawyers, Guns and Money" is a song by Warren Zevon, the closing track on his 1978 album Excitable Boy.]
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Huawei is built on the American dream - The Globe and Mail
Huawei  origin_story  the_American_dream 
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5 books worth reading this summer
May 21, 2018 | | LinkedIn| Bill Gates

Leonardo da Vinci, by Walter Isaacson. I think Leonardo was one of the most fascinating people ever. Although today he’s best known as a painter, Leonardo had an absurdly wide range of interests, from human anatomy to the theater...... A worthy follow-up to Isaacson’s great biographies of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved, by Kate Bowler.

Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about Abraham Lincoln, but this novel made me rethink parts of his life. It blends historical facts from the Civil War with fantastical elements—it’s basically a long conversation among 166 ghosts, including Lincoln’s deceased son.

Origin Story: A Big History of Everything, by David Christian.

Factfulness, by Hans Rosling, with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund.
billgates  books  booklists  Abraham_Lincoln  biographies  cancers  facts  Hans_Rosling  Leonardo_da_Vinci  origin_story  polymaths  summertime  Walter_Isaacson  Geoge_Saunders 
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When Jack Daniel’s Failed to Honor a Slave, an Author Rewrote History - The New York Times
By CLAY RISEN AUG. 15, 2017

“It’s absolutely critical that the story of Nearest gets added to the Jack Daniel story,” Mark I. McCallum, the president of Jack Daniel’s Brands at Brown-Forman, said in an interview.

The company’s decision to recognize its debt to a slave, first reported last year by The New York Times, is a momentous turn in the history of Southern foodways. Even as black innovators in Southern cooking and agriculture are beginning to get their due, the tale of American whiskey is still told as a whites-only affair, about Scots-Irish settlers who brought Old World distilling knowledge to the frontier states of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Green’s story changes all that by showing how enslaved people likely provided the brains as well as the brawn in what was an arduous, dangerous and highly technical operation......Mr. May said that so far, visitor response to the new tours spotlighting Green’s contribution has been positive. It’s not hard to see why: At a rough time for race relations in America, the relationship between Daniel and Green allows Brown-Forman to tell a positive story, while also pioneering an overdue conversation about the unacknowledged role that black people, as slaves and later as free men, played in the evolution of American whiskey.
African-Americans  authors  distilleries  history  liquor  origin_story  slavery  storytelling  whiskey  writers 
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✢ Been Hurt Worse Before
"Clint gets hurt and winds up in medical. He has a lot of feelings about that. So does Phil." (3232 words) Sequel to Twisting Fate
  clint_barton  phil_coulson  gen  hurt!clint  protective!phil  origin_story  angst  hurt/comfort  abuse:child(past)  clinic/hospital  preslash  series/verse  fandom:marvel  author:hoosierbitch  have:pdf 
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I'll Be Around When They Let You Down
The man on Phil's doorstep is holding a longbow, is bleeding steadily from a visible wound in his shoulder, takes ones look at Phil and says, “Why aren’t you Natasha?” (1236 words)
clint_barton  phil_coulson  natasha_romanov  clint/phil  hurt!clint  bamf!phil  protective!phil  pov:phil  humor  crack  origin_story  preslash  fandom:marvel  author:torakowalski 
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✢ Like Setting Off Firecrackers
"Everyone who knows the Captain America story thinks they know the Bucky Barnes story. In the 21st century, Steve is still keeping Bucky's secrets." (24,329 words)
  bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  natasha_romanov  phil_coulson  clint_barton  steve/bucky  clint/phil  pining!steve  bamf!bucky  girl!bucky  pov:steve  angst  character_study  origin_story  issues:sexism  issues:gender/sexuality  homophobia  pining  hothothot  kink:toys  established!relationship  fandom:marvel  author:what_alchemy 
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Falling Stars (Fall Too Hard)
"Phil Coulson doesn't know where he is, but he does know where he's going. Portland isn't moving any time soon, though, and the circus won't always be in town." (9348 words)
clint_barton  phil_coulson  gen  orphan!clint  hurt!clint  abused!clint  hustler!phil  homeless!phil  protective!phil  pov:phil  origin_story  carnival/circus  homelessness  abuse:child  hustling:pool  fandom:marvel  author:raiining 
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Nobody Knew Me at Home Anymore
"The thing about best friends in a small town is that you don’t get to choose. Instead, you get exactly the person you need. It goes that way with Arthur and Eames. Maybe it’s because both of them aren’t made for small town life, not at all, and so instead of growing to fit the town, they grow to fit together." (25,000 words) Not AU, really, just alternate backstory
arthur(inception)  eames  arthur/eames  student!arthur(inception)  abused!arthur(inception)  pining!arthur(inception)  protective!eames  pining!eames  pov:arthur(inception)  origin_story  friendship  angst  highschool  abuse:child  military  breakup  pining  previous!relationship  fandom:inception  author:fee 
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The kid stilled, his eyes going sharp in a way that made James want to reach for his weapon. He remembered he didn’t have one, then remembered he was talking to a 12 year old the size of a cocker spaniel and he didn’t need a weapon anyway. “Give me access to MI6’s computers and I could take over the world,” the boy said softly. “Not exactly what we’re trying to accomplish, but an interesting option all the same,” James said, pursing his lips. “What’s your name?” “Why?” “Because, if I’m going to recruit you that’s something I’ll need to know.” (92,682 words) Part 2 of Jealous Gods
q(bond)  james_bond  mycroft_holmes  sherlock_holmes  john_watson  victor_trevor  m(bond)  james_moriarty  sebastian_moran  q/bond  john/sherlock  smart!q  hacker!q  protective!q  sick!q  hurt!q  kidnapped!q  tortured!q  pining!q  holmes!q  bamf!bond  protective!bond  hurt!bond  pining!bond  reluctant!bond  protective!mycroft  kidnapped!johnwatson  clueless!johnwatson  protective!sherlock  clueless!sherlock  action  origin_story  domesticity  spies/assassins  cps/fostercare  abuse:child(past)  kidnapping  torture  escape/rescue  illness  recovery  slowburn  pining  first_time  series/verse  crossover  sherlock:au:teenlock  fandom:sherlock  fandom:bond  author:xiaq  have:pdf 
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Imperfect Timing
"In which Coulson's brain operates like a) a steel trap (sometimes) and b) a Swiss stopwatch (always), Clint is kind of messed up, and learning to get along from Day One is an exercise in cautious affection." (20,598 words)
clint_barton  phil_coulson  nick_fury  natasha_romanov  jasper_sitwell  clint/phil  understanding!clint  protective!phil  ptsd!phil  pov:clint  character_study  origin_story  friendship  depression  illness:mental  abuse:child(past)  slowburn  first_time  fandom:marvel  author:azurai 
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The Money Letter That Every Parent Should Write - The New York Times

