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Fold 'N Fly » Paper Airplane Folding Instructions
A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions, video tutorials and printable folding plans. Find the best paper airplanes that fly the furthest or stay aloft the longest.
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15 days ago by damli
Creare con la carta gli origami in modo facile
Handmade, decorazioni, facili ed utili schemi per creare con la carta bellissimi origami, biglietti pop-up e tanto altro ancora!
attività  Jacopo  origami 
22 days ago by pan-paniscus
My daughter made wonderful ornaments that cover LED lights on the tree
origami  from twitter
24 days ago by grantpotter
one-cut Christmas tree and Miura fold
PDF extra from an article in The Economist about industrial uses of origami - includes instructions and a printed fold pattern that wants to be folded and unfolded, and another demo pattern that after folded can be cut once to produce a complex shape, in this case a Christmas tree
papercraft  diy  patterns  origami 
24 days ago by ironymaiden
Some of my daughter's holiday she has placed around the house ... Four Calling Birds
origami  from twitter
25 days ago by grantpotter
Folding and Unfolding (Erik Demaine)
Article about Erik Demaine, paper folding origami and linkages.
origami  folding  linkage 
4 weeks ago by brentfarwick

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