"....consider the old-fashioned letter. It’s long enough to tell some tales to bolster your advice, and if it’s written with enough soul, there’s a good chance the recipient will keep it for a long time. Plus, it’s a literal conversation piece, since the good letters will inspire more curiosity about how the writers oversee their own financial affairs....A good letter, according to Ms. Palmer, should include at least one story about a large financial challenge and another one about a big money triumph. Then, include a list of crucial habits and the tangible things they have helped the family achieve.

HEED YOUR IGNORANCE Quite often, the best stories and takeaways come from the biggest mistakes.
BEWARE OF GENIUS: Don’t trust the person who claims to be omniscient either.
STICK TO YOUR SELLING PLANS We can be blinded by flattery from the seats of power,” “Be aware of this in your business lives.” Selling something that is still valuable is the hardest part of any trade, he added. So if you can’t name three good reasons to continue owning something, then it’s time to sell.
BUDGETS ARE ABOUT VALUES. What you spend says a lot about what you stand for, and if you don’t like what your own notebook says about you, try to make it look different next month.
personal_finance  parenting  Communicating_&_Connecting  writing  investing  investors  mentoring  values  budgets  advice  self-discipline  lessons_learned  wisdom  habits  financial_planning  ownership  ignorance  origin_story  takeaways  family  storytelling  financial_challenges  family_office  generational_wealth  soul-enriching  coverletters  unsentimental 
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✢ Love is Not a Game
"Clint has never played a game of tennis. That wouldn’t make any difference, except for the fact that’s he’s built a load-bearing wall of his sanity out of a Tennis-related metaphor. Not, probably, his best decision, but he didn’t really do it on purpose. OR: How Clint comes to be at SHIELD, his first two weeks in training, and coming to the realization that maaaaybe he shouldn't be in long-term relationships." (14,110 words)
  clint_barton  phil_coulson  bruce_banner  tony_stark  clint/phil  clint/omc  bamf!clint  smart!clint  undercover!clint  hurt!clint  abused!clint  ptsd!clint  dyslexic!clint  deaf!clint  protective!phil  hurt/comfort  origin_story  angst  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  dyslexia  disability  languages:multiple  undercover  first_time  series/verse  fandom:marvel  author:ellyavon  have:pdf 
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✢ The Way We Really Are
Phil Coulson was an Eagle Scout. Not everyone knows this about him, but no one is ever surprised to learn it. He tries to take that as a compliment, not a commentary on his perceived wholesomeness or white-bread-ness or whatever. But sometimes, he wants to grab people by the shoulders and scream, “Do you even know what being an Eagle Scout means? I had to learn about citizenship from the mayor! My Eagle Project involved snow removal in three counties! I got a goddamned badge in bugling!!” (26,202 words) Part 2 of The Honor System series.
  clint_barton  phil_coulson  natasha_romanov  maria_hill  clint/phil  clint/natasha  bamf!clint  bamf!natasha  pining!phil  angst  origin_story  character_study  action  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  slowburn  pining  hothothot  first_time  fandom:marvel  author:snapjack  have:pdf 
